SCOTT BROWN calls Reagan a RINO. Scott, Stick a Fork In Yourself, You’re DONE.

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Supplement – August 23, 2013

“Shining the light of truth on the offerings of liberal pabulum” – Linda Rapoza

Warning to liberals & RINOs: This column is not for the faint of heart! 


I don’t usually write two reports in one month unless it’s an emergency, or I feel an urge to throw something at the TV screen. Tonight was such a night. Former Senator Scott Brown, filling in for the no-spinster fence-sitter (who spins like a top over Obama when it serves his purpose), unashamedly equated himself and the establishment’s go-along-to-get-along politics with… (wait for it)… Ronald Reagan! (If you can stand it, wait, it gets better.)  In order to pull that one off, he had to portray Ronald Reagan as… get this… a modern-day RINO! Who wrote your talking points, Senator? Karl Rove, the unelected, self-anointed leader of the RINO herd?

Running for president, Ronald Reagan won Massachusetts, a God-forsaken drooling liberal state … twice! How? By not sticking his thumb in the eye of the people who supported him, and by not turning his back on the people who carried him over the finish line who were as sick of Washington (as we are today) thanks to “Jimma” Carter, and decided they’d had just about enough of it to put their faith in a principled Republican who oozed honesty and integrity, and knew how to represent it in an articulate and convincing fashion.

Reagan never bent over and grabbed his ankles in order to present THAT IMAGE as the panacea for “getting along” with the other side. He CONVINCED Tip O’Neil that his philosophy on the issues was the way to success. He PERSUADED the Democrats that his way was the right way. And he ENCOURAGED them to come over to HIS side. He didn’t crawl over to them, hat in one hand, the other hand on his belt buckle, (Please sir, may I have another!).

Ronald Reagan fought his entire political life against the same gang of arrogant miscreants who, upon seeing an overwhelming majority of grass roots Republicans cheering for Reagan’s nomination against the establishment candidate, Gerald Ford, decided to throw the entire Party’s support to the establishment candidate, Gerald Ford!

And, of course, as night turns into day, the establishment fool went down in flames, thanks to the myopia of the Republican establishment, (is this an ancestral thing?), and we were stuck with “Jimma the Peanut Man” just long enough to put us half way into third world status. The only reprieve was eight years of Ronald Reagan, or we’d be living in a banana republic worker’s paradise by now.

Unlike the excruciating monotonic robots of today’s Republican “leadership”, Ronald Reagan was a master orator. He didn’t write platitudes to present to the subjects from tele-prompters on high. He spoke TO the people. Not AT them.

There’s talent in that, Senator, unlike what drives your buddies Boehner, Canter, McConnell and the rest of the wimps in the establishment who talk like vacuum cleaner salesmen who don’t believe in their own product! And that’s only when they’re not speaking like angry squirrels (McCain) and pitch-fit fairies (Graham) against public servants of the people like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee (just to name a few) who happen to value their oath to the Constitution and defend it articulately and unashamedly.

When Brown actually questioned (himself) as to whether Reagan would be considered a RINO today, my supper began its travel up my esophagus. Aside from becoming nauseous, I wasn’t sure if I was angry or just embarrassed for him. Possibly both.

As we’ve discovered, the former Truck-and-Jacket Senator is not the articulate spokesman. (Even his truck and his jacket couldn’t help him once the people found out he was more interested in U.N. global policy than in the Constitution of the United States). Like all RINOs, he’s just another unimpressive tele-prompter puppet with hand animation who frequently stumbles over his choreographed speeches in an effort to preach the go-along-to-get-along mantra. “I’m in the middle. If that excites you, follow me!”

After questioning himself, he answered himself. Yes, he mused out loud that to modern-day conservative Republicans (code word: “Tea Party”) that Reagan probably would’ve been considered a RINO today! These people are STILL preaching to us their goofy notions that in order to “get anything done in Washington”, we must accommodate the Democrats!

No, Senator, we DON’T. Considering the anti-constitutional crap that’s been coming out of Washington lately, we shouldn’t be accommodating any of it. Do Democrats preach to their choir about “getting along” with Republicans? Do Democrats ever relinquish their authoritarian dreams for the sake of “political comity”? They won’t even follow the Constitution! They’re re-writing it as we speak! And what are Republicans like you doing about that? NOTHING! You’re actually encouraging more of it!

Under the direction of dummies like Karl Rove, Republicans are still taking “advice” from Democrats on how to win elections. Liberals will always tell you who and what they’re most afraid of. All you have to do is listen to their rants about the people they hate (and fear) the most. (Ted Cruz, for one.) But the Washington insiders are so stupid, they haven’t figured that out yet, (which reminds me of the Senator’s stand-in interview with the communist “journalist” from the Washington Post which was so painful, I’m not even going there.)

Not quitting while he was ahead, Brown went on to defend New Jersey Governor, Chris “Krispy Kreme” Christie and his highly unusual (and nauseous) affection for Obama right before a presidential election. Brown promoted the notion that conservative Republicans (code word: “Tea Party”) were blaming Krispy for hugging Obama for “all his help” after Hurricane Sandy. Who doesn’t like a big hug-fest every now and then?

