Send a Chiropractor to Beacon Hill — Get Ken Donnelly off Our Backs

Some of you might remember Dr. Gerry Dembrowski from his 2010 run for the United States Congress. He took on Ed Markey. Considering the late start and a small budget, Gerry relied on hard work and lot of creativity to garner 70,000 votes. That was no small task, in view of the fact that he was a political unknown.

During his 2010 campaign Gerry hammered Ed Markey for being A.W.O.L. from his district since he went to Washington 3 decades ago. Dembrowski coined the perfect title for Mr. Markey— “The Undocumented Congressman.” He gave him such a beating on the subject that Ed Markey all of sudden decided he should visit his home once and while. He actually started doing things like marching in parades and actually pretending he was interested in talking to his constituents.

As a doctor with an independent practice, Gerry understands what it means to try to establish a small business in Massachusetts. He experienced first hand the roadblocks, red tape, and backbreaking taxes that Massachusetts’ business owners are burdened with. He also knows what a toll this is taking on our economy, as far too many Massachusetts residents don’t have a job and those that do wonder if the next paycheck will be their last.

There is a reason why Massachusetts is now ranked 47th out of 50 as a desirable state to open or maintain a business. Our abysmal rating is due to clueless, self-interested Beacon Hill Politicos thinking more taxes, more red tape, and more government are the solution. When in fact they are the problem.

Therefore, Gerry decided that he could best serve his community by trying to clean up the mess in his own backyard. And that means getting State Senator Kenneth Donnelly off the backs of taxpayers in the 4th Middlesex Senate District.

Now, something tells me we’ll be doing a little research on Mr. Donnelly in the near future. But for now let me just give you a little tease.

In September of 2011, even the 90% Democrat State Senate realized that the $20 Billion unfunded Pension Fund liability desperately needed addressing. So they passed a reform package. But Ken Donnelly, whose campaigns are funded in good part by public employees and public employee unions, led the charge against the taxpayers’ interest. During the debate he said the reform was being promoted by —- quote Bean Counters and Bankers end quote. Now we know what he meant by bankers. But who are Bean Counters.  It sounds to me like he was calling the hardworking taxpayers, most of whom work in the private sector without a guaranteed pension, Bean Counters.  It’s bad enough that the State Senator chose the people who fund his campaign over his constituents. But to show such disdain for the citizens who elected him, who are struggling from paycheck to paycheck (assuming they still have one), is reprehensible.

Dr. Gerry Dembrowski wants to try a novel approach for Beacon Hill. He’s proposing that our State Government firsts concern ought to be serving the interests of the Commonwealth’s citizens. He believes that taxpayers and businesses are over-taxed, over-regulated, and downright overwhelmed by decades of Beacon Hill politicians like Ken Donnelly who are more concerned with serving the special interests that write checks to their campaign funds.
A strong fiscal conservative, Gerry understands that our future economic health is contingent on government fostering an environment that will encourage individuals and businesses to take the risks and make the investments that will create long-term private sector jobs. Such an environment can only be nurtured by unleashing individual taxpayers and businesses from the chains over taxation and over regulation.

In other words we need to send a good Chiropractor to   help get Kenneth J. Donnelly and Beacon Hill off our backs.


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