State Republicans To Reorganize: New Chair To Be Elected.

This is a very insightful piece by Nicolas Sanchez, writing for Xtra Xtra Framingham.

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State Republicans To Reorganize: New Chair To Be Elected.
By Nicolas Sanchez

In approximately three weeks, on January 31st, the Republican Party will choose a new Chair.  The selection will take place in Natick, MA just across the Framingham line, at the Crowne Plaza.  Committeemen and women, previously elected in senatorial districts, will make the choice.

There are three candidates: Dean Cavaretta, a certified teacher and 2012 MA State Senate candidate; Kirsten Hughes, a lawyer and supporter of former Senator Scott Brown; and Rick Green, a businessman with a degree in engineering from Cornell University and a MBA from the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business.

Each candidate is appealing in different ways.  Cavaretta is trying something new: running as a “team” with David D’Arcangelo, Chairman of the Malden Republican City Committee.  Cavaretta has experience running for office and managing a campaign for Karyn Polito. Hughes is closely tied to the campaigns of Scott Brown and has experience raising funds. Green is the novice (except in business) since he has successfully built a highly successful enterprise from the ground up.

The Republican Party in MA has been hurt by the 2012 elections.  Brown and Richard Tisei, the darlings of the establishment, and the moderate candidates par excellence, lost races that were considered “teaching moments” for all potential Republican candidates; many feel that their approach lost credibility.  Brown, in particular, managed to offend Tea Party groups that were instrumental in his election to the Senate; and his ads, as the campaign came to a close, managed to alienate the Right to Life movement that was willing to give him a pass.  He did little to bring minorities into his campaign.

What, then, is the party to do?  I am willing to support him or her who adheres to the following new approaches to MA elections:  Read More

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