Semon politely Demolishes the Faux War on Woman

On August 27th the Belmont League of Women Vultures hosted candidate’s forum. The Republican Congressional Candidates were asked ” I’m curious; which rights it is the two of you would like to take away from woman…”

Notice the way Jeff Semon, quietly and politely makes demolishes the premise.

Semon is articulate and well versed on the issues. Should he win the Republican Primary on Sept 6th, he’ll do a great job debating Markey.

It’s so obvious that the Democrats are running away from Barack Obama’s abysmal record. Between now and November 6th they will do everything but talk about the issues that are foremost in the mind of voters in 2012. As was the case at this forum, they will show up and ask loaded questions the mimic Obama’s talking points de Jour. All of which will be nothing but another weapon of “mass distraction.”   This week it’s the war on women. When that doesn’t stick, it will be another attempt at class warfare. When that doesn’t stick, they’ll all be talking about how business risk takers and entrepreneurs didn’t build their businesses.


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