Vote Yes on #1, IF YOU CAN find it on your ballot!

From John DiMascio:

Just heard a caller on Kuhner Country warning voters about the ballot.
Apparently on his Ballot Question 1 is in very small print on the front of the ballot on the right hand corner…. he missed it and turned it over where question 2,3,& 4 are clearly visible. He almost voted Yes on 2 thinking it was Question 1…. Not sure if this is the case in other towns…. but warn people to careful about finding Question 1 on the Ballot.. and vote yes on 1
Also, from Rabid Republican Blog (, you’ll note that the DEAD DEMOCRAT MAYOR TOM MENINO’s VOTE WILL COUNT.
Get out and vote, they urge. There’s a LOT of Dead Democrats and Voter Fraud to overcome.
Remember, if it ain’t close, they can’t cheat.

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One thought on “Vote Yes on #1, IF YOU CAN find it on your ballot!

  1. haole

    question # 1 passed barely.

    no thanks to the boston bruins who contributed
    5,000$ to the no on one committee.ocpf research 10.29.2014.

    next time you go to a bruins game make sure you
    thank the bruins management for sticking it to you.

    after all
    they wouldn’t be in business if not for suckers who buy there
    overpriced tickets.

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