Robert Cappucci at Greater Boston Tea Party

Robert Cappucci is running for State Senate in the Second Middlesex District… including Medford, Somerville, parts of Cambridge and Winchester. His opponent has been there for far too long. She’s never met a tax she didn’t like, including the forever automatic gas tax increases. Too add insult to injury she takes commuting Per-Diem to travel from Somerville to Beacon Hill!  She favor unrestricted illegal immigration and making Massachusetts a magnet for illegal aliens. To that end she’s co-sponsored and or supported legislation to give them benefits like “in state tuition breaks” to our state colleges and MA driver’s licenses.  In the past she’s won awards from the “Democratic Socialists of America” and more recently was presenter of awards on their behalf.  She is not at all our grandparents’ type of working class Democrat. Rather she is an ivory tower elitist… who is out of touch with the real world and working people.

Please visit Robert Cappucci’s Website. Get involved in the campaign, make a donation to help End One Party Rule in Massachusetts.

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2 thoughts on “Robert Cappucci at Greater Boston Tea Party

  1. Edward Wagner

    I don’t mind you posting a video I recorded and that you took from my own YouTube account. I’d just appreciate giving me credit.

    Edward Wagner

  2. John DiMascio

    Ed I apologize … it was an over site… Next time just email me or give me a shout … I would have corrected it in the actual text.

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