“No increase in Massachusetts taxes
I strongly oppose all tax hikes, including the Governor’s proposed income tax hike, and any efforts to tax internet sales. I do not support the proposed $500 million in new taxes for transportation spending. Government is already too big. The solution is to shrink the size of the government, not to increase the tax burden on the citizens of Massachusetts.”
Joe Ureneck, Republican candidate for First Suffolk Senate District, challenges Democrat opponent Linda Dorcena Forry to debate
Joe Ureneck, Dorchester native and Republican candidate for state senate, congratulates his Democrat challenger Linda Dorcena Forry on her primary victory and invites her to debate the issues facing district residents at a mutually agreed upon forum before the final election on May 28.
Following the April 30 primary voters in the First Suffolk District have a clear choice between the candidates. In contrast to his opponent Joe Ureneck supports stable and intact families, repeal of laws that break up families, reform of the court system, no new taxes and no national guardsmen in overseas conflict.
Joe is pro-life and pro-traditional family.
Joe invites Ms. Forry to explain her positions on the crucial issues facing the district in a debate before the final election on May 28.

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6 thoughts on “Ureneck vs. Dorcena – FIRST SUFFOLK SENATE DISTRICT

  1. haole

    joe ureneck has a shot at winning this special election !

    the south boston democratic machine is licking it’s wounds after the special election.lynch and collins were running in tandem and got beat.

    still up hill for ureneck but if he can get the republicans in this senate district to come out of hiding and vote?

  2. smm

    Ureneck has zero chances. This is very Democratic district, and the best conservatives could have was Collins. But, after he lost close primary to Forry the only question is a percentage: will she get 65, 70 or more. Republicans lose much better state Senate districts routinely, it make no sense even to dream about this one.

    1. hoale

      good point.the south boston district,has been represented by democrats for 50 years.

      my point is that the democrats in south boston are not motivated to vote in this election.
      those that might vote would see a easier path back to the seat through joe ureneck than from dorcena.

      this is going to be interesting.

      1. smm

        We shall see. But i still think Forry will win quite easily. In addition Ureneck has absolutely no money, and, as Gomez victory has shown, money is a critical element of ANY political campaign now

        1. haole

          if money was a determining factor collins would have won.he spent 12,598 more dollar’s than dorcent.

          1. smm

            But you can’t win without money AT ALL (Ureneck’s case). In addition – Forry will overwhelmingly win in Mattapan and similar areas, so she will not really need too much votes from South Boston. And while there will be some crossover vote AGAINST Forry in South Boston – i don’t expect it to be too high. 65% is, most likely, a floor to her..

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