VOTER REGISTRATION DRIVE, Saturday, July 26th Athol-Mahar Pop Warner vendor fair in the field at the Orange airport.


VOTER REGISTRATION DRIVE LAUNCHED BY KAREN ANDERSON CAMPAIGNThe committee to elect Karen Anderson for State Representative announced today the sponsorship of a voter registration drive Saturday, July 26th. The drive will take place at the Athol-Mahar Pop Warner vendor fair in the field at the Orange airport.

Karen Anderson and her team will be working the booth from 7:00AM until 3:00PM. “Here is your opportunity toPandora Bracelets UK Sale pawned voice your opinion on how you want your Town, your State, and your Country to be governed.If you neglect to vote you are allowing others to make the decision for you.  As a citizen it is your right and privilege to participate in choosing one whom will represent you to make those decisions that will help you live a better, more productive life in the “pursuit of peace and happiness.” said Anderson about the importance of encouraging voter registration.  In addition she added “If you are not registered to voter already, you have this opportunity on Saturday to do so and support a community organization “.

Pop Warner is a great place to learn to help one another in skills that are necessary to living peaceably with oPandora Charms UK ur neighbors. Teamwork, by doing your best and having someone to help you when you come up short, encourages you to expand and grow your own skills while helping others. What a great opportunity to lead by example and register to vote, doing your part in our community, and sign up your youngster to have fun and learn skills that will help them through their lifetime.

Karen Anderson, a Republican candidate from Orange is running for State Representative in the Second Franklin District. The Republican primary election will be held on September 9th. More information can be found at:

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