Does anyone know if everything’s back to normal in New Jersey yet?  Does anyone think Obama gives a rat’s rear-end if it’s not? If it were, Obama’s stenographers in the media would be running “Specials” every night about Obama’s “success” in single-handedly conquering Hurricane Sandy by “saving” the people of New Jersey.

Does anyone think Krispy was made an offer he couldn’t refuse? Really, Mr. Brown, was that all it was? A bear hug? Looked more like “Dancing with the Stars” to me.

Rumor has it, Brown’s looking into running for president in 2016. For establishment RINOs, smooching with Democrats is a campaign strategy enhancement. Think he’s been talking to Krispy?

Personally, I was hoping the Senator would give political buffoon, Charlie Baker, a run for his money in a gubernatorial primary. Conservatives might come out for that one, Senator. Maybe he believes the state’s just too far gone to ever see daylight again. Welcome to the club.

But if Brown doesn’t think he can win a governor’s seat in Marx-achusetts by trashing conservatives (when he’s not pretending to be one himself), what makes him think he can win the POTUS without half of the Republican Party and the rest of the conservatives in the entire nation who watched him go down in flames against a pathetic cretin essentially by trashing THEM.

Here’s a tip Senator: If you’re too good to run for governor of Marx-achusetts, you‘ve got no chance of beating any of the Republican establishment goons waiting on tender-hooks for the opportunity to join with Democrats for yet another “me too!” presidential primary.

They’re more afraid of the brash and incompetent Witch Hazel, who’s carrying around more political baggage than a freight train. As long as they can keep calling her a “shoo-in”, they don’t have to actually nail her on the hundreds of incredibly stupid taped comments that would finally put her and all her communistic/global-authoritarian aspirations (including her frightening cackle) to bed once and for all. (“What difference does it make!” Evidently, they agree.)

What’s needed is courage. And no matter how much comfort they get out of believing Ronald Reagan would look like them today, courage is one thing you’ll never see coming out of the Republican establishment.

Go Ted Cruz!  There. I feel better now.


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8 thoughts on “SCOTT BROWN calls Reagan a RINO. Scott, Stick a Fork In Yourself, You’re DONE.

  1. haole

    i will vote for hillary for 1 monica.

  2. Harry Huckum

    Brown sounds whiney.

    Let me ask this: Have you ever heard anyone called a moderate democrat? No! Why? Because they don’t moderate their beliefs.

    Scott you lost and now you are acting like a loser. GO AWAY!

    1. mms

      Absolute false statement. A LOT of Democrats call himself “moderate”, some – “conservative”, few – even “very conservative”. In fact – a vast majority of present-day moderates are either Democrats or Indies now. It’s Republican party which (mostly) became so ultraconservative, that it almost completely lost most of it’s influence in the North-East, on the West Coast, in most of the big cities and so on.

      And one question PERSONALLY for you: Brown lost exactly 1 (one) campaign, and not because he was TOO moderate, but because in the eyes of majority (which went for Warren) he was INSUFFICIENTLY moderate. He won a lot of campaigns BEFORE THAT. What’s YOUR personal record on “electoral front”? – how many campaigns have YOU won?? If none (and i guess so) – you are similar to that proverbial dog, barking the wrong tree…

      1. NaomeLixes

        I believe you’re using the wrong analogy from the animal
        kingdom – dogs are loyal and serve a purpose.

        The term you’re looking for is available closer to home.

        Carrapau de corrida – “like a racing mackerel”.
        The problem is that these people have only one venue where they get any traction, school funding.

        Beyond that? Meh.

        1. mms

          Agree. I like dogs too… And don’t like people with mentality “we lose – even more of the same”, whom i face here on a regular basis… My apology to dogs…

  3. NaomeLixes

    From the previous rant, I believe we might see the core problem in the postings here at CoreValues – weak math skills.

    “Those “nasty” constitutionalists the establishment has so much disdain for, who were swept into office in 2010…”

    32% of Tea Party candidates were elected to Congress in 2010.

    “…on the promise that they would get rid of Obamacare, are doing exactly what they were elected to do.”

    From the United States senate own page,

    “The Constitution assigned to Congress responsibility for organizing the executive and judicial branches, raising revenue, declaring war, and making all laws necessary for executing these powers.”

    It’s difficult to surmise how the incoming crop of Freshmen legislators accomplish anything by throwing monkey wrenches.
    That’s sabotage, bordering on subversion – not leadership.

    I believe their exists a great degree of difference between what Mdme. Rapoza describes as reality and reality itself.

    Therein lies the problem facing the GOP, attempting to run the Nation as if it’s a giant Cosplay has been a clumsy failure.

    It’s time to have qualified people with actual skill in charge.
    What’s offered here is neither.

    1. Sam Adams

      If you’re so qulaified, why don’t you tell us all what YOUR plan is Mr. Corey.

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