The Rapoza Report: Election Aftermath

The Rapoza Report

“Shining the light of truth on the offerings of liberal pabulum” – Linda Rapoza

Warning to liberals & RINOs: This column is not for the faint of heart!



On Tuesday night, Republicans under the direction of the MassGOP, suffered a bloodbath – AGAIN!

Not only did Scott Brown, (the “moderate” who based his campaign on desperately trying to convince people he would rather vote against his own party in order to get along with Democrats than to stand for anything), lose, and lose big, but those “moderates” (Democrats) he was courting, went with the REAL Democrat. Surprise!

Unfortunately, for conservative Republicans and Independents, the weak-minded RINOs and “moderates” among us are always duped into falling for it. 

Definition of a moderate:  A Republican who’s too ashamed to tell the voters he’s really a Democrat.

During every election season, Democrat strategy is to pull the weak-minded stand-for-nothing Republican candidate away from their base by forcing them to choose between principle and “moderation”. After they get these fools to throw enough of their conservative base under the bus, they let go and let them swing in the wind from their own noose.

Scott Brown didn’t lose because he didn’t convince ENOUGH Republicans that he only voted with his Party 54% of the time. He didn’t lose because his wife just didn’t inform ENOUGH Republicans that her husband was “pro-choice”.

He lost because, (like all unprincipled RINOs in Massachusetts), he didn’t stand for anything but getting along with the same people who have been pulling the Republican Party to the left for the past 3 decades!

He threw his conservative base under the bus time after time after time over the last year, and it wasn’t just on social issues, either. Please don’t tell me that he’s surprised that the church groups, the pro-lifers, the Tea Partiers, and the 9/12 groups that helped bring him to victory in his first election, thumbed their nose at him this time.  

Instead of having lavish Republican State Committee cocktail parties where stiff, heavily-cologned phonies drink themselves into a stupor in an effort to convince themselves that their tired, stale, recycled “moderate” candidates are enough like Democrats to get elected, they could’ve been building the Party with dedicated people who’ve been focused on bringing conservative values back to this state.

And don’t be fooled. Social issues ARE fiscal issues. If our culture hadn’t been allowed to rot to the extent that we’re now funding immorality with the fruits of taxpayers’ labor, we wouldn’t be broke!

Just imagine what we could accomplish if the establishment used as much energy going after Democrats as they do going after conservatives in their own ranks.

The Republican establishment has been AWOL for years in allowing Democrats to dumb-down the electorate to the point that a majority of voters have now decided that government should be bigger and more in charge of you, your healthcare, your money and your property.  

We’ve now reached the infamous “tipping point”, and we have tipped over. A constitutional democracy cannot survive under these circumstances.

As a former state committeewoman who has worked hard to try to bring common-sense conservative values back to the Republican Party, I’ve campaigned, supported, stood out in the rain, and then watched good conservative candidates have to fend for themselves election after election because the MassGOP was more dedicated to supporting freaks (Democrats) within the Republican Party.  I’ve worked for pro-life and pro-traditional causes most of my adult life. I’ve marched in Washington – twice – and I’m no spring chicken.

I’ve put up with RINOs and the hopeless “moderates” in my own city committee who openly worked AGAINST me and our city committee for the purpose of destroying it in 2009, (one of them was my own counter-part on the state committee). Every one of them is STILL stubbornly clueless and STILL willing to pretend they’re “conservative”.

And please, please don’t tell me you know “conservative” Democrats who will help you change things. I know “conservative” Democrats too. And you know what? When the rubber meets the road, they vote DEMOCRAT every time.

 If “conservative” Democrats were really as conservative as they pretend to be, they would’ve realized they’re in the WRONG Party by now.  If they haven’t figured that out after 4 years of President Zero, they’re a waste of precious energy. 

The day I learned that former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld had endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 and the MassGOP stood by and sucked it up, I knew the MassGOP was imploding.  When they dug in their heels and put forth a homosexual activist and co-author of the “Bathroom Bill” for Lt. Governor in 2010, the lights went out. And the lights will stay out until the Republican Party in this state quits piling all their eggs into “moderate” (Democrat) baskets.

The MassGOP does not represent conservative Republicans in this state any longer. Mitt Romney and Scott Brown are good men, but the jig’s up. Social conservatives have now decided that they will no longer hold their noses for their pet candidates out of loyalty to the Republican Party.  

