The Rapoza Report – By Linda Rapoza – APRIL, 2012

The Rapoza Report

“Shining the light of truth on the offerings of liberal media pabulum.” – Linda Rapoza (Warning to liberals in both Parties: The following is not for the faint of heart.) So You Want To Be Re-Elected? Those of you who know me know how I feel about the GOP establishment. You know I believe that if it weren’t for lazy Republicans who seek higher office for the money and prestige instead of what they can do to contribute to the difference between Democrats and us, we’d all be in a better place far removed from what life in America is today. Many Massachusetts voters, frustrated that the cradle of liberty is now filled with big-government Republican imposters and socialism-loving Democrats, have simply given up. They dutifully held their noses election after election, and now choose to stay home when the choice really isn’t a choice at all. But, they’re the ones who will get out into the streets for a candidate who pledges to fight for their principles, and put everything they have into helping that candidate get elected. Sometime the elected candidate becomes a vehicle for change. Unfortunately, here in Massachusetts in too many cases, the newly elected official caves in to “pressure” from Beacon Hill to do things “a certain way” in order to get precious financial help for getting re-elected. Then why bother running for re-election? Who needs them? If their souls are for sale, what can they possible offer us in a second term? Through the MassGOP’s “11% Plan”, (the plan that’s helped to bring Massachusetts Republican registration down to its lowest level in generations), establishment Republicans continue to shun courage for compromise with their opponents, despising those within the Party who are willing to lose everything for the just cause of freedom and the continuation of this great American experiment called Liberty. These Republicans are just as guilty for their contributions to the ultimate “set-up” by the Left designed to bring America down as if they had designed it themselves. No matter how you slice it, politicians who turn their backs on the very people who helped get them elected in exchange for financial help from establishment players (who criticize the very people who got the candidate elected in the first place) don’t deserve to be re-elected. The Abortion Argument I’m tired of being labeled “extremist” and/or “right wing” by some in my own Party for my belief in the only common sense position in the abortion argument. The belief that all life is precious and that murder in the womb is wrong is not an extreme position. It’s the only position. Its “fiscal” connection? The Social Security “trust fund” would have plenty of money if we hadn’t murdered over 50 million people since 1973. Didn’t some state just pass a law that “gender-selection” couldn’t be used as a reason for an abortion? Who’s surprised? When we’ve reached a point where gender-selection is a viable excuse for slaughtering the most innocent among us, then forget calling it “extreme”. What you’ve got here is the definition of “evil”. There’s your “choice”. After a century of financing immorality, we’re now stuck with the bill. Those ARE the issues. While establishment Republicans have been busy defining “compromise” by playing into the hands of socialists and communists who now own the argument for government charity, the population of the politically ignorant and uneducated has exploded into an entitlement mob. In 2010 at a Tea Party event hoax promoted by a well-known Tea Party imposter working for the MassGOP in showcasing Sean Bielat’s candidacy for Congress, Beilat was asked if he was pro-life. He refused to answer. So, when the event was over, one of our friends took him aside and asked him the question again. He assured our friend that he was “personally pro-life”, but lamented that he couldn’t say that in public because he wouldn’t get elected. And there it is, in a nut-shell. The 11% Plan. Beilat, like other candidates groomed by the MassGOP’s “Boot Camps” to become sock-puppets for the establishment, was so groundless in principle, he didn’t even realize it. Please turn up the volume as you watch this embarrassing video demonstrating the results of “training” requiring an avoidance of all social issues, (along with the extra added idiocy of denying to know who Sarah Palin was): This is what cowardice looks like. It’s a cancer that’s been instilled into the Republic Party by those in the GOP establishment who pat themselves on the back for being “moderate”. “Look at me, I’m tolerant!” Swell. Too bad your opponent isn’t. And You Thought This Was a Free Country? The foundation for what we’re looking at today took root many years ago. The apparatus for the command-and-control operation of the government was laid out by the Democrats and their socialist comrades during the 60’s. I’ll say one thing for the Left. They’re patient. They’ve never deviated from their focused agenda as they methodically prodded the system bringing it to the brink of overload throughout the 70’s and 80’s while pushing for legislation requiring taxpayer support (without their vote) for society’s growing burden of bad ideas. And who was going to stop them, Republicans? By 2008, with the help of the GOP establishment (for whom rank-rising in the Good Ol’ Boys’ Club holds precedent over the choice for quality candidates), the Left was finally able to put a president in the White House who doesn’t believe in the principles America was founded on, whose associations with Marxists and communists had already been well-documented, who doesn’t believe that government is accountable to the people who pay for its existence, who believes in the collective over the individual, who seizes every opportunity (when he’s not on the golf course) to be the Spokesman-in-Chief for dividing the nation along the lines of race, gender and class, and who sees the constitutional foundation of the greatest nation on the planet as a hindrance to his own power. With the assistance of establishment Republicans, whose biggest decisions during the years we held the White House, the House and the Senate, was probably deciding what wine to order with their meal, such well-laid plans are ready to be implemented. We’re now like caged rats in a government-driven experiment for a socialist-style command-and-control utopia being operated by self-appointed politically-connected power players who’ve been assigned to run our lives. Tax-payer funded government employees along with the assistance of the EPA (a Beast created by former Republican President Richard Nixon) are inserting themselves on a regular basis into our relationships with our families and our churches, instructing us as to what principles our children must be taught in school, what our religion should teach us, and where we should be allowed to practice it, as well as what property rights we may enjoy. We’re continually bombarded, through media cheerleaders, with the Left’s cock-eyed interpretation of what a wonderful life they could create for everybody if we’d only assign them the keys to our existence. We’re now being instructed on how much energy we’re allowed to utilize, as well as how much water we’re allowed to use to wash our clothes and flush our toilets. The country that invented the incandescent light bulb has now banished the incandescent light bulb, all for the claim that natural resources are scarce (though evidence to the contrary is overwhelming). Massachusetts, and now especially the South Coast is being bombarded by the useful idiots behind the promotion of the U.N. Agenda 21 initiatives for Marxist/communist goals in their apple pie-sounding plans for “Smart Growth”, ICLEI, “SRPEDD” and other U.N. inspired concepts for caged-living. Government-paid bureaucrats have given up attempting to try to convince us that more of our own money needs to be siphoned from us to pay for the privilege of their advice. They just take it now through their own decrees for increased taxes, fees and regulation. Do you ever notice that those who make all these new rules exempt themselves from them? You’ll be forced into driving an over-priced, safety-deficient tuna can and living in a stackable community “green house”, as those in charge of you will be accompanied by their SUV entourages, and live well-distanced from those they oversee. Imagine how much we could be doing for our own families and charities if so much of the fruits of our own labor wasn’t immediately confiscated for the salaries, perks and benefits of elected officials (and even unelected ones) and their cockamamie ideas. To hear them speak, there’s no government program that can be cut or eliminated. Are Republicans too polite to speak? Or would that risk a reprimand from Emily Post? Your behavior, on the other hand, will be tightly regulated along with your use of electricity, gas and heating oil, (this country’s most abundant untapped natural resource), and water (which literally falls from the sky), all for the Left’s agenda for forcing people into believing that “man” can “save” a planet! (And who’s going to save us from leftist loons?) This is the purposeful enforcement of removing

