What Happened to “People Over Party” — Senator Brown?

Fresh off his vote with the Democrats in favor of a horrible UN Treaty, MA Senator Scott Brown endorses Kristen Hughes to be MA-GOP Chair. How is it that Mr. “People over Party”, who has refused to campaign for his fellow Republicans, who wouldn’t call himself a Republican, who wouldn’t use the word Republican on his website, is now interested in who the MA-GOP elects for its next state Chair?

Since his surprise victory in January 2010, Brown’s actions vis-a-vis his fellow Republicans, have been reprehensible. Here’s a guy with over a 60 percent approval rating but he did nothing to help elect the same Republicans who got him elected.

In 2010 he was nowhere to be found to help our Congressional Candidates. He should have endorsed and campaigned for every single one of them. In the Spring of 2011, he promised to endorse Jim Dixon in a special election bid to win a State Rep seat in 10 Middlesex District. He later reneged on his commitment without explanation. This after Jim Dixon and the entire Greater Waltham Tea-Party (for all intents and purposes Dixon’s campaign team) worked relentlessly in the cold to help him defeat Martha Coakley. Talk about a sleaze-ball move!

In 2012, he literally ran away from the Republican Party, but all the while came hat in hand looking to down ticket candidates for volunteers to man his phone banks. And what did they get in return. The volunteers were allowed to mention their candidate’s name once at the beginning of the call. They weren’t allowed to say what office he or she was running for. And the voter identification data was not shared with the campaign who shared the volunteers. Brown wanted everything and gave Zero, Nada, Niente, Nothing in return.

Thirty Million Dollars was spent on this man’s campaign. That was money raised from Massachusetts Republicans, by MA-GOP volunteers, by volunteers from down ticket campaigns. Now he’s sitting on all that voter data and refuses to share it with Republican Committees and Campaigns who need for their 2013 Municipal elections.

So now he wants to anoint the next MA-GOP Chair so as to have access to the Victory Fund. Sorry Senator, that money is needed to elect Republican Mayors, Selectman, City Councilors, School Committee members, and dog-catchers in 2013. It’s needed to elect State Reps and State Senators, Governor’s Councilors, District Attorneys, and County Clerks in 2014.

We can no longer afford to trade away the entire team and the entire farm system to buy one “star player,” and in this case a star player that had a lousy season.

Sorry Senator, you abandon not just the Republican Party, you abandoned the very Republicans whom you were asking to help you. Now you want to run the MA-GOP through your proxy. You’re more than welcome to seek the Republican nomination for Senate again. Should you win the nomination, you’ll get my vote. That is if you actually run as a Republican this time. As for support beyond that, well maybe if you start sharing the voter data with the local Republican Committees. But as far as I’m concerned, you’ve given any straight-thinking Republican State Committee member, sufficient reason to not vote for Kristen Hughes as State Party Chair!

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11 thoughts on “What Happened to “People Over Party” — Senator Brown?

  1. John DiMascio

    Sorry Dave, nothing could be further from the truth. They said the same thing in 1964 when Goldwater lost to Johnson.

    They said the Democrats were washed up when Gingrich took over Congress. They said Obama was toast and a one term president after 2010.

    Nationwide the GOP controls more State Legislatures then the Democrats. The number of Republican Governors is almost at an all time high.

    In Massachusetts, the GOP is just now starting to show signs of life.

    The idea that a third party or trying to elect independents is the way to go is not feasible. Independents don’t have an infrastructure and if elected would need to caucus with Party to get a committee assignment. And we haven’t had a successful third party since the Republican Party in essence became the second party and absorbed most of the wigs in 1856.

  2. Have faith.
    The MassGOP has a solid Republican State Committee (don’t judge them by the handful of misfits), that has the ability to perform miracles.

    Regarding Scott Brown, this says it all:
    “Scott is for Scott.”
    (Spoken by a former Brown activist who realized rapidly that Scott is a great guy, etc., etc., but all for himself. Any move was done for himself and himself only. Sad. Rather sad. Perhaps Scott will learn from it, and re-emerge in high office. Governor would be best.)

  3. It’s been the modus operandi of the few for many years. Control the message and money by way of well-placed and dispersed useful idiots and Machiavellian operatives. Just the nature of Massachusetts “Republican” politics.

  4. haole

    dimascio supports a democratic donor for chair of the mass gop.

    that’s correct,rachel kemp gave democratic state rep.now democratic state senator,michael rodrigues, 200$ in the 2006 election cycle.good luck with that endorsement.

    lets look at the rest of the candidates for gop chairman.

    the most generous is richard green,big $ both local & federal,including senator brown.

    next is david d’arcangelo,big $ on the local level.

    kirsten hughes small $ on the local level.

    dean cavaretta nothing since the 2006 election cycle.

    this will be a close race between green,d’arcangelo,& hughes.

