Sean Bielat On The Record 9/7/12

Fresh off an impressive primary win,

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Sean Bielat appears on WCVB Boston, Channel 5 for an interview “On The Record.” Bielat commented on the recent DNC Convention, and his general election race against Joe Kennedy II, Bielat answers questions about his resumes and his opponents. When asked what Joe Kennedy III does well, laughingly Bielat quips: “Photo Ops.” All in all, this is a very good interview. Bielat lays out his economic philosophy and his understanding of the proper limited role of government.

Although, this race will be no cakewalk, Bielat has a clear opportunity to win this seat. His opponent does the backing of the Democrat/Kennedy machine, not to mention close to a multi-million dollar war chest. But Bielat has proven he can raise money in the past. He’s a lot more seasoned and his campaign operation is much improved since 2010.
To date Joe Kennedy hasn’t said much of anything except repeat DNC talking points and talk about the need for higher oil prices. Bielat should tear him apart in debates. And let’s face it; a lot of people in this state are suffering from Kennedy fatigue.
Bielat is serious candidate and solid conservative who deserves our support. I urge everyone who can to make a donation. And those who wish to get involved in the campaign can do so here.

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