What’s Good for Goose…. Now Stop Whining and Move On!

The MA-GOP certainly still  has serious problems  that need to  be  addressed. I also think the delegate selection process was deeply flawed  from the  beginning.

Instead of reaching out to the newly elected loyal State Committee members to be placed on the Romney slate, they instead chose a bunch or rethread Country Club Rockefeller Republicans. In one instance, they selected a college student who lost badly in her State Committee bid to be an alternate, instead of inviting the winner of that race. In short, not one duly elected new conservative member of the State Committee was asked to be on the Romney slates to be voted on in the caucuses.

So when the conservative activists saw the slate this is what the saw. They saw Jennifer Nassour; the woman who is most responsible for the shellacking the MA-GOP took in 2010. Then they saw Charlie Baker the man who went around the Commonwealth boasting about his social liberalism. They saw Richard Tisei, the man who thinks a guy named Louis, ought to be able to put on lipstick and demand to use the women’s showers at the Boston Sports’ Club. Together Baker and Tisei proved to be a massive drag on the entire ticket. And this is just a sampling of the rethreaded losers that were being sent to Tampa on behalf of the MA GOP.

Given all this; the conservative activists boycotted the caucuses and the MA-GOP elite got their heads handed to them.

Then of course we had the fiasco with the provisional ballots and of course the refusal to certify duly elected delegates. There is no reason to review the details to both these clusterflops. We’ve already posted extensively on both.

But let’s be clear, the MA-GOP used a rule in the current by-laws to ensure that the delegates being sent were going to be loyal Romney Delegates.

So now let’s discuss the flipside of the coin.
Let’s look at what’s been going on nation-wide. The Ron Paul campaign has also been using the existing rules to elect delegates. Some of these delegates have since stated (publicly on various social media sites) their intent to undue the rules of the convention. They want to free delegates to vote for whomever they choose on the first ballot. This is an attempt to thwart the results of legitimate primaries. In other words they want to return to a system where conventions are brokered, decisions are made in a smoke-filled rooms, and the will of the people, as expressed in the primary season, will be thwarted.

The Mass GOP acted using the tools at their disposal to fix problem of their own making. But again I say, let me be clear: They used the existing rules.

How is this so different than what the Paul supporters were doing? They also used existing rules to flood the caucuses, often times gathering people who just barely registered in time, who have never been seen at Tea Party or GOP event, to show up and vote or even run to be a delegate. And this is nation-wide.

Yes, I do indeed agree with the Jazz Patriot that there is an un-Godly stench surrounding this massive debacle. And I agree that much if not all of it could have been avoided if the Mass GOP had used an ounce of wisdom instead of a ton of hubris. Had they done so, authentic conservatives would have gone to the caucuses on mass and together with the MA-GOP’s Old Guard, they would have outnumbered the Libertarians and we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

But to be fair, the stench emanating from this burning Gehenna dung pile comes equally from the Paul supporters. They too have been taking advantage of existing rules to try and force a brokered convention or at the very least weaken the Republican platform in the area of national defense.


As the old proverb goes:

What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander!

Now can we knock off the whining and worry about defeating  Barack Insane  Obama, Lie~Awatha Warren, The Red Headed Step Child, Howdy Doody Kennedy, and the rest of the DemonRats running in Massachusetts? It really is time to move on.

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18 thoughts on “What’s Good for Goose…. Now Stop Whining and Move On!

  1. Pro Life Voter

    I’m very grateful for this website and job it did during the State Committee campaign. Vote Core Values is wonderful resource. Thank you to everyone involved. It must be very complicated and time-consuming work.

    I’m a pro-life voter. I must say I am disappointed in the direction Massachusetts Republican Party had been going lately. Yet, I’m optimistic about the future.
    The new Chairman is pro-life. He’s done some good things. Plenty of pro-life people were elected to the State Committee. Things are far from perfect. Though I remain prayful and hopeful that the good change will continue.

    Not all the candidates running for office are strong pro-lifers. But they are better than the Democrat alternative. We still have a chance to vote for pro-life candidates in some primaries. Other than that, the field is set. Unity is very important now. I’m not dismissing the injustices committed. But there is time after the election to keeping on fixing things. Our endless squabbles only help the ant-life Democrat Party.

  2. haole

    the supporters of other candidates have options.
    1)they can vote republican.democrats due this all the time.
    2)they can vote someone else,other than romney.
    3)they can leave the ballot blank.

