UNION DUES for DEMOCRATS: Unionizing Home Day Care, but Not Kindercare and Chains…

Cost of daycare is about to increase if the Massachusetts House Democrats get their way.

In yet another slippery move, they waddled through a bill that will force all home day care providers to PAY UNION DUES, BECOME MEMBERS OF UNIONS, FOLLOW UNION RULES……hmmm, we ALL know where union dues go: 98% to DEMOCRAT CANDIDATES.

So, another money grub by the corrupt House Democrats.

Outwardly, they say it will improve day care….buy why then do they EXCEMPT the big boys? AND, don’t they already license and inspect home day cares? Yup. SO, what will paying UNION DUES do to increase the quality of care? A bit of a stretch.

We’ve heard rumors of the next bastions of union dues they’re targetting for the next cycle…auto repair shops that provide STATE inspections, corner grocery stores that sell STATE lottery tickets, oh the places spoken under the golden dome are amazing….and they don’t even whisper it when walking down the halls, they’re pretty blatant walking up and down stairs for everyone to hear… all too sureal.


Here’s a good posting from freshman State Rep. Matt Beaton in the Worcester 11th:

Matt Beaton, writing

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in opposition to this money grab:

“The house just voted to unionize home daycare providers. I voted no. Learned during the debate that approx 70% of children receiving care outside of the home receive assistance through the state voucher program! Warning to any home care provider who cares for one of these children…you will be forced into a union with no voting rights if it also passes the Senate.

Taxpayers pay for the vouchers. Unionizing will drive up cost. Taxpayers will pay more. The cost of care will rise for the other 30%. It is truly a shame because in the end, the taxpayer, the parents and the children will lose. This vote was one of the most disappointing of my first term.”

This is outrageous. Please call you State Senator today!!!




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  1. haole

    when are people going to wake up?

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