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Massachusetts: Act NOW as Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security Tries to Sneak Vote on Egregious Anti-Gun Bill Tomorrow

Your NRA has just learned that the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security will be conducting an electronic poll vote that will be concluded at noon tomorrow on whether to vote House Bill 4121 out of committee with favorable report.
HB 4121 was introduced less than two weeks ago by House Speaker Robert DeLeo (D-Winthrop), and it seems that the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security is attempting to quietly jam this legislation through the process without adequate time and opportunity for public comment. 
It is CRITICAL that you contact members of the committee IMMEDIATELY and urge them to oppose this dangerous affront to your Second Amendment rights. 
To reach members of this committee in the House, call 617-722-2230. 
To reach members of this committee in the Senate, call 617-722-1222.
This onerous “gun control” bill would give police chiefs discretion in licensing owners for shotguns and rifles, ban the private sale of firearms without a licensed gun dealer and require gun owners to provide a list of all firearms they currently own to the state with each renewal of their license, among many other things.  Additionally, it would grant authority to the state Attorney General to remove certain firearms from the approved “firearms roster.” 
As anyone who has gone through the process to legally obtain a firearm in Massachusetts knows, there is no dearth of existing state laws that regulate the sale, purchase and transfer of firearms.  Legislators on Beacon Hill should be repealing gun control laws, NOT enacting more to further restrict your Second Amendment rights. 
These requirements are only a few of the many onerous and deeply flawed provisions that penalize responsible gun owners and sportsmen in Massachusetts and could turn law-abiding citizens into criminals.  Unfortunately, it seems as though the misguided Massachusetts Legislature won’t stop until they have completely obliterated your rights.  As we’ve seen in other states, such as New York, these controversial registration schemes begin the slide down a slippery slope toward eventual confiscation.  Historical evidence clearly proves that gun registration enables gun confiscation, and criminals never register their firearms.
Using the above switchboard numbers and the below telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, it is vital that you e-mail and leave voicemails for members of the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security IMMEDIATELY, urging them to vote “ought not to pass” tomorrow.
Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security:

Senator James Timilty, Senate Chairman (D-Walpole)
617 722-1222

Senator Michael Moore, Senate Vice Chairman (D-Millbury)

Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz (D-Boston)

Senator Richard Ross (R-Wrentham)

Senator James Welch (D-West Springfield)

Representative Harold Naughton, House Chairman (D-Clinton)

Representative Michael Brady, House Vice Chairman (D-Brockton)

Representative Sean Curran (D-Springfield)

Representative Linda Campbell (D-Methuen)

Representative James Dwyer (D-Woburn)

Representative Alan Silvia (D-Fall River)

Representative David Vieira (R-East Falmouth)

Representative Cleon Turner (D-Dennis)

Representative Brian Ashe (D-Longmeadow)

Representative Brian Mannal (D-Barnstable)

Representative Nicholas Boldyga (R-Southwick)

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