Ron Beaty Calls out Illegal Immigrant Supporter and Tax Raiser Dan Wolf




Barnstable, Cape Cod, October 16, 2014 – Ron Beaty, Tea Party Republican Candidate and Nominee for Cape & Islands State Senator stated today:

After reviewing the October 14th interview of my opponent by the local NPR radio station, I found very little said by him of any real substantive value. He was extremely short on specifics and unnecessarily long on generalities about anything he might do during a potential third term if reelected.  This might be fine if he were running as a new candidate for an open state senate seat, but he is not.

In his four years as Cape & Islands State Senator, Dan Wolf has accomplished absolutely nothing for Cape area residents to improve and make their lives better. However, last year he did conduct a failed bid to become Governor of the Commonwealth, and because of state ethics violations at the time, temporarily issued a letter of resignation from his State Senate position.

My opponent has utterly failed to create new job opportunities, encourage business start-ups, or expand much needed local economic development in the Cape and Islands. During his unremarkable four year tenure, he has voted for every major tax increase that came before him on Beacon Hill, including the sales tax and the gas tax, among others.

He sponsored a Bill to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens, and co-sponsored House Bill 1959 which would have dramatically curtailed private property rights and greatly increased population density in our cities and towns.

Regarding the 208 Water Quality Update process, Wolf claims that his involvement has been his proudest moment. The problem with that claim is that it rings hollow because this ongoing process is being undertaken by the Cape Cod Commission, decades after being mandated by the federal government. Furthermore, along with the Cape Cod Commission, Wolf has never clearly enunciated exactly how we are supposed to pay for a huge financial burden of billions of dollars in wastewater mitigation, half of which must apparently be shouldered by Cape Cod residents.

Early on, Wolf was a major proponent of an MWRA-style Cape-wide Regional Wastewater Authority with taxation powers. Cape Codders need to ask, does he quietly still hold to this hugely detrimental remedy?

Finally, Dan Wolf sits on the Cape Cod Economic Development Council (CCEDC) which distributes the hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue generated each year by the Cape & Islands License Plate Program. During the last five years, instead of awarding those funds to new small business start-ups and innovative local business expansion projects that could have created new job opportunities, approximately $2.2 Million was wastefully provided to the Cape Cod Commission for its endless Comprehensive Economic Development Study (CEDS). This was a big waste of the funds which could have properly awarded $10,000 grants to over 200 small business start-ups on the Cape Cod and Islands. Additionally, some funds also irresponsibly went to non-profit agencies which also failed to create permanent new jobs on the Cape as well.

When all is said and done, during the last four years, Dan Wolf has done nothing of any real value to benefit Cape Codders, at least from my point of view.

Borrowing a bit of wisdom from President Ronald Reagan, I  believe that voters need to ask themselves this question, “Are they better off now than they were four years ago?” If they can honestly answer Yes, then their choice is obvious. However, if their answer is No, then I ask that they vote for me, Ron Beaty, for Cape and Islands State Senator on Tuesday, November 4th.

As our newly elected State Senator, I will do what is sensible to help make our lives better here on the Cape, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard.

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