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2 thoughts on “SAT MAY 24: Mark Alliegro event

  1. haole

    I have been following this race.

    the race has 4 good republicans running:
    alliegro,chapman,cogliano,& shores.

    the primary will be alphabetical which means alliegro will be first on the ballot.i have always thought that position is worth 4%.

    of all the primary’s this election cycle,this will be the most interesting.each candidate has their strength and weakness.

  2. haole

    this primary has gotten no attention.
    as for republican primary’s in the commonwealth
    this is as big as it gets.

    mark alliegro first position on the ballot.not a politician,has some political endorsement’s.lamar smith is no punk,could be significant endorsement.
    running from the cape area with 2 other candidates,hasen’t raised
    a lot of money,but just loaned his campaign 50,000 $.

    john chapman second position on the ballot,raised the most money of any candidate and more than other 3 candidates combined.has big name endorsements,romney,brown,sullivan,et al.started advertising on local radio.
    running from the cape area with 2 other candidates.i see democratic mischief hear,sending in independents to torpedo chapman,see brian herr election for congress,2010.

    vince cogliano third position on the ballot.well known in Plymouth county for activity with Plymouth county veteran,and only veteran running for federal office this election cycle from republican party in the commonwealth.only candidate from Plymouth county,best county for republicans in the commonwealth.
    has not raised any money.has poor ballot position.needs a big turnout in plymouth county to have any chance.

    dan shores fourth position on ballot.has more facebook likes than three other candidates combined.has loaned his campaign 150,000 $ so far.has put his law practice on the back burner and is campaigning full time.not a politican.the youngest candidate in the primary.
    running from the cape with 2 other candidates.ballot position is at the bottom.

    this primary election with 2 months to go is wide open.
    the democrats may torpedo chapman and help shores.
    cogliano with Plymouth county as a base would be to much a wild card that the democrats could not control.alliegro is a wild card and could slip in with ballot position.

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