Who Will Represent Westborough on Beacon Hill?


Sunday, August 26th 4-6 PM

20 Andrews Rd, Westborough


Dean Cavaretta State Senate Candidate

Steven Levy State Rep Precincts 1&3

Marty Lamb State Rep Candidate Prec. 2

Matt Beaton State Rep Precincts 4&5

all Westborough’s Legislative Candidates
Light Refreshments Served

Quest ions/More Info? nquimby11@charter.net



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2 thoughts on “Who Will Represent Westborough on Beacon Hill?

  1. haole

    numbers tell the tale of the tape.

    # 1 out of this group is steve levy.total contributions to republicans and conservative causes 3,720 $.

    a distant second is matt beaton 1,145 $ to republicans and republican causes.

    third is dean cavaretta,675 $,but he is the big donor to republicans running for federal office.

    last is mart lamb,he has spent all his money on himself,getting himself elected.0 state/o federal donations.go figure !

  2. I know you like to do the $ seach,
    but I could just as easily name
    8 retirees I know who
    donate THEMSELVES:
    their time on street corners,
    their time writing letters to the newspapers,
    their time sending out hundreds of dear friend postcards,
    their time spent making 100s of phone calls in candidate phone banks,
    their time, because they have little money.

    AND, they support winners. For example, Jim Lyons won because folks gave of themselves.

    Yes, money is important, but
    Healey, Baker, et. al. spent hundreds of thousands,
    and the MessGOP pisses away up to 90% of their donations on parties and overhead (rent, parking, meetings in fancy hotels instead of the local VFW for example).

    So, money is great, but it’s only part of the equation.

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