  3. Kim Shepherd

    This isn’t about the Mass Gop or the Romney delegates. This is about Ron Paul supporters trying to co-opt the convention, let’s just call it what it is. More importantly, do you think that the average Primary election voter gives a rat’s ass about State Party/Convention/Delegate rules or how the Romney slate of delegates were not from the right ‘list’? They expect the delegates to go to convention and represent their votes. The ends don’t justify the means for ANY candidate and this dem-inspired tactic of exploiting the rules for a win will not impress the average voter nor endear them to Ron Paul.

    1. John DiMascio

      Kim you make some valid points. But that doesn’t absolve the MA-GOP for it’s lack of wisdom in which it handled the caucuses and the provisional ballots.

      By the same token, some of the Paul supporters nation-wide, were trying and may still be trying to undo the will of the people as expressed at the ballot box.

      But as I pointed out. It’s time stop for both sides to stop whining and move on.

    2. Bob in Taunton

      Personally I don’t mind that the Liberty Slate delegates are trying to get to Tampa. Their platform more closely matches what the Republican platform is *supposed* to be, and what makes me a Republican rather than a Democrat. You can’t send a bunch of people who are a part of the problem (many of the hand-picked Romney delegates) to try and set the party platform, because they are a part of the problem. I personally think we could really benefit from some new ideas.
      And what I don’t understand is how Romney didn’t win the delegate caucuses in the first place – if he supposedly has so much support, then he should have won the delegate election caucuses easily. While you complain that the Ron Paul people are trying to “co-opt the convention” because they showed up at the caucuses, I’m personally wondering how the heck Romney even won the primary when he seems to have such poor support outside of the small group of political insiders who tried to push the Romney slate through. I drive a long way to work every day, and for every Romney bumper sticker I see, I see at least 5 Ron Paul bumper stickers. Makes me wonder if we should get rid of the electronic voting machines…

      1. MillenniumMan

        Bob from Taunton, you are absolutely correct. Ron Paul represents what Republicans are supposed to be, that’s his appeal. The Ron Paul supporters who show up and vote for their delegates do it because they care about the country, not just “anyone buy Obama.” They played by the rules at the caucuses, the GOP didn’t, just as they hadn’t in many other states.

  4. MA Liberty Delegate

    Look, this is about promoting Liberty. Not Ron Paul. Just his ideas. Adding Audit the Fed, End the Wars, Protect the Free Internet to the Republican Platform.

    Romney is the nominee, fine, this isn’t about that.

    His supporters were treated so rudely in 2008, that the term ‘blowback’ comes to mind.

    Regardless of all the internet chatter (that must be true if it’s on the internet!?!), none of the Liberty Delegates are trying to co-opt the convention. But, it does make quite an effect if 200-500 delegates there cheer when Audit the Fed is mentioned.

    Unfortunately for some, the Liberty delegates actually believe in their principals, and will be challenging the MassGOP delegate selection process to the RNC, and creating more of a ‘stink’ for those that made poor decisions on the Allocation Committee.

    We are not whining, we are just letting the people of Massachusetts and all the voters of America know that the folks running the Allocation Committee and ‘Romney for President, Inc.’ are bullies. Plain and simple.

    Maybe Mitt Romney will intervene and do the right thing, and seat the ELECTED delegates from his home state. This injustice is not going away.

    1. John DiMascio

      For the record, I didn’t say all the Paul delegates I said some.

      I certainly appreciate your comment. But I think you fail to see or just gloss over any wrong doing on the part of Paul supporters; just as the MA-GOP has a blind spot to the hubris with which it often has acted.

      Both sides in this dispute ought to take inventory of their actions and stop pointing the finger at others. Enough is enough.

    2. haole

      whats the big deal!sign the affidavit,and you go have a week in the sunshine state ! no,don’t sign the affidavit,spend the week in the commonwelth helping to change the status in quo !

  5. tad

    This article made a several assumptions about these particular delegates. Would be nice to see some proof about these statements by ma delegates wanting to unbind or this silly bs about wanting to weaken defense. Thats baloney show the evidence or its just rumor disguised as opinion. The idea that the allocation committee followed the rules by forcing the delegates to sign a poorly written affidavit that does not even comply with notary documents redesigned under romney himself is, well bs at best and proves that magop is all top down and could not give a damn about bottoms up grassroots.

