Where Joe Stands: REPUBLICAN JOE SELVAGGI vs. ‘Tax-man’ Lynch: Congress – 8th District


Where Joe Stands:


Our debt now exceeds the entire annual Gross Domestic Product of the whole economy. Simply put, our debt is the most pressing issue we face, capable of not only continuing to cripple our economy, but also of burdening generations to come. We

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need leaders in both parties with the courage, insights and resolve to confront the powerful interests and bureaucratic torpor that prevent solutions. If we care about our children’s future, we must create a plan for reducing the debt.


We borrowed $1.6 trillion dollars last year, and spent more on interest payments than we did on defense. This is a staggering problem that our current Congress and Executive Branch simply are not confronting. Though the various political parties may differ in approach, I believe we are united in a strong desire not to burden the children of tomorrow with the government services we mandate today.

Read more of Joe’s stances at http://www.joeselvaggi2012.com



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One thought on “Where Joe Stands: REPUBLICAN JOE SELVAGGI vs. ‘Tax-man’ Lynch: Congress – 8th District

  1. Adam Ormsby

    Joe is a very sharp guy. I met him recently at an RTC meeting and have since seen him at a few other events. He is likable and smart. I am not sure that he can knock of Lynch. I am going to try like hell to help him win.

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