    1. haole

      this is a supplemental post to the previous post.

      after further research,i can see that david d’arcangelo is from malden.not a big deal,but just so happens that the democratic opponent for kirsten hughes was also from malden?coincidence not!

      your outed,shilling for the democrats because the looser was from malden is not going to fly.

      this election is now down green & hughes.

  5. John DiMascio

    Mr. Haole and ALL

    For the RECORD I have NOT endorsed and at this point have NOT committed my support to anyone in particular.

    I happen to respect and admire Rachel Kemp and the OUTSTANDING work she’s done as Regional Chair. She’s Articulate, hardworking, and has her plan to advance the Republican message of upward mobility. Should she become Chair, I’d be thrilled.

    I would be EQUALLY thrilled if the Chair Rick Green were to be our next Chair. Rick is bright young conservative who has been supporting candidates for quite some time. Not only is he a successful businessman, but he also ran the Mass Fiscal Alliance. This group did an outstanding job of supporting candidates.

    David D’Archangelo has some excellent ideas. He’s a Republican elected official from Malden. That in of itself says a great deal about his ability. He’s put a plan out there for the public to see and it’s got some very good ideas about how to rebuild a the party.

    TO BE PERFECTLY HONEST MR. HAOLE….. the fact is I was about to endorse Rick Green for the Job. Then I saw that other qualified candidates, some of whom I know, and admire are throwing their hats in the ring. Yes I did throw Rachel’s name out there in a Facebook conversation. This was before she announced and it was in the context of thinking “outside the box.” In that same thread I mention Bob Parks who is great guy and ran in 2006. I also mentioned that there was another person whom I could wholeheartedly support, but I would not mention until he announced. And I was indeed Referring to Rick Green.

    What I believe needs to happen is for these 3 to sit down and figure out who has the enough support to fend off this attempt by Senator Brown to take over the party for his use only.

    All three of these people have a lot to contribute to effort. This needs to be about the party and personal ambition. Therefore no matter who becomes the Chair, there should be an effort to include all of them in leadership TEAM which the new Chair must build to mover the MA-GOP forward.

    FURTHER HAOLE… I was not aware of Rachel’s $100 (not $200) contribution six years ago to then Democrat State Representative Michael Rodriguez. I believe that Mr. Rodriguez had no Republican competition that year. I have not had a chance to speak to Rachel Kemp about it. But from what I’ve seen of her work and character, she’s a woman of the utmost integrity and would make a fine chair.

    In the end, I honestly think that Rick Green has the greatest and most widespread support. Not that the Rachel and David aren’t qualified. All three bring different assets and gifts to the table. As I stated above, my hope is that all three will sit down work out a plan where they all play a role and one of the three wins the Chairmanship.

    This is nothing personal towards Kristen or the Senator for that matter. Should Senator Brown win the nomination for Senator or Governor, I’d vote for him. I would have trouble supporting him beyond that IF HE RAN AWAY FROM THE PARTY DURING HIS CAMPAIGN. But I can’t support a candidate for MA-GOP Chair that is solely running in order to be turn the MA-GOP into a fundraising operation for one candidate. We’ve had to much of that going back to William Obama Endorsing Weld.

  6. Lisa

    Brown might as well change his R to a D! He promised not to vote on any UN Treaties during lame duck session. Guess what he did? He voted on them anyway. Brown cannot be trusted. He is a John Kerry Elitist! He has no honor or integrity! If anyone at the Rino Mass. GOP supports this traitor, they should be held responsible!

  7. If Scott Brown has any dreams of going back to the US Senate – he should change his party enrollment right now.

    BUT, suddenly it looks like Lurch isn’t going to get ‘the call’ after all. Just like Obama to keep him ‘twisting, slowly, slowly in the wind’…

    Maybe,…Scott would like to run for Governor in 2014,…as a Democrat?

  8. John DiMascio
    I need to clear up something for the record:
    After speaking with Senator Friday evening, I did some further investigation as to what happened in the field offices. It seems that the level of cooperation varied from office to office. This indicates to me that perhaps part if not all the problem in this instance was caused by the staff. And while the Senator is ultimately responsible for what the staff does, the man can’t be on top of every operational detail. If the information didn’t get to him, then he couldn’t fix it.
    So I wanted to set the record straight. If I get something wrong, I clear it up.
    Notwithstanding this issue which I just corrected, I believe the cumulative effect of the Senators voting record, the Senators campaign message, the other instances where I believe he fell short of his obligation to publicly support congressional and local candidates since 2010, all add up to appearance that the Senator was running away from the party and now wants to have control of it.
    This is nothing personal against Senator Brown. I voted for him twice. I worked for his election and re-election. But I will not stand by and watch the same old failed policy of focusing all party resources directed to one “Star Candidate” be perpetuated, without speaking out.
  9. John DiMascio

    After much consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that of the 3 candidates that have announced their candidacy, Rick Green is the most qualified and offers us the best hope of rebuilding the MA-GOP.

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