SHELDON vs. Hack Keating: DEBATE Oct. 10, Duxbury Senior Center 7 p.m.

The first confirmed debate between 9th Congressional Candidates Christopher Sheldon (R) and William Keating (D) will be held on WED. October 10 at the Duxbury Senior Center on 10 Mayflower Street (Rt. 3A).  The event sponsored by the League of Women Voters will be held from 7 p.m. til 9 p.m.  Come supoort your Republican nominee for U.S. Congress Christopher Sheldon.


The League of Women Voters is typically a liberal, biased organization in most communities and referred non-affectionately to as “The League of Women Vultures”.  Let’s hope it’s not the same in Duxbury. Either way, Sheldon can handle himself against the wall-of-shamer political long-term vagabond hackster Keating.  Keating has been a politician, sucking down taxpayer dollars since 1977 and moving and drifting wherever and whenever to meet his political needs, always voting for tax increases and in favor of ILLEGAL immigration.   Folks, can we really afford this nut Keating any longer?


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