Scott Brown: Any room for the Conservative Spectrum in your “Big Tent”?


“I’m Scott Brown, I’m from Wrentham, I drive a truck, and I am nobody’s senator but yours”


Nice start.
Where did he turn wrong?

Well, Scott doesn’t know….so perhaps it’s about time we helped him…

Scott Brown

First, let me say for the record that Scott Brown would make an excellent Governor, or serve well in nearly any government capacity, IF he gets his head straight. Right now, let’s face it, he’s on a whining tour, and it really doesn’t shine well for him.

scott_brown_capecodtimes Cape Cod Times/Ron Schloerb

This past week Scott felt compelled to BLAME CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS for his loss against the fake, liar ultra-liberal “indian”. The Cape Cod (phenomenal) radio station WXTK repeatedly quoted Scott’s frustration with conservatives who found him so liberal they wouldn’t support him or let him into ‘their’ tent, their big-encompassing tent….


Tent? Tent? You’re stuck on this tent analogy?


Scott. Can we talk?

For the record, Scott, your campaign repeatedly told conservative Republicans NOT to support you: your campaign ran from conservative Republicans, your campaign turned its back on conservative Republicans, your campaign went out of the way to tell the world how liberal you are, and how much you wanted to step across the aisle and work with others.

Someone SHOULD have told Scott two things:

1. The Conservatives are not against you Scott. They like you. In fact, as disappointed as I was with your HORRIFIC campaign run by village idiots, as well as how disappointed I was with your votes, your pandering to the left, and your bragging about how many times you voted with the Democrats, as well as how disappointed I was that you flip-flopped on so many issues, now taking extreme left positions, well, even with all that, I STOOD ON A STREET CORNER HOLDING YOUR SIGN for FIVE WEEKENDS with a gaggle of local Republicans at the CORNER OF CENTRAL AND MAIN STREETS in a tiny New England town. It wasn’t enough. I couldn’t balance the many who lost all enthusiasm for you…who just couldn’t find it to support another barking liberal…which is how your useless campaign portrayed you…far from the normal guy with a bright brain, a strong voice, a heart of gold, and a head of great intelligence, and a love for family, community, and country. Your campaign blurred or buried all that.



2. You can’t pet a cobra.
You thought that you could get all close and sweet with the the ubra-leftists and that they would love you for it, respect you for it, play nice with you, and not rip the crap out of you in your re-election bid.


As that shrink on TV would say, ‘hows that working out for you?’



Look at the political spectrum.Don’t let the extremists on either side screw with you. They did. You let them.


political_spectrumYOU talk of a big tent, and want the CONSERVATIVES to support you and let you in it. Well Scott, they did. They tried to, but you wouldn’t play with them. Some thought you were getting closer to Communists than Liberals. See. Tough place to play trying to straddle a fence. I have a nice scar to show you what happens when you slip and fall. The iron spike goes through your arm. You’re hanging there in mid-air, trying to use your other hand to lift yourself up, yank your arm out of the spike, and then grab the meat, fat, and squeeze and try to keep the blood from gushing too much. Long walk home. You figuratively did that in your campaign. Hoisted on your own campaign’s slippage.


Scott, I know folks who spent hours in the snow for you the first cycle. Folks who worked night and day doing everything they could for you. Many of those same folks were not the least bit interested, and in fact, wouldn’t waste their time on you this run. They saw your campaign, they saw your actions, they felt kicked out and they just couldn’t stomach it any longer. Your campaign kept telling them to stay away….


(Memories of so many hand-made signs from the the first run…where conservative leaning Democrats and Republicans all supported Scott Brown…)

Why? Because they saw the ultra-extremist liberal methods of your campaign, your actions, your staff actions…that you were on a losing trajectory, going down in flames, lost the truck, lost the touch, lost the connection with real people, lost your way, and to make matters worse, emitted a radiant glow of superiority, looking down at people who had previously supported you, essentially telling conservatives you didn’t need them, you only needed the leftists and the Democrats. You kept accentuating your liberal leanings, and burying your conservative leanings.

Scott, my bride and I first met you at a conservative meeting. I found it amazing what pains your campaign took to distance yourself from conservatives and accentuate your liberal leanings. You went out of balance. Way out of balance.

Now, you’re starting to re-emerge, and your whining and blaming speech this past week, well, it doesn’t befit you. You’re better than this. YES, we know you would be with the conservative spectrum 61% of the time, and that the fake indian would be against the conservative spectrum 100% of the time.

Yes, logically, the conservative spectrum knew they had to swallow hard and vote for you, once again, the lesser of two evils. For some of us, we did that, but YOU WERE THE LAST STRAW. The last time. And, with regret,

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you distanced yourself from, insulted, ran from, insulted, and otherwise did your best (or rather, your useless stupid wasteful campaign did it’s best) to tell many in the conservative spectrum to STAY HOME, ignore the vote. And they did.

The conservative spectrum has been presented with :
– liberal-leaning McCain
– liberal-leaning Romney
– liberal hugger Scott Brown
– liberal Richard Tisei
– liberal “I’m more liberal on most issues than Obama” Charlie Baker
– liberal ‘I’m going to be a pain to the GOP’ Gomez (anyone remember him? he’s sailing off into the hopefully-to-be-forgotten long list of liberal Obama donors who for some reason felt compelled to run AGAINST Republicans, as a Republican. Go figure.)
– the list goes on…..