    1. John DiMascio

      I made no assumptions about any delegate. I mentioned a nationwide movement by the Paul delegates to use the existing rules. I also mentioned seeing a plethora of posts on social media stating that delegates should not be bound and could not be bound to vote for a candidate on the first ballot, with talk about changing the rules.
      The Paul supporters are just as guilty of abusing the existing rules to have their way. And as I noted, the MA-GOP stinks on this issue as well.
      But as I’ve repeatedly found with Paul supporters. There can be no criticism of Paul or their movement. It’s starting to remind me of the cult-like atmosphere surrounding the 2008 Obama campaign.

    2. haole

      tad,you reference to the gop as a top down organization is false.
      i am an active republican and would laugh in any one’s face if they told me to help candidate a over candidate b.that’s how the democrats operate.go hold a sign for 4 hours get 50$ from the strike fund,go help candidate a then you get a government job,go help candidate a then you get your kid off a drunk driving charge.
      i help who i please and answer to no one!

  6. Another Pro Life Voter

    Yes, there are some Ron Paul supporters who are promoting the idea of bending or breaking the rules to attempt to somehow win him the nomination. They are, to put it kindly, deluded.

    However, the statements and actions of Ron Paul supporters around the country should be irrelevant when it comes to the Liberty Slate delegates. Unless they have made similar statements or taken similar actions to show they intend to subvert the will of the voters or break the rules, then it’s unfair to hold the actions and statements of others against them.

    The fact is, the people named in the Globe article all signed an affidavit. The rules say nothing about an affidavit. They only mention “just cause.” The Allocation Committee unanimously agreed that failing to return their (poorly drafted) affidavit by an arbitrary deadline compels the conclusion that the delegates “are unwilling to serve as a delegate in accord with state law and Republican Party rules.” Talk about a leap in reasoning.

    And this is where the sleight of hand is done. The delegates weren’t denied certification because they missed a deadline. They were denied certification because the committee concluded they were unwilling to serve in accordance with state law and party rules (i.e., “just cause”). Had the Allocation Committee been in possession of evidence showing those delegates intended to violate state law or party rules, then of course they should not be certified.

    However, in nearly all cases and certainly with the people mentioned in the Globe article, the delegates did return the affidavit to the Allocation Committee. Most were returned after the deadline but before the committee met to discuss the issue.

    Why was it late? Because delegates were advised that the affidavit the Allocation Committee sent them was poorly drafted. In an effort of good faith to assure the committee that they intended to follow the rules and make good on their pledge, they timely submitted a revised affidavit that stated the following:

    “I swear/affirm under penalty of perjury to follow the MA GOP rules as defined under Section 4.2 and shall vote on the first such roll call for that presidential candidate unless released by such candidate. (G.L. c.53, Section 70I)”

    Honestly, does that sound like someone who is “unwilling to serve as a delegate in accord with state law and Republican Party rules?”

    After the deadline had passed, the delegates got word that the committee would not accept the revised affidavit. To show they were serious about their intentions, the delegates went against the advice of counsel and signed and returned the original affidavit anyway.

    You can criticize these delegates all you want for being political novices in how they dealt with the issue. Perhaps they should have just singed the original affidavit and moved on so there wouldn’t be political trouble down the road. Fair enough.

    However, it is unfair to say there was “just cause” for the ones who did return an original affidavit. If there was just cause, missing a deadline isn’t it. Yet, the affidavits were the only justification given for not certifying.

    So, although the Allocation Committee claims that the denial of certification was done according to the rules, in nearly all cases it was not (I leave open the possibility that a delegate did not return any affidavit).

    Kim Shepard does not know what she’s talking about. There is no conspiracy among the Liberty Slate delegates to “co-opt the convention.” It is the Allocation Committee using the Dem-inspired tactic of ignoring the rules for a win. Could Kim, for example, produce any evidence that the people mentioned in the Globe article intended to break the rules, break the law, or even “co-opt the convention?” No, I think not.

    Both Kim and Mr. DiMascio are taking what they’ve heard or read about Paul supporters elsewhere and are applying it to the Liberty Slate delegates. That is a mistake. It’s like hearing about pro-life activists engaging in violent activities in other states and then, upon hearing that peaceful pro-life activists in your state were beaten by police, you say, “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” Obviously the reasoning is flawed. Some pro-life activists acting violently does not necessarily mean all pro-life activists are violent.

    These delegates won fair and square. They followed the rules. They should be certified.

    1. John DiMascio

      I don’t disagree that the delegates from Massachusetts that signed the affidavit should have been certified even if it was late. Although I don’t know how the affidavit was changed.

