Scott Lively, Martha Coakley, Charlie Baker, et. al… we’re waiting MCFL…

Governor Candidates:

Scott Lively:  Never talked about, independent, ultra-conservative, against tax money for abortions

Marth Coakley;  Always talked about, Democrat, ultra-liberal, supports tax money for abortions

Charlie Baker: Always talked about, Republican, ‘moderate liberal’, supports tax money for abortion.

So, we keep getting asked,: with the days ticking off, Mass Citizens for Life clearly cannot support Coakley or Baker…..are they going to sit out this election?



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6 thoughts on “Scott Lively, Martha Coakley, Charlie Baker, et. al… we’re waiting MCFL…

  1. Joshua Norman

    MCFL endorsed Jay Barrows, Alan Silvia, Frank Moran, Brian Ashe, Tom Golden, Dave Nangle, Tim Toomey, Wayne Matewsky, James Dwyer, Tom Calter, Nick Collins, Russell Holmes, Edward Coppinger & Stephen DiNatale even though they voted for the New Buffer Zone Law.

    So, it wouldn’t surprise me if they endorsed Charlie Baker or sat this one out.

    1. NoPC

      MCFL is supposed to be a prolife organization, not a political tool for the Republican establishment. I say keep the pressure on. According to their own mission they must support Scott Lively. Otherwise they will end up on the ash heap of insignificance.

  2. haole

    mcfl has a long history of endorsing
    candidates for office who have a nuanced view
    on abortion.

    scott brown received their endorsement in 2010 & 2012
    even though he was pro abortion.

    tim cahill also in 2012 received the endorsement
    even though he was pro abortion.

    they should endorse lively to make a statement even though
    lively has 0 % chance of winning.

    1. NoPC

      Time for social conservatives to join MCFL and get it back to it’s original purpose.

  3. Joshua Norman

    MCFL put this on their website. I think they’re going to sit this one out. I’d like to see them endorse Lively to send a message to the GOP that they don’t own pro-life voters and it will take more than a weak, whack platform to earn our votes.

    1. haole

      Charlie baker has earned my vote because
      of his tireless efforts the last 4 years
      helping republicans get elected.he was not successful in his efforts but at least he tried.

      if you and other pro life voters want to vote
      the pro life candidate lively it’s a free country.

      I’m sure on November 5th governor elect coakley will
      be thrilled to know prolife voters voted there convictions.

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