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7 thoughts on “VB with Bob Maginn – Post Obama Wave

  1. John DiMascio

    All due respect Mr. Chairman… Scott Brown didn’t much of anything right. Get out of your ivory tower and talk to rank and file Republicans, Commonsense Independents, and Reagan Democrats.

  2. The last time anyone in Massachusetts spoke of making the right decisions even though they lost was Grady Little, after the Boston Red Sox lost the American League Championshop Series against the New York Yankees in 2003. It stands to reason, that if you lose, you must have done something wrong. BTW that mindless reasoning process led to old Grady getting the ax. In the case of the Chairman of the MA GOP, one can only hope

  3. John DiMascio

    Changing the Chair isn’t going to fix things. We need to start with a change of mindset, which fortunately seems to be starting.

    Maginn for all his faults, was an improvement over Nassour. Mind you; I’m not advocating that he remain or leave. To be quite frank it doesn’t matter if we get the changes in mindset and approach, along with making some other changes in personnel then whether he stays or goes won’t make a difference. Likewise if those changes don’t take place, then removing Maginn just makes him the fall guy and it will be business as usual.

    1. Yes, but like the joke about 200 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean, it would be a good start

  4. John DiMascio

    How would it be a good start Tom, if nothing else changed. It’s far more important that people we elected last March to the State Committee are given significant seats at the table so they can change to change things.

    Maginn may go any way. But I’d rather have him stay with our people surrounding him and calling some of the shots, than have him go and the same old crowd running the show.

    We’ve already accomplished some goals after the election. 60 out of the 63 members present voted to accept a far more conservative platform. That happened because people worked behind the scenes to bring people in the middle along.
    We have about 35 solid votes on the State Committee. That’s not a majority. We don’t get another shot at getting a majority until 2016. So in the mean time it makes a lot more sense use our weight to move in the right direction. That means winning over some of the establishment types that lean conservative. But we’re not going to accomplish that by going off on rants and embarrassing people in public.
    Our circumstances have changed since 2010. Back then calling for Nassour’s head made sense. It set up the 2012 State Committee race. It called attention to some of the do nothing State Committee members we were able to eliminate last March. Back then we had 17 votes on the committee, 25 on a good night. Now we are in an entirely different position. It calls for entirely different tactics.

  5. Even a brief survey of posts at RINO Mass Group tells me there is zero interest in reform. All the blame for the election day train wreck is being aimed at Conservatives like you and me. Be real, John. We’re at war and the only way to kill the snake is to cut off its head. After listening to the video above, I don’t know how you can possibly think that Maginn’s vision for the GOP will get us out of the 10% hole we’re in. Charlie Baker for Gov? Be real! Now is the time to act. Not think nice thoughts about our enemies. Kevin Macomber over at the Fire Bob Maginn facebook page has the right idea and we need to give him our support. Go to:

  6. John DiMascio


    The crowd at Red Mass group, aren’t the people on the State Committee.

    Half of them aren’t even RINOs they’re Democrats.

    Now is the time to use the power we have to get something accomplished. It’s not the time to act like bulls in China closet.

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