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7 thoughts on “Michael Sullivan On The Kuhner Report

  1. haole

    like one of his opponents,he is a lawyer.

    the democrats have 2 lawyers running for the senate.
    the republicans have 2 lawyers running for the senate.

    unlike the democrats the republicans have a combat veteran also running for the senate.

    remind me again what branch of service you were in ?

  2. Lonnie Brennan

    So, you’re always fun to hear from.
    Who are you helping get nominations papers signed for? Anyone?

    Just wondering. Ah, Gomez donated to Obama in 2008. Strike that guy. Winslow is so far left he might as well be a Democrat, so strike that guy…..

  3. haole

    gomez also wrote a blank check to the united states.
    that check was payable up to and including his life.

    of course every one else running wrote a check to a law school.
    just what is needed another lawyer in the government.

    1. Lonnie Brennan

      Let me try again:
      The guy who donated to OBAMA?
      If so, please re-arrange the first two letters in your ‘name’.

  4. haole

    1 he is a decorated combat veteran
    2 his name on the ballot will be before markey
    3 he is the youngest person running for the senate
    4 he is not a lawyer
    4 he is not a politician

    i will take the name change under advisement.

    1. John DiMascio

      His name on the ballot will be before Ed Markey???????
      And that makes a difference when there is only one race with 2 candidates.

      That might make in difference in Presidential Election and you get to the clerk of courts. It might make a difference in City Council race when you can choose 4 out of 8 candidates running at large for 4 seats. But it won’t make a damn bit of difference in this race.

      Anyone going out to vote in special election for Senate, will have their mind made up before they leave the house. If they make up their minds at the very last second, it won’t because of position on ballot.

      Besides I’m not that sure it’s going be alphabetical. Isn’t there some kind of lottery??? Or doesn’t the incumbent get the top slot???

      In any event, that is the most retarded reason you’ve put forward for supporting a candidate yet Haole.

  5. John DiMascio

    Gabriel Gomez served his country. Anyone who puts on a uniform deserves our respect. Of course we don’t know what he stands for other than his support Obama and another radical leftist that ran for Senate on Democrat (Alan Khazie) side in 2009/2010. So it’s probably safe to say Gomez voted for Martha Coakley in the Special Election. But to his credit, Gomez did contribute to Bush/Cheney in 2004 and to Mitt Romney in 2012.

    However,the man is very inexperienced. He ran one race for Selectman and lost.

    So we can chalk up his contribution to Obama as a brain cramp. After all he’s a political neophyte. And that’s the point. I’m all for electing non-politicos, but they have to have some experience and or at least show some political acumen. Mr. Gomez lacks both. He can’t seem decide what his views are. First he gives money and supports George Bush in 04, then he gives $1,000 to Obama in 08, money to Alan Khazie in 09. And 2 years later he’s supporting Mitt Romney. So unless he had a problem supporting a fellow veteran and war hero like John McCain, there is no rhyme nor reason to his political thought process. Granted he’s running for seat formally held by John Kerry. So who he could say “he voted for Obama before he voted against him.” Maybe that could get some Kerry fans to vote for him.
    Bottom line, if he wins the nomination he’s a better option than Markey. But of all three Republican candidates he’s stands the least chance of winning the general election.

    That said; Mr. Gomez has potential. He needs to develop a consistent political philosophy and consider running for something a bit more attainable.

    Dan Winslow may be a moderate, but he’s an honorable man. He’s not trying redefine the party. He respects the conservative activist base. He isn’t constantly poking his finger in the eyes of conservatives like Jennifer Nassours, Richard Tiseis, and Charlie Bakers of the world. Most importantly he stood up to current establishment. So he makes a good voice for moderate wing of the party. And he does have a decent resume.
    I certainly don’t agree with him on many issues. But he’s good man; should he win the nomination I could support him over Ed Markey.

    Michael Sullivan has the best resume of any Republican mentioned as a possible candidate, let alone of the 3 running. The man has Gravitas. And he’s an authentic conservative down the line. Not to mention he has name recognition.

    Now as for Haole: Funny he had no problem supporting lawyer for MA-GOP Chair! Scott Brown is lawyer. Haole supported the Senator Emeritus.

    We should keep posting how much Haole should has donated to candidates every time he posts since that’s all he ever talks about. Maybe we ought talk about the fact that he makes a living at at the public drinking at the public trough. And that he was out there supporting a candidate for state chair who votes on the budget that directly impacts his salary. Maybe we should talk about Haole’s work schedule 24 hours on 24 hours off. So the city of Quincy is paying him to while he sleeps at night. Come to think of it maybe we ought to post his name.

    Basically we know that Haole, will support whoever the establishment tells him to support. That sort of thing comes natural to Haole. See Haole is member of a public employee union. So he’s used to sucking up to Das Uber-Fruhjahr, whether it’s union boss telling him to threaten to go out on strike or MA-GOP Overlords telling him who to support.

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