Senators Rodrigues & Kaufman – OUTRAGEOUS AND OUT OF TOUCH! Thumb noses at 120,000+signatures to prevent Automatic Taxation

Editor’s Note:

Senator Michael Rodrigues is that same out-of-touch poll who was outed by Michelle McPhee “Pol nabbed on New Hampshire booze run” for his booze-trip to save money in N.H. after jacking the price in Mass!


Outrageous and out of touch

Posted by Charles J. Gangi

Yesterday, the Revenue (Taxation) Committee held the hearing on our initiative petition to stop automatic tax hikes! It was a weekday!

Holding a hearing at the State House during the middle of a weekday is not convenient for people who work for a living in the private sector. But that fact seems to be lost on some people at the State House!

We had Rep. Geoff Diehl testify on behalf of the 120,000 people who signed our petition!

Also, at the hearing was group after group who live off our tax dollars. While all the taxpayers are at work, these people have time to lobby Beacon Hill for more of our money.

Their livelihood depends on being at the State House trying to get more tax money. Senator Michael Rodrigues, who is the Senate Chairman of the Revenue Committee, said the following to State House News Service: “I think even today with the testimony we heard there’s overwhelming support, at least in this room, of maintaining the indexing of the gas tax.” Really? Does Senator Rodrigues not understand that people work for a living???


Worse yet, Senator Rodrigues is ignoring the fact that an all-volunteer organization got 120,000 raw signatures to get this issue of taxation without representation on the ballot.

The House Chairman Jay Kaufman was just as bad. He said, “I think anybody who voted for it ought to stand up and stand tall.” Their spin is that transportation needs the funds. If so, then they need to have the courage to voted to raise our taxes. Don’t hide behind inflation.

As you and I know this is not about funding transportation. The state took in close to a billion dollars over revenue projections past 16 months so the money is there to fund transportation. This is about having the ability to take more money out of wallets without having to be accountable! They are abdicating their responsibilities to inflation.

Senator Mike Rodrigues needs to be reminded that we work for a living and that there is life beyond the State House bubble.

Please call Senator Rodrigues today and let him know you are angry about his remarks. His number is 617-722-1114. If you have more time in your day, please call the House Chairman Jay Kaufman at 617-722-2320. Beacon Hill needs to hear from the taxpayers!!!!


— Charles J. Gangi



Stop automatic tax hikes

Why did over 1000 volunteers give up 9 weekends to stand out in the cold to collect 100,000+ signatures?

Why did over 100,000+ plus Massachusetts residents sign our petition?

They did it to stop the automatic gas tax hikes!

Last summer the legislature linked the gas tax to inflation which means our gas taxes will automatically increase every year.  Just wait until the federal government stops printing money.  Inflation will skyrocket!

What if there is deflation?  The legislature created a floor to the gas tax so it will never go down and we will never get a break.

Why is tying the gas tax to inflation so bad?

If we don’t stop the linkage of this tax to inflation, then the legislature will surely link other taxes to inflation.

Do  you want your property taxes linked to inflation?  How about the income tax?  How about excise taxes?  How about fees?

That’s what will happen if we don’t repeal this tax!

Remember, the legislature tied their pay to inflation.  They got away with that and now they are trying to do the same with taxes.

If the legislature, who get per diems to drive to the State House, wants to raise our taxes, they should have to vote for it.

Stop Taxation Without Representation!

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2 thoughts on “Senators Rodrigues & Kaufman – OUTRAGEOUS AND OUT OF TOUCH! Thumb noses at 120,000+signatures to prevent Automatic Taxation

  1. haole

    the way this is going,there will need to be another 11,000 signature’s by late spring to get this question on the ballot.

    the democrats are hopping that the people are oblivious to the issue and will give them a pass.

    getting the signatures is not a problem,getting people to pay attention is a big problem.i dought that even if the question is put to the voters,the majority of voters are oblivious and will vote no.

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