The Rapoza Report – Flashback

The Rapoza Report

October 2013

“Shining the light of truth on the offerings of liberal pabulum” – Linda Rapoza

Warning to liberals & RINOs: This column is not for the faint of heart!

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“I can’t believe that,” said Alice.

“Can’t you?” asked the Queen in a pitying tone.

Alice laughed. “There’s no use trying”, she said. “One can’t believe impossible things.”

“I dare say you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for a half an hour a day. Why, I’ve sometimes believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”


I offered this excerpt of “Alice in Wonderland” in a Rapoza Report back in February of 2009. And it’s just as applicable today as it was then. We’d just elected the Manchurian candidate and everyone knew it, even pathetic liberals who voted for a (half black) man only because they wanted to show the country what wonderful human beings they were.

Two million of us marched on the Capitol in Washington that year, just based on the supposed knowledge of what the despot was capable of. It didn’t take him long to prove us right. He not only planned to “fundamentally change” America, he succeeded in changing it into a banana republic as a favor to all of his friends sitting on pee-stained thrones in banana republics.

And the Republicans, who used to represent small government, helped him because, as we’re discovering, they value power and prestige over the hard work of defending the Constitution. How do we know this? Because they’re willingly and purposefully allowing this president to behave like a King.

Where are the marches now? Why aren’t people with pitchforks, kettles of tar, and pillowcases full of feathers storming the Capitol? Where are all the “Republicans” who ran for election promising to save us from a devious administration armed with plans for the annihilation of freedom and liberty… while they were saving themselves from his oppressive dictates?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, right? Just when you were hoping that this was all just a bad dream and when you woke up you would still be living in the good ol’ U.S. of A, you’ve discovered that you’re actually waking up in a Soviet-style insane asylum, designed by a puny community organizer who couldn’t put two sentences together without the help of a rump-swab media – his own personal toilet-paper-brigade of snooze promoters.

The “leaders” of the American Republican Party who just sold us all down the river are now buying cigarettes from the wardens of the asylum – the Democrats! Thanks to these shysters, we wake up every morning in the “United States of a Mess”, courtesy of useful idiots parading around Washington in $400 suits as the best representatives money can buy!

I’ve been writing these Reports for over 5 years now, and for all of 5 years I’ve been saying that the only safety valve we had left was to take back the Republican Party from the progressive imbeciles who’ve been running it. I said it was only a matter of time when we’d be looking death right in the face. Well, here we are!

I even peppered my Reports with mini history lessons going back to the 60’s and 70’s illustrating the roadmap that led us here, on purpose! I reminded them that you can’t hand over the country’s education system to Democrats and then be surprised 40 years later that the taking over of academia by revolutionaries, who stepped over the bodies of university presidents in order to indoctrinate future generations about the “evils” of Americanism, wasn’t just a fluke.

Washington (and Boston) elitists have been dancing with the devil for many years now. They enjoy it. It works for them. But that’s not leadership. That’s not a strategy and it’s not an “end game”. What leader of any worthwhile movement in American history would lead their troops into battle with a strategy of appeasement and capitulation to the enemy? Name one!

I told you that you can’t have successful opposition to tyranny and despotism if the Party you’ve been serving, giving money to, and spilling sweat and tears for refuses to oppose the socialist swill promoted by Democrats who are actually promoting European socialism. You can’t succumb to a Party narrative that promises a “change” you don’t believe in.

I can’t count the number of Republicans I’ve pissed off over the last 5 years by telling them that just checking off more “R’s” won’t do one damned thing about a reality they’ve helped to create that’s finally turned this country inside out. And frankly, I don’t care anymore.

In February of 2008 during the height of media election frenzy over “the Maverick” John McCain, I, as the district’s then Republican State Committeewoman, wrote what was at the time 4th in a series of “newsletters” that I was sending out to my constituents. At the time, Mitt Romney was considered to be more of a conservative than John McCain.

What I had to say in that newsletter horrified many Republicans. It so angered the Pied Piper wing of the “Republican Sycophants for Bush” that

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they began using my picture for target practice. I was frankly becoming sick and tired of having to carry the water for a Party that was beginning to show signs of despising its own base. Sorry if I meant every word of it.