      Look I said the MA-GOP created this problem, they also made it worse because of the manner in which the handled it.
      Now read my post carefully again. I didn’t say the so called Liberty Slate delegates were not going to be loyal. What I said is that on a nationwide basis the sufficient concern about what the Paul camp was doing. Given that, the MA-GOP took actions which I don’t agree with.

      My point is however, that the Paul camp is also using existing rules nationwide to flood caucuses, elect delegates whose loyalty is questionable. They want to dilute the platform in that area of national security at very least. And some have expressed a desire to thwart the results of the primary. Should enough Paul delegates be elected they could indeed change the rules at the convention prior to the vote. In that case enough delegates could change their vote on the first ballot. And at that point the Massachusetts delegate would be free to vote for whomever on the second ballot. And that doesn’t mean that they would have to vote to change the rules or break their word and change their vote on the first ballot.

      The fact remains is that the Paul camp is also using existing rules to tamper with things. And so what they are doing stinks too.

      1. Bob in Taunton

        “They want to dilute the platform in that area of national security at very least.”

        My understanding of the Liberty Slate’s platform is that they want to make sure any military actions are declared by Congress, as it states in the Constitution. Not sure how you can construe that as “diluting the platform” – that’s what we Republican’s *should* be pushing for!

        1. John DiMascio

          Bob we are fighting an asymmetric war against Islamic-terrorism. It’s not the case where war can be declared. Neither the Constitution or the Bill of Rights is a suicide pact.

          The War on Terror is not unprecedented. In 1801, we went to war with Barbary Pirates. It was not a war against a nation state. Congress authorized the use of force. Whether or not a formal declaration of war was passed is disputed by historians. But the facts are somewhat similar.

          We live in day where terrorists are constantly on the move. The reside in countries that have very little if any control over certain areas of their nation. We aren’t at war with Yemen or Pakistan. And such a declaration would not be appropriate.

          In the case of Afghanistan and Iraq, Congress authorized the use of force. It is the equivalent of what the framers of the Constitution intended. They intended a check to Presidential power and a that the power to wage or make war should reside with Congress.

  7. Loyal Republican

    People are missing the most important point of Mr. DiMascio article. It’s time to focus on defeating the Democrats. Things need to be fixed. We can fix them after November.

    This is the Republican Party. It’s not the Liberty Slate. It’s not the Libertarian Party.
    The purpose of having primaries is so we Republicans can choose our nominee. We Republicans chose Mitt Romney. I voted for Newt Gingrich. Most of the people in the primaries voted for Mitt. My 1st choice lost. That’s the end of the story. I got over it. My duty is now to support the nominee of the party.

    The Paul supporters don’t want to accept the results. It reminds of the Gore supporters in 2000. They went on and on about the election of Bush. My goodness, they even trashed Rand Paul for throwing some support behind Romney after it was obvious he had won.

    The convention is about nominating the candidate the Republicans chose when they cast their vote. It’s not another bite at the apple for a candidate that lost. We can’t afford any scenes or demonstrations that project a split party. The convention is when we Republicans will have the biggest audience and most T.V. time. It is our opportunity to make the most public case against Barack Obama and for Mitt Romney.

    A great number of conservative Republicans like myself are disappointed that we didn’t get a more conservative nominee. You don’t see Newt supporters, or Santorum supporters trying to take over caucuses or booing Romney’s son of the stage. These people aren’t “whining” over delegates. We are loyal Republicans concerned with one thing. They want to defeat Barack Obama. That is the single most important thing. The Paul supporters are all about getting their own way. It doesn’t matter to them that Republicans rejected him at the ballot box.

    Mr. DiMascio is absolutely correct. It is time to move on and start cooperating to defeat Barack Obama in November.

  8. John DiMascio

    Memo to Mass GOP: “Quite Acting Like a Majority Party with Nothing to Lose…”

    (Typo in the title is right from the original page)

    This is an insightful piece that talks about the ramifications of the MA-GOP’s actions.

    While I think we really should start concentrating on defeating Obama and the rest of Moonbats. Come November 7th we must continue the work of reforming the State Party, that we began with the election of 3-dozen new authentic conservatives to the state committee.
    Actually a critical reform measure will come before the State Committee in September when they will vote on whether to adopt the Romney Platform in it’s entirety, save any very Massachusetts specific provisions which might be added to address local issues not faced in other states.

    On personal note I appreciate all the activity this post has generated. The reason Lonnie Brennan in his wisdom expanded the site to include a blog was we could have an open forum where we could have a free exchange of ideas. Debate can make us stronger, so long as we keep things and priorities in perspective. So thank you to everyone who has commented irrespective of whether or not you agree with my points.

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