Vincent DeVito MassGOP Lawyer…on the hotseat??

So, Vincent DeVito might have some action

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to deal with?

Who knows???? Watch to the end of the video where he slinks out in the night….
Gotta love the OPENNESS of the MassGOP….not!

Remember, if you were duly elected, it didn’t matter…you WERE NOT INVITED, in fact, you were LOCKED OUT OF THE RENTED HOTEL CONFERENCE ROOM.

(Again, WHY is the MassGOP wasting dollars on fancy hotel conference rooms? And for what…less than 10 people!!)


The topic: Ron Kaufman, Republican Romney guy who has overseen the decline of the Republican Party in Massachusetts, wants all the recently elected, repeat, democratically elected Republican Delegates to the National Republican convention, DROPPED, BOUNCED, DUMPED, because the Romney slate of candidates promoted by Bobby Maginn got their respective asses kicked. Losers, losers, losers. All kicked to the curb.

Even MassGOP mouthpiece Peter ‘what is he saying and does anyone care’ tits-on-the-boat Blute went on talk radio spinning the outcome of the event. (Spinning is a nice way to say liar, liar, pants on fire.).


O.K., any of this making sense? Here’s the deal: On Tuesday Evening, May 29, 2012, Maginn and Kaufmann called a SECRET REPUBLICAN MEETING at the Holiday Inn in Marlboro. And, if you were not a special person, you were LOCKED OUT.

That’s right, the public was locked out, and elected officials (Republican State Committee members) were forced to lounge in uncomfortable chairs on the wrong side of closed/locked doors. Turned away. They looked like homeless folks. It was especially interesting to see a MassGOP member of the Executive Commitee (Mr. Z.) stuck outside. Poor guy. HE WROTE THE RULES! And he KNEW they were BREAKING THE RULES! But there was nothing he could do, except try to point out that they were breaking the rules, being frauds, assuming powers they did not have…in other words, acting like Democrat judges in Massachusetts!


What happened inside? Do you really care? Well, O.K., we’ll post more…


Hint: Kaufman and Maginn want to use any methods to dump any candidates who were not on the official ‘Romney Slate’ promoted (e-mailed, mailed via U.S. Postal Service), etc. by Bobby Maginn. Another hint: Moron McGrath apparently screwed the pooch with the Cong. District 5 election. Poor guy couldn’t figure out how to take attendance. Can you say, DUNCE! Or, was it by design? Who knows. Watch him smile…..


Pretty funny stuff. They lost by their rules.

Now they meet in secret.

They can’t stand ANY voices of dissent.

Here’s the kicker: most of those who won: they’re more than happy to vote for Romney at the National Convention. They just want the voices of the grassroots included. They’re sick of being dictated to by Kaufman (see old graphic that’s been bouncing around the net for years) and clowns such as Maginn.

Wow. Goes to prove the simple phrase: “Republicans in Mass. are their own worst enemies.” Sad. Quite sad.

And we thought having a perennial State Senate candidate saying she was pro-life, and pro-family, and getting campaign funding for that, and then going around and voting for who she said is a lesbian pro-death candidate was funny. Oh well…


>>POST UPDATE: O.K., I’ve received a LOT of e-mail off-line asking me to be less vague and simply state that SANDI MARTINEZ (who I personally like very much) is the dogmatic perennial State Senate candidate who looks over her shoulder and asks for permission before she takes any vote (hence why she voted PRO-DEATH, PRO-HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE, despite her own espoused and FUNDRAISING ACTIVITES and STATED CORE VALUES to the OPPOSITE….), and comes up with a new excuse every day (that’s called LYING) for why she has voted the way she votes, and why she got THE KISS from Kaufman for her big sell-out vote. Well, I’m not going to bother. It’s old news. : )


End rant.


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4 thoughts on “Vincent DeVito MassGOP Lawyer…on the hotseat??

  1. haole

    well you don’t pull any punches !
    i agree with you about ron kaufman,time has long passed this guy.
    i disagree about the delegates,if you are not a romney delegate why go to the convention?
    i would like to see the non-romney delegates replaced by romney delegates.if they don’t like the outcome,they can go to court and challenge.

    1. haole

      the 5th c.d.caucus results should be allowed and have said so in other comments.

  2. PPX

    Nobody but yourself to blame. You thought you were putting YOUR puppets on the state committee, but they just sliced their strings and laugh at you. While being given delegate seats as a reward. As new, exciting grass roots SC members.

  3. MassManny

    This is the kind of politics we have to look forward to if Romney is elected.
    The nation was warned.

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