Ryan VP Pick Is a Step in the Right Direction

Courtesy of Jazz Patriot

As someone who considers himself a true conservative, I’ve always felt that I must support the most conservative candidate running, whether we’re talking about a national race or a state race. This view, quite often, creates conflict with those republicans who are obsessed with the highly over-rated notion of elect ability, which more times than not totally ignores the ideological criteria that prompted them to identify themselves as republicans in the first place.
I’m so tired of hearing about a candidate’s ability to raise money as being the preeminent criteria for deciding who to support, particularly during a primary campaign. If ideology is ignored then what is the purpose of pouring all our energies into electing a candidate, who will always fall short of our greatest hopes and expectations. If you pick a candidate

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that can energize the base, the money will be there at the end, I like to believe..

In the present campaign for electing a republican to the Presidency, it seems to me that the Republican establishment as well as the candidate they have backed from the very start of the political season, Mitt Romney, has gone out of its way to ignore ideology, at least until the announcement yesterday in Norfolk. VA, that pro-lifer and conservative fiscal policy guru, Paul Ryan, had been selected as Romney’s choice for vice president. (read more)


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One thought on “Ryan VP Pick Is a Step in the Right Direction

  1. Linda Rapoza

    Paul Ryan, a pro-life Catholic, (we need that designation since the advent of the “cafeteria” category) was a very smart pick on the part of the National GOP.
    The life issue has become a vital part of the Republican Platform… well, at least the National one. The MassGOP is still arguing with National on this since they took the life issue out of the MassGOP Platform courtesy of the RINOs on the state committee’s Platform Sub-committee, and replaced it with clever touchy-feely Koom-By-A campfire conversation.
    Mitt smartened up real quick, and good for him. Ryan, a young dynamo, is not a stuffed shirt, and he’s not afraid to stand by his principles. (A bonus!) He wasn’t even afraid to tell everybody that their rights come from God and not the government! (The Republican establishment’s going to have to go back to their 2010 stash for more smelling salts to get through this election.)
    Bold, and extremely refreshing!
    Can’t wait for the VP debate with “Plugs” Biden. I’m popping corn for that one!

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