Steve Aylward ! or Who ???


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Steve Aylward — Republican State Committeeman 2nd Suffolk and Middlesex

During his first term: Steve Chaired the 2014 Tank the Gas Tax Campaign Ballot Question Campaign. This put a stop to automatic gas tax increases and saved taxpayers billions of dollars. Just as important, it drew out the fiscal minded vote that helped elect Charlie Baker Governor.

He led the charge to reform and preserve the all-important RNC Delegate Caucuses, thus securing grassroots/ rank & file participation at the next Republican National Convention.

He spearheaded the effort to bring transparency to the election of the MA-GOP Chair and other Officers.

He chaired the MA-GOP Technology Committee, whose efforts lead to the revamping of our Voter ID and Get Out the Vote systems.

Organized two Brighton Ward Committees.

In 2012, He helped to recruit Tomi Olson and Francis Stanton to run for State Representative (both in his district in the district). Not finding a candidate to run for State Senate, he kept his pledge to run himself.

More recently he ran Geoff Diehl’s State Senate Campaign…. Has worked for Republican candidates throughout the state.

During Steve’s tenure he has consistently attended local Republican Committee meetings.

Has donate thousands of dollars to Republicans Candidates and causes in Massachusetts.

Long history of service:

Served as President of the Watertown School Committee: Ran for twice for Town Council.

Served over a decade as Chair of the Watertown Republican Town Committee, during which he rebuilt the committee, recruited 3 Republicans to run for school committee (of which 2 won) – recruited and helped elect 2 candidates as Library Trustee.

Twice Town Captain for Scott Brown for Senate — Town Captain for Gerry Dembrowski for Congress, Town Captain for Frank Addivinola for Congress.

For over 15 years, Steve Aylward has lead by serving. His Servant Leadership has inspired those he represents to do likewise.


Neil St. Claire  — Who ?????

Blank faceMeet Neil St Clair – He wants to be your Republican State Committeeman ?
He recently moved to Boston from New York, where he was last registered as a DEMOCRAT!

He registered to vote in Massachusetts October 2015

He has voted in Massachusetts ZERO  times since moving here.

He has never once set foot in Republican Ward or Town Committee in our district.

He has never been known to work for a Republican in the District or the State.

The Massachusetts of Office of Campaign Finance or Federal Elections Commission website

show that he has donated ZERO to any candidates.


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