*(I’ve copied this newsletter, written in February of 2008, to the end of this Report. I guarantee it’s sure to promote belly laughs for some, and indigestion for others. Enjoy!)

Now back to our show. This recent disgraceful performance by John McCain, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and the rest of the nincompoops residing within Washington’s Mother Ship has revealed a very important characteristic of the current status of the Republican Party. They’re Democrats!

What are they missing, besides a conscience? As government grows, the people’s ability to control it diminishes. Waste, fraud and greed at all

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levels are spiraling out of control. Everything we do, own, eat, drink, wear, drive and use is now over-taxed and over-regulated. That’s not freedom and it’s not liberty. It’s the antithesis of everything this nation was created to be.

Look how far we’ve fallen in just the past 5 years. Responsible people DO NOT want Republicans to “get along” with Democrats. What purpose would that possibly serve when compromising with them has brought us to this? We no longer have a genuine Republican Party or even a support system with which to create one!

We’re embedded into a socialist state because the fakers who’ve been getting elected as Republicans secretly love socialism and the “good ones” who get elected eventually give in and turn their backs on the very people who broke their backs to help them get elected!

The reality is that government cannot give anyone anything without first taking it from someone else, and a government built to give you everything you think you need or want is a government that can take everything you have to pay for it. We’re now paying the price for the privilege of being devoured by a federal Leviathan. I’m done with this. I can’t support this anymore. And anyone who values the principles of self-governance shouldn’t either.

How many times does this president have to violate the Constitution or render impotent a Congress sworn to uphold it before good people stand up and say “Enough!” You’ve crossed the line, Mr. President. You weren’t elected King, and by the way, we never even wanted one. Here are Articles of Impeachment against you. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

What are we waiting for? Someone with a match to actually set fire to our Constitution? I’ve got news for you. It’s already burning.


*Newsletter by State Committeewoman, Linda Rapoza:

February, 2008

Fellow Republicans & Conservatives,

Can we talk here? Something frightening is happening in the Republican Party. I would call it a coup d’état. Make no mistake, the blue-blood Rockefeller establishment wing of the Republican Party is wrestling for control of the Party’s soul once again, with the precise intention of dominating it. This “jock-sniffer-for-the-left” wing of the GOP has been trying to destroy the Reagan conservative wing for years.

We lost the opportunity for a stellar Republican candidate in Mitt Romney. We now have no conservative in this race. This is a conundrum, and I’ve been racking my brain for weeks now, trying to figure out what I need to do and say about it. I’ll be frank. If I were not a Republican State Committeewoman, this would be a no-brainer.

If you watched the last televised Republican debate at the Reagan Library in California, you and every single news analyst saw a true professional, Mitt Romney, wipe the floor with a small, smirking nasty man who looked like he’d lost his way to the bathroom and somehow ended up on stage with Republican contenders for President of the United States.

Then came the endorsements. Is there anyone left in the liberal media or the RINO steam room of the Republican Party who haven’t happily endorsed the angry squirrel?

Now this unfortunate little man is bragging he’s the only candidate capable of “reaching across the aisle to Democrats”. What blockhead thinks that’s important? Actually, “Juan” McCain doesn’t “reach”. In the words of columnist, Don Feder, “he leaps”. But I digress.

It’s no secret that George W. Bush has succeeded in destroying the Republican Party. From purposely leaving Clinton holdovers in prominent positions in the FBI, CIA, the State Department and the Justice Department, to his appointment of like-minded weasels to his administration, to his depressing lack of communication skills, to his spending us into oblivion, let’s face it, we’ve been skunked again!

But we were good little doobies, weren’t we? We defended him when he couldn’t defend himself, poor thing, while he was spending my children’s future on condoms for Africans; while he was erasing, with ease, every blessed difference between what it means to be a Republican and what it means to be a Democrat; while he was growing the Department of Education instead of eliminating it like he promised; while he was inflating the federal government; while he was searching under his desk for his veto pen; while he was trying to sneak Harriet Myers onto the Supreme Court; while he was wooing Mexico’s president Vicente Fox with America’s sovereignty, (wait till you hear about the $19 billion “relief package” he’s proposing we send them), we stuck by him because we were still hanging on to that promised “conservative revolution”. Remember that one?

