The Rapoza Report – MARCH 2014

By Linda Rapoza

The Rapoza Report

March 2014

“Shining the light of truth on the offerings of liberal pabulum” – Linda Rapoza

Warning to liberals & RINOs: This column is not for the faint of heart!


Who are we? What do we believe? Are we hopeful about our future and that of our children? If not, what are we actually willing to do about it?

I’ve been speaking with people throughout the state about the upcoming GOP Convention. Many of them tell me they believe in the values and principles of gubernatorial candidate Mark Fisher, and are ready and willing to cast their vote for him. Others who claim to hold those values and principles insist that in order to win, we must compromise for the good of… oh well, I think you get it by now. Compromise is just doing a little less of what you know to be right. Easy, isn’t it?

The “in order to win” strategy dictates that Republicans must be “moderate” in order to appeal to Democrats. It’s been around for a while. The failure rate of this antiquated and senseless voting process lies in the current state of affairs of our beloved Commonwealth.

The principles and values of conservatism have proven again and again to be the primary ideology by which the majority of our citizens raise their children and run their households no matter how they vote. So let’s put to bed the notion that you can be “fiscally conservative” and “socially liberal”, shall we?

If you’re voting for progressive (moderate) Republicans who intend to continue to grow government, just at a slower pace than Democrats, and to continue to waste your money, but just a little less of it than Democrats will waste through never-doing-with-a-penny-less government programs crafted to alleviate the suffering of a sick culture, then you’re voting to never get off of the merry-go-round of debt and ruination of every family in your community. That’s NOT fiscal conservatism. That’s insanity.

If we have any intention of escaping what’s being constructed around us, then we’d better begin the battle by calling it what it is. Are we content with living under the jack boot of socialists, central planners, and masterminds? Because that’s exactly where we are today. The jack boots of the control freaks are on our necks, and there’s no indication that they intend on backing off. It’s going to take the kind of revolt necessary for overturning elections by people who have faith in God and prove it by valuing the principles they keep telling us they believe in AT THE BALLOT BOX.

Just one example of just how far we’ve come in Massachusetts today under “social liberalism” would be to look at DCF and the nightmare which is the forced captivity of Justina Pelletier at Boston’s Children’s Hospital. This 14-year-old, who came in with the flu and a genetic issue that was being treated at Tuffs is now, after a year of hospital imprisonment, suffering from infection, cannot walk, and is deteriorating before the eyes of her family who are being denied any semblance of humanity at any level. Her very life is now at stake as she’s being held against not only her will and her parents’ will, but the will of her doctors from Tuffs through Gestapo-like Massachusetts “healthcare” authorities.

Much of this poisonous attitude comes from the “It Takes a Village” mentality which is rapidly spreading across this country by means of not only medical care, but education. The Left’s insistence that our children do not belong to us began in this state many years ago in the Parker vs. Hurley case when a leftist judge (are there any other kind of judges left in the Commonwealth?) told a parent that when his child entered the school door, he belonged to the state, and his parents had no rights to what was being taught to their child.

As with everything else the Left is intent on implementing, Common Core is about egalitarianism, and the useful dupes who follow the gods of worldly influence and power instead of the God of Our Father will continue to dispute the nasties about this “educational” fallacy.

People are suffering from continued unemployment, and under-employment, while Democrats peddle their poison that being unemployed “frees” one to pursue one’s dreams. Why would a political party spread lies like this?

People are suffering from higher energy costs and therefore higher food prices and everything else that takes energy to produce, package, deliver, and sell, because the Left refuses to pursue our own God-given natural resources for the “money-for-science” fantasy of “global warming”, or is it “climate change” this week? In the 70’s it was

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the “coming Ice Age”! (Masterminds marinate in their own arrogance and the belief that history began the day they were born.)

While these “experts” won’t tell us what the correct temperature of the earth should be, they’re perfectly willing to destroy this nation through the imperialism of a fourth branch of government – the EPA . The environmental Nazis whose religion is Big Government (and whose Sacrament is population control) let nothing deter them as they continue to march us into their control chambers from which there is no escape.

People are suffering from the implications of Obamacare. Commonwealth Care which operates on Hillary Clinton’s wet dream, (and Mitt Romney’s brain fart), has postponed implementation once again until June. Story after story is revealing the nightmares of children and adults with devastating diseases getting stuck in Obamacare plans that leave them without their doctors or the hospitals that were a vital part of their care. Some poor souls are even finding out that their “new and improved” Obamacare plans don’t even cover chemotherapy!

Progressives in both political parties can no longer deny the cultural rot and fiscal insanity that’s been going on under the direction and leadership of the people they continue to vote for. Massachusetts is a mess of epic proportions and it’s getting worse every year.

As American citizens, we’re experiencing a growing fascism, born out of a tone being created at the highest levels of our government for total control over the individual. Our own president is using his authority to set a tone throughout his administration that is intent on punishing his ideological enemies through the use of the iron fist of governmental “authority”. He doesn’t need to say a word or give an order. His following, those he has placed in every position necessary to carry out his bidding, are well aware of his desires.

We’re living in a post-constitutional era which requires the kind of leadership, courage and boldness not experienced since Ronald Reagan. He knew perfectly well that if left to metastasize, socialism is a cancer that grows into communism, and no society is safe.

It’s long past time for Republicans who claim to be conservatives to step up to the plate. If you care anything about protecting the Constitution and our God-given inalienable rights, it’s no longer an option to base your vote on the kind of “hope & change” you think may somehow morph liberal politicians into courageous leaders dedicated to real betterment of humanity. It’s time to vote the values you keep telling everybody you believe in. It’s time to stop assuming that God is on our side and start proclaiming that we are on God’s side, and then prove it.







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