Tomi Olson: Another rising star in the MA-GOP

Tomi Olson candidate for State Representative 24th Middlesex.

Tommasina (Tomi) Olson is uniquely qualified to be the new State Representative from the 24th Middlesex. A wife and mother of 4 children, Tomi has balanced family life with her personal career, as well she’s found time to serve her community as a volunteer  in the political realm as long time Town Meeting member and Chair of the Belmont Republican Town Committee.

Tomi’s distinctive blend of private sector and public experience sector makes her by far the most qualified candidate for State Representative in this race.

Her experience in both finance and education is exactly what is needed on Beacon Hill.  Her years of service as a Belmont Town Meeting member and on various boards and commissions, have prepared to hit the road running as legislator.

On the issues

Creating Jobs: 

Tomi believes we need to stop chasing business and job producers out of Massachusetts. We must streamline regulation and make sure our regulators work with individual employers and companies to help them come in to compliance with reasonable regulations, whether they are environmental, financial, or labor related. 

When businesses and jobs leave the Commonwealth, people soon follow. With the people go tax revenues and brainpower. Massachusetts is wonderful place to live; it’s the cradle of our Republic. Yet with every recent census, we’ve lost congressional representation. For decades we’ve seen a migration of our citizens to other states where jobs can be found and the cost of living is more reasonable.

It’s time to put an end to the bleeding and reverse the trend by adopting a more business friendly environment. People come to Massachusetts for the finest higher education in the country. We need to encourage businesses and entrepreneurs to provide career opportunities, so these young minds want to stay and build their lives and families here in the greatest place to live in America.


With a Beacon Hill dominated by one party alone for decades, the Legislature has fallen prey to a stagnant group-think. Every time we face a fiscal crisis, they instinctually think we need to raise taxes.

There is a far better solution. Tomi believes we need increase the number of taxpayers not taxes. Over the past few years, we’ve seen an increase in taxes and fees. Yet we still are threatened with deficits every year at both the municipal and state levels. The cure is not raising taxes and fees or cutting back on services. The answer is promoting economic growth while making sure our state and municipalities spend money efficiently.


Tomi Olson has seen all sides of education. As an Education professional, she’s certified to be a School Superintendent. She has served as School Business Managers; She’s been a teacher and associate professor. And last but not least she’s a mother who has been actively involved in her children’s education, served as President of her local PTA.

With this background, no one is better suited to represent our district where public school education has always been a priority.


As a “Financial Services” professional, Tomi works in one of the most highly regulated industries in the nation. She has been held to highest standards. Thus she brings incomparable experience and an exceptional perspective. Accountability is programmed in to her DNA. Also as a Financial Adviser, she knows what it means to be responsible for other people’s money.  Understanding fiduciary duty makes Tomi an authentic reform candidate. She’s already proven she “walks the walk” for her clients. We know she will walk the walk for taxpayers.

Balance of Power:

Political checks and balances as just as important as financial oversight. But political balance has not existed in decades. People serve for far too long without ever being challenged.  When they leave office, they simply pass on the baton to the next guy who from the same party, waiting in the wings.

With series of House Speakers being indicted, citizens should start asking themselves—How much has “one party rule” played a role in the corruption and bad government that has laden the State House. Nowhere is the old adage proving itself more accurate:

“Power corrupts — absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

The Democrats control 80% of the House and 90% of the Senate. The State Auditor, the Treasurer, Secretary of State, and Governor are all Democrats.

Corruption isn’t something that is unique with being a Democrat. If the GOP had this kind of control for so long, we’d likely see a similar problem.
Tomi believes that real reform can only happen when checks and balances are restored. One party should no longer be assured that any seat in government is going to be theirs to control forever.  Elections should give the voters real choices. And competition from a healthy two-party system and the fear of losing their seat, should serve as a natural check to self-serving complacent leadership.

In short Tomi believes it’s time to restore Democracy and end one party rule in Massachusetts.


Massachusetts citizens are committed to making sure no one goes without health care. In that spirit we adopted a health care reform package in the hopes that no one had to choose between a putting food on the table and paying a health insurance premiums.

Although well intentioned the legislation has lead to a shortage of primary care physicians. Some are leaving the state, seeking to work in states that have adopted tort reform and more market based solution.

Tomi believes we need to look at the legislation in light of what we’ve learned and adopt some  reforms that will drive down the cost of medicine and health insurance using market forces. We need to keep what works and is good in our health care laws. Likewise we must throw out the bad, making Massachusetts a place where doctors want to practice medicine. The best way to bring down costs is increase the supply of doctors and decrease the cost of doing business.


Tomi believes that God gave us this planet to live on. He gave us dominion. That implies a real responsibility not to wreck our home because it is a gift. We are stewards, not just inhabitants. We’ve only got one planet to live on. But we do have to live on it. That means heating our homes, growing our food, getting our food to market, powering our appliances and electronics, getting to work and not the least — having a job to get to everyday.

Therefore regulations must be reasonable; they must be reasonably enforced; and we must remember people are part of the environment. Polluters who purposely and recklessly destroy the environment should be forced to clean up their mess and should be punished. But companies, who are struggling to stay open and provide jobs, shouldn’t be laden with unreasonable regulations that go to far.

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2 thoughts on “Tomi Olson: Another rising star in the MA-GOP

  1. haole

    another first round draft pick by the republican party.
    another great endorsement by vcv.keep up the good work!

  2. John DiMascio

    @haole,while I personally support Tomi Olson, V.C.V. doesn’t endorse candidates.
    We are looking for candidates’ core values. I can personally vouch for Tomi Olson and her authenticity. Hence, I put up the post. We agree on most things. But most importantly Tomi will tell you what she believes, even if you don’t agree with her. And you know, she’s even honest enough to say: ‘Look, I really have thought much about that, or I don’t know enough about that to take a solid position yet.” So that tells me she’s not going to just vote the way she’ told. She’s honest and will make up her own mind before she takes a position.

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