And now Bush gets on TV and tells Chris Wallace, “Juan” McCain is a conservative. No, he’s another Bush… on Geritol!

Obama, Clinton, McCain? Gee, I just can’t make up my mind. They all voted for retroactive Social Security payments to illegals. They all voted against the Bush tax cuts. They all voted for McCain-Feingold. (Was Obama there at the time?) They all voted for McCain-Kennedy. And they’re all going to vote for McCain-Leiberman.

From amnesty to the destruction of the first amendment through campaign finance “reform”, from ring-leading the Gang of 14 in order to block the Republicans from stopping the incessant and unconstitutional filibustering of conservative judges, to refusing to drip water down the nose of maniacs who are planning to blow us all up, this liberal in conservative clothing has become the anti-Christ of the Republican Party. Only Kool-Aid drinkers who’ve grown up in the land of liberal kookdom can be forgiven their ignorance on this one.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I’ve been referring to him as “Juan”, take note that his new policy advisor on immigration is the infamous Juan Hernandez. Surely you’ve seen this cockroach on O’Reilly, Hannity & Colmes, and Glenn Beck pushing the sickening suggestion that the solution to the immigration “problem” is too important to be debated by the American people; that it should be solved through the higher levels of the government of Mexico.

This foul Mexican moon bat believes there shouldn’t even BE a border! He’s also stated (with a smile) that California, Arizona and Colorado must be returned to Mexico. This is “Juan” McCain’s new policy advisor. Next time you have a few minutes to spare, check out all of Arizona’s problems, and the reasons for them. Viva la conservatism! Ole!

The reasons that conservatives and Republicans need to get off their behinds and stop this liberal juggernaut are too numerous to mention, but we’d better, unless of course we’re willing to allow a major political party with communistic tendencies to hold the White house, the House and the Senate for the next four years.

Here are your choices:

Scenario #1: If the Democrat wins, the country will go down the toilet, if we don’t get annihilated first. Either way, we’re dead. But at the end of four years the people who pay taxes, speak English and obey the law will beg for a conservative adult to take over and fix everything. Sounds good, except we don’t know how bad things could become in four years. We could end up a majority African-Chicano nation with 57 languages, all foreign. No? Seven years with an incompetent “compassionate conservative” Republican, who couldn’t communicate his Party’s core beliefs if his very life depended on it, have brought us to where we are today.

Remember, thanks to the votes of real conservatives, Republicans were elevated to majority status in all three branches of government several years ago after 40 years of wandering through the desert. And what did they do with that power? They squandered it! And then they stuck their fingers in the eyes of the very people who put them in power!

It took a “Jimma” Carter to elect a Ronald Reagan, but life was different back then. Even Democrats weren’t as crazy as they are today. I worry of what will be left of this nation after four years of a government run exclusively by liberal Democrats who have no problem giving away our sovereignty as fast as they give away our money.

Scenario #2: This one involves standing behind the Republican nominee, supporting him, voting for him, and then… going down the toilet with him. In order for McCain to win in November, a very large percentage of conservative Republicans will have to renounce their conservative beliefs one more time, and go along with the establishment wing of the Republican Party that has no interest whatsoever in preserving or defending conservatism. I honestly don’t know if I can do that again. I’ve already served my country. I voted for Nixon, Ford, Reagan (the only conservative), and Bush I & II, and now here comes “Juan” McCain. Does anybody see a pattern here? It’s a conundrum, I tell ya!

Now, the establishment wing of the Republican Party is blaming real conservatives for this debacle. Make no mistake; this establishment wing is solely responsible for this fracturing. The temptation to sit back and let others do all the work is great. But I would ask you to remember this: If “Juan” McCain refuses to reach out to the conservative base of his Party, the Party’s dead. Right now, there ain’t a dime’s worth of difference between McCain, Billary, and Obama. If conservatism is left to rot on the vine, there won’t be a dime’s worth of difference between the two major political parties ever again.