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God from our lives and forcing us through government dictates to believe the big-government-inspired notion that Man IS God. Get use to watching TV in the dark, until you can’t afford that anymore either. Next winter, prepare yourself for wearing sweaters, coats and/or gloves, and making the choice of either keeping your children and the elderly warm or keeping them fed as heating your home with its current apparatus will become an “unsustainable” luxury. Ride that bike to the grocery store in hopes of “saving the planet” until your bicycle becomes susceptible to government regulation, registration fees and excise taxes. One of the many bullets coming at us from the Left is Agenda 21. This link touches on numerous and various aspects of a gigantic government power grab that’s coming to a community near you. I suggest you read as many of the reports as possible. Then protect yourself and your family. Get informed. (I’ve booked the Fall River Public Library for a seminar on Agenda 21 and some of its asphyxiating tentacles. Seating is limited. To reserve a seat, please respond with a comment to this report with your e-mail address and I’ll get back to you with a confirmation.) It’s up to the grassroots now. We’re doing what we can. If the Republican establishment decides to lie down and play dead for government watermelons (“green” on the outside, “red” on the inside) who will have managed to take from you every dime you earn along with every liberty you cherish for making any decisions contrary to theirs, you’ll be free to live out the rest of your days according to their precious “sustainable living” concept in the place they’ve created just for you – the cage. Hey, let’s have another helping of that 11% Plan! Linda Rapoza is the President of the “Mildred Fay Jefferson” 4th Congressional District Chapter of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly.

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