Screw You Charlie Boss Baker Makes the Wall of Shame

Boss Baker Tweed (1)


                                                    Our latest nominee for the Wall of Shame 

                           Why, it’s His Excellency the Guvnah Charlie the Boss Baker!

Yes, the “likable” Charlie Baker has now joined the ranks of infamous thugs, like longtime Chicago Mayor, Richard Daley.

Backstabbing the very activists that helped elect him in 2014, Boss Baker has recruited a plethora of political toadies, many of whom hold Baker political patronage positions, to now run for Massachusetts Republican State Committee. The litany of lapdogs includes no-names who have a track record of donating to Democrats, and carpetbaggers that just moved into the district… in one case, a guy who (prior to moving into Boston in 2015),  was most recently a registered Democrat in New York.

And just who is Baker seeking to purge from the State Committee? Grassroots activists that have been battling in the trenches for the conservative cause for years. People who have been trying to build the MA-GOP, in spite of opposition by a self-serving Establishment, only interested in the goodies a Republican Governor can deliver.

All this is certainly enough to make Good Time Charlie a splendid nominee for our Wall of  Shame.  But no,…. that’s NOT all folks!

We can add to that activity what any rational person would call abuse of power, abuse of public employees, abuse of public funds, and good old fashion extortion. 

On February 19th, Frank Phillips of the Boston Globe broke the following the story.

Boss Tweed, Boss Baker — whoever thought the twain would meet?

But here we have Governor Charlie Baker and his political crew facing accusations of Tammany Hall tactics, twisting arms and using the powers of his office to corral patronage hires to line up behind him in an increasingly nasty intraparty power struggle.

In an e-mail obtained by the Globe, Lisa Barstow, a Baker administration hire who is also a state committeewoman and veteran conservative activist, expressed anguish over what she described as pressure from Baker’s political team to back a candidate for an open seat on the Republican State Committee.

“The HARD ANVIL of the corner office came down on me last week with vengeance and NO MERCY . . . and WITH FORCE . . . made me endorse Peter Lorenz,’’ Barstow, who was recently appointed to be director of community relations at the state Department of Conservation and Recreation, wrote in a Feb. 3 e-mail circulating among her friends in GOP circles. “This is a sickening state for me.”

Lorenz, of Brookline, is a candidate for the state committee in the First Middlesex and Norfolk Senate District. The conservatives, meanwhile, are backing Tom Mountain of Newton in the three-way fight for an open seat.

Baker aides, however, were unequivocal in their denial of any such pressure exerted. They said no one from his staff contacted Barstow and twisted her arm.

“It’s absolutely not true,’’ said Jim Conroy, a chief political adviser to Baker. “It is exactly opposite to the way we operated.”

 Still, something was upsetting Barstow.

“I won’t even begin to tell you the HELL I have been put through and the expectations put on me with and about Lorenz,’’ she wrote. “The hell I am paying now by endorsing is NOTHING to compare with what I would get as punishment for NOT doing so. . . . The torture to say no to endorsing Lorenz surely would put me in the hospital from stress. . . . I know my body and the chronic stomach illnesses I’ve already been dealing with for years.”

Baker’s venture into this nasty battle with the conservative wing of his party is sure adding a new dimension to his profile. He is showing he has more tools in his box than just, as he says, “blocking and tackling’’ state government.


Charlie Baker won a razor thin majority in 2014, because people like Lisa Barstow worked tirelessly for him. He won because others had the good sense to put a pivotal question on the ballot (Tank the Gas Tax… Question 1). Not only did Question 1 save the taxpayers billions, but it provoked a less than motivated Republican and Conservative Independent voter-base to go out to vote for a less than inspiring, extremely insipid Charlie Baker. Charlie ran his campaign, preaching good government. Is using and abusing the taxpayers employees for his personal political goals good government?  We at Vote Core Values think not!  But we do think Screw You Charlie “Boss” Baker deserves special honors,……. on the Vote Core Values Wall of Shame !!


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