Ronald Reagan is dead. But the conservative movement he created was so great that it left behind a roadmap in which to follow his dream to that shining city on a hill. It will never die, but it has been diminished through the disease of RINO infiltration.

In order to become a viable voting bloc, Republicans must begin the return to our conservative roots, be able to define them clearly and unapologetically, and then work diligently to re-build a conservative Republican movement based on them by grooming conservative Republican candidates to take the reins. It’s all up to us now, and we must ask ourselves what the role of government in a free society should be. Redistributing wealth was once a kooky idea that only liberals believed in. Today, the purpose of government to liberals has become the vehicle by which money is taken from one set of individuals and given to another set of individuals by law and through threat of imprisonment for non-compliance.

Liberal Republicans have been attempting to craft the Republican Party in the Democrat image for years. Historically, conservative Republicans have served as a barrier against this. But notice that even with all three branches of government, George W. Bush has failed spectacularly. Why? Because George W. Bush is not a conservative.

If McCain decides to thumb his nose at the base of his Party, he won’t win in November, and this nation will take a giant leap leftwards. If that happens, the burden of bad ideas that will follow will be too great for even this nation’s broad shoulders. The great American experiment will be over.

One way or another, we’re going to have a liberal in the White House in 2009. This is why it is absolutely vital that we begin to groom Republican candidates now for election to our city and town councils, to our school committees, to every local and state race that comes up in the next several years, and then get out and vote for them! This will be our only hope. This takes time, this takes money, and this takes dedication to a cause bigger than ourselves. Let’s get busy.

God Bless,

Your State Committeewoman,

Linda Rapoza


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8 thoughts on “The Rapoza Report – Flashback

  1. Naome Lixes

    One might think that with all that time on your hands, neither running any political office nor influencing public policy that you might be more aware of the current events.

    It’s not the Golden Age of America, and likely never was.

  2. Linda

    Don’t you have enough to do, Colley?

    1. Naome Lixes

      It must horrify you to realize there’s more than one person in your district that thinks you’re a throwback.

      You can’t even handle a challenge in the Herald in the comment
      section; how can someone so brittle manage a campaign?

      This Tea Party flirtation was an unfortunate indiscretion.
      It let people like you hold forth in public.

      That was a step backwards, in more ways than one.

      1. Linda

        Westport is sick of you Colley. And so are we.


          I gather your NSA feed is on the fritz.

          Sorry to tell you that I’m neither Dr. Colley, nor one of his supporters. To the point, I’m one of the growing majority of moderates intent on taking our Country back from the mouth-breathers “in charge”.

          You, and your reactionary lot have confused retirement planning with Patriotism.

          The fact that ALL of my comments in the Herald are expunged, yet you are the Number 1 commenter speaks volumes to what you’re really about.

          It isn’t dialouge or debate – it’s cowardice.
          The same methods the STASI used.

          They failed too.

          1. EDITOR’S NOTES:
            We’re proud to have Linda Rapoza share her Rapoza report here.

            Unlike many others, Linda signs here real name, states her real views, and does not hide behind funny names. She puts herself out there to get darts thrown at her, to get heckled and ridiculed by those who oppose someone having an opinion other than theirs…

            At the bottom of most pages, we ask folks to ‘play nice’. Part of that would mean to make postings that can help share information, promote a given thought or idea… not just tear into and rip apart those you oppose.

            I do not know the Herald’s policy for blocking what they might perceive as bomb-throwers. Personally, I love to hear from everyone, especially those who have totally different views from mine. That’s how we learn. Finding at least some thread of common ground.

            Thought it needed to be said.

            Lonnie Brennan

  3. Naome Lixes

    With a history of threatened violence and “2nd amendment solutions”
    many of us that long ago tired of Mdme. Rapoza’s stance and opposition to American values err on the side of caution and choose to remain anonymous.

    Public figures that oppose the most ardent authoritarians lead the list of martyrs to Democracy. Not for me, thanks.

    I answer here, as The Herald prints nearly every submission from the Right, but expunges any and all refutation.

    An inquiry to The Herald Editor revealed a none-too subtle
    reason for this – external pressure on their bottom line.

    Guess who was behind that?

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