The Jeff Katz Show Interviews – John DiMascio on Childs

The Jeff Katz Show Interviews

Thursday, June 07, 2012

John DiMascio, Vote Core Values

John breaks the story that has raged across the political landscape this past week and has burned up the wires on Talk Radio.

Talks to Jeff about a story he broke about MA 4th Congressional Republican candidate, Dr. Elizabeth

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Childs and her fundraiser in the home of an Obama supporter. Check out his website:


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5 thoughts on “The Jeff Katz Show Interviews – John DiMascio on Childs

  1. haole

    exposing these chameleons and schemers is not an easy task.
    the host was looking for any holes in your article and concluded that everything was correct.

  2. Kevin Crispell

    Excellent job John – we need folks like you “all along the watchtower”!

  3. John DiMascio

    @Kevin: Speaking of Watchtowers I’m just bearing witness my brother ;>)
    @Haole; Thank you. Someone has to do it.

    And let me again make it clear, because I’m getting flack via email from Steinhof’s people: I gave political analysis. I did not endorse Sean Bielat on Jeff Katz’s show.

    It is my opinion as someone who has been involved in politics since the age of 8, that Bielat has the name recognition, the best operation, and the best ability to raise money, of the 3 Republican candidates. Bielat and Steinhof espouse the same values. Childs is 1/32 Republican. If the Republicans, Reagan Democrats, and unenrolled voters of the 4th Congressional want a shot at defeating the Red Headed Step Child, Joe Kennedy III, they should vote for Sean Bielat.

    That is analysis. It’s akin to stating that a team that has won more games in a season has the best shot at winning the championship.

    1. haole

      harassment is what democratic operatives due.

      they employ this tactic,when there is a good chance that they can loose an election.

      these democratic plants have been outed and they don’t have enough resources to control this primary and the democratic primary in the 9th district,ha ha,ha!

    2. slb

      I disagree. Bielat may have the name recognization right now, but he was unable to defeat Barney when he had the perfect opportunity. I don’t think he will be able to win out over a Kennedy. We need someone new, someone who is NOT a career politician and knows what it’s like to live in the real world!

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