Wall-of-Shame Entry – Robert S. Hargraves (R) – Retired

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This is an old story, but a new entry to our Wall-of-Shame.
This guy made a pact with an ultra-liberal Democrat
in an attempt to save his own hide in an upcoming election….
promising that Democrat that he would not get involved in
endorsing a Republican against the Democrat.


AND, to make matters worse, ‘Howling’ Hargraves (as those who laugh at him refer to the guy) was on the 2012 MassGOP Delegate to the National Convention listing circulated by Chairman Maginn!!!!


Here’s the entry:


Robert S. Hargraves (R)

Refused to support other republican for election in PACT with ULTRA_LIBERAL DEMOCRAT Jamie Eldridge.

We now have the audio! Click HERE to read more and listen (Social Conservative in Name Only – SCINO)! This guy was so stupid he left an audio message on an answering machine, explaining that he’s made a pact. (Of course, this is nothing new: We’ve seen this type of non-help or blocking amongst other ENTRENCHED Republicans including a couple

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of high profile House members and at least one Republican Senator.)

ALSO: Dec. 2009: Hargraves is ONLY “Republican” to vote against taking a furlough, because it would cost him “$500” each year of his retired life. Listen to the audio.

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  1. Sam Adams

    Hargraves joined the Bill Ryan/Dot Early “Club for (11%) Growth”?

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