What do they all have in common?
Yup. They all ran strange campaigns, pandered to liberals, telling the conservatives to just send money, but stay at the back of the bus, don’t come up front, don’t let anyone see them with the conservatives, unless of course (Romney) when they really, truly, truly thought it would get them some money or votes. And for that Romney would flip flop like a dry towel on a clothesline in a windstorm. And, they ALL lost.

Oh, and for now, let’s just put aside the issue of the MassGOP which has gone through a cycle of weakness, fractures, and liberal infestation (which continues today….but alas, I digress).

Scott? Are you listening Scott? Scott? Scott?
The conservative spectrum has a message for you:
We like you. We would love to support you.
How about including US in your “big tent”?

Massachusetts NEEDS you Scott. The country needs more people like you.
Scott. Find yourself. Move forward. Be you.

Scottscott brown truck sign_thumb



Lonnie Brennan is the founder of, and has had the pleasure to meet and work with some of the finest, true, down-on-the-streets ‘grass-roots’ workers and strategists, and “has grown a sincere dis-taste for useless, arrogant, pushy campaign staffers who cycle from one losing campaign to another, always blowing a lot of money, always running campaigns in isolation, and always failing to build the party brand”. Lonnie reminds folks: “no matter what your “Core Values”, left or right, find them, find candidates who share some of them, and support that candidate on the ground, or with what little coin you may have, if the candidate needs it, deserves it, and will efficiently use it to forward your ‘Core Values’. Step forward. Help. Now.” He can be reached at


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8 thoughts on “Scott Brown: Any room for the Conservative Spectrum in your “Big Tent”?

  1. Sam Adams

    This is great. I hope you mailed him a copy. Unfortunately, unless and until the MassGOP is completely overturned and its obnoxious liberals are hounded out of the party, the guts needed to run as an opposition to the insanity being allowed to metastasize in the state of Marx-achusetts will continue to allude us all.

  2. There are just a few reasons people seek public office; – service, a job, power over others, a burning agenda, easy money, and easy sex.

    IF Scott ran for the right reasons, – he immediately fell into the biggest trap of all – flattery! The MSM and the Dems all flattered him – ‘you could be the next JFK – the next President’. He swallowed it all – even as it fattened his head.

    I froze my feet off for him. 6 weeks later he brushed me aside. Now I doubt he was ever a Republican.

    Scott Brown can go to hell. He can never repair the damage he’s done to our MassGOP – and that includes the Mouseketeer and his last-minute pullout.

  3. Ralph Zazula

    Scott Brown in almost complete certainty received more legitimate votes than Elizabeth Warren. The Democrats however, counted the votes. The Brown Campaign made a decision to spend money on things they believed would bring victory, and poll observation and voter roll purges of fraudulent voters was not considered worth the cost.

    The high priced campaign advisers told him what to spend the money on. He is still listening to them. He is still paying them. As long as he does so, he will not win without changing parties.

    At least he will not have to compromise his principles…

    1. Sam Adams

      So what you’re saying Ralph, is that not only do the dumb-a$$es at the MassGOP enjoy being raped by Democrat fraudsters and nose-pickers, but the candidates they groom to run against the fraudsters and nose-pickers don’t mind it either.
      I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  4. OMD

    Great article correct on all points. Mr. Brown voted as Mr. Brown has always voted… liberal side of moderate. We all knew he was on the liberal side of moderate but we wanted a Republican, probably any Republican, in office in D.C. What indelibly stained Scott Brown was his last vote in the Senate… voting in favor of ObamaCare, I believe it was.

    I must now address a term you used in your footer. “…failing to build the party brand”. Lonnie, the MassGOP does NOT have party brand. They cannot and refuse to define themselves because the party is irreparably split. The liberal leadership is more interested in power than they are in revitalizing traditional Republican values. They have proven that running a liberal Hispanic did not reach the Hispanic population who rejected Mr. Gomez.

    Nope, the MassGOP has NO party brand other than being RINO oriented.

  5. Scott Brown ran as a conservative first time around, proving you can win if you run on issues that bring out the conservatism, not only in true conservative activists, but in many others who really are conservative, atleast in the way they run their lives and families, though they may not realize it. On the way to Wwashington, however, it appears that he kicked the conservatives off the train as it went across a high suspension bridge and everytime we tried to get back on he stepped on our fingers, laughing and cursing us as we fell below into the canyon. And even though the election is long over now, last week he decided to take a trip to the cemetary and urinate on our graves. Iron Mike says “bite me Scott”, with good reason. Lonnie sounds like he is ready to forgive, even though he really took him to the woodshed in this great article. As far as I’m concerned….I don’t know. Time will tell, I guess.

  6. David Johnson

    As a former reporter, I felt Brown had the worst staff imaginable.

    I worked for a chain of Boston neighborhood newspapers that have since closed. I covered Brown when he toured the Sam Adams brewery in JP. I told his aide I would cover Scott in any Boston neighborhood. I followed up with an email, adding that I was a Brown contributor – never heard a word.

    At the request of the post, I went to the VFW Post in South Boston to cover Brown’s event last summer and was told by his people that I could take pictures, but would have to leave before Brown spoke. After a few minutes I was told to leave, but returned when I saw Ray Flynn and took his pic with Brown. The post commander told me I could stay, but I was so angry and amazed, that I left.

    Isn’t the point of these events to get coverage? Even a small paper speaks to a couple of thousand people, vs. maybe 75 in the hall.

    Brown should be finished. To blame conservatives for his own incompetence shows no class, no character. He clearly has no idea what is going on, which is not surprising since he apparently uses the same consultants that all the other GOP losers use.

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