Support Don Humason – State Senate

ALERT:  It’s important we protect our 2nd Amendment Rights, and all rights, against ultra-left leaning radicals.  Please see important note below to SUPPORT DON HUMASON for State Senate.




Election Day is November 5th, just over two weeks away!


Attention: The MA state Democrat party is working very hard to ensure voter turn out in the Second Hampden & Hampshire District general election for State Senate in order to derail GOAL Member and current State Representative Don Humason  from gaining the open State Senate seat.

Please do everything you can to support Rep. Humason in his campaign and encourage every eligible voter to cast a ballot on Tuesday November 5.  You can donate to his campaign by clicking here.  Please send him a donation today!

As many of you know the Massachusetts State Senate is incredibly out of balance.  Thirty six of the forty senate seats are currently held by Democrats.  They would love to make it 37.


Please do all you can to support Rep. Humason, go to your clubs, talk to your friends and neighbors, make sure that everyone you know will cast a ballot on November 5, 2013 for Rep. Humason.


Thank you.

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