In my opinion, this now makes those at the helm of the MassGOP, irrelevant. We can no longer afford their leadership because they truly believe that in order to win, we must keep moving even farther to the left.

We’re done with that. After the dust settles on this election, we’ll be lucky if the registration level for Republicans is at 10%. There’s already talk of a third party in this state. If that happens, the Party’s over.

The Massachusetts Republican Assembly is the only true conservative organization left in this state, and it is the only hope left for genuine social conservative Republicans looking for any degree of sanity in a state that has gone insane.

The Massachusetts Republican Assembly has remained pure in its membership because we require it to be pure. RINOs and Democrats-at-heart regularly attempt infiltration of MA-RA because they know we’re the real deal.

Democrat sympathizers regularly infiltrate local RTCs looking to infect them with RINOism.  And infect them they do. I’ve yet to blow the whistle on several members in our former Fall River RTC, one of whom gave $250 to Howard Dean in 2004. (I will if the need arises.) These people will tell you they consider themselves to be “conservative” yet they will continue to attempt to infiltrate any and all conservative organizations for the purpose of destroying them from within.

The MassGOP under its current leadership no longer serves the purpose of Republicans or the principles of the Party it was founded on. The last several years have brought nothing but shame for our Party in the form of cronyism, corruption and failure at the hands of those leaders.

It’s long past time for all of them to resign.


Linda Rapoza,

President, “Mildred Fay Jefferson 4th Congressional District Chapter – MA-RA

Chair, Fall River Republican City Committee

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9 thoughts on “The Rapoza Report: Election Aftermath

  1. Craig Brauckmiller

    I read your article and while I agree with a lot of what you said, you are still falling into the same trap a lot of right wing republicans are. You cannot force your social views on others…even when you try and couch it in the form of an economic issue.

    I think a more libertarian angle is needed. Keep the government out of my private life and let me live and die as I see fit.

    This is probably the biggest turn-off to moderates going. You force your beliefs on people and they will push back.


    1. Linda Rapoza

      The only people “forcing” their beliefs on others are YOUR friends who continually bully conservatives into holding our noses for their choices. It’s time for them to suck it up for a change.

      The only people “forcing” government INTO our lives are Democrats with the help of “moderates” who don’t stand for anything.

      Like Laura Ingraham stated last night on O’Reilly: Massachusetts and Maine lost with moderate candidates. When you guys start winning elections, then you can come and tell us what to do.

  2. Have you boarded up your windows and collected canned goods, yet?

    Nice to see you speak so freely.
    Too bad you don’t have your core
    constituents supporting you.

    All five of them, anyway.

    Waltzing toward a glorious Socialist tomorrow,
    Congenially gloating,

    Nao me Lixes

    1. Linda Rapoza

      I see the wealthy socialist socialite (from Westport?) is still trolling conservative blogs.

      Looking to find out who’ll have all the stuff you’ll need when the excrement hits the fan, and YOUR friends are out in the streets demanding Obama come and save them, and nobody shows up?

      Trying to figure out where to turn when all you’ll have is that faded photograph of an Obama teleprompter?

      We’ll have guns.

      1. Classic, if ballot measures fail – threaten violence.

        What part of your ideology doesn’t read like Mussolini’s
        Rome – so long as you have the Church blessing them,
        I guess guns and ammo are divinely ordained.

        Face it, you’re turning into Ayn Rand with a .38
        (she died broke, alone and with no friends, either).

        Here’s something I can’t fathom – you’re bent about the FR CPA and Mary Lou Daxland sits on the Wesport conservation committee – some unified front.

        Perhaps you should form your own party, one that offers
        tips on how to get along when the rest of the World thought you had gone away.

        You get high marks for consistency, anyway.

        When the SHTF, YOU will be in excrement central.

        Shouldn’t you make some friends, before then?

        That was SO much fun.
        Let’s do it again, real soon.

        Nao me Lixes

        1. Linda Rapoza

          And what Board do you sit on? Never mind, we’ll find out.

          1. It’s oak. Yours? That’s right – you’re still sitting in the closet…

            Threaten someone else, it’s charming.

          2. Kaped Krusader

            Do we know the identity of this anonymous troll?

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