Rising Republican Star Tomi Olson Gets it Right.

Tomi Olson is running for State Representative in the 24th Middlesex District. She’s posted the following video and commentary on her website.


Massachusetts is 5th From the Bottom
in Terms of Freedom

The video below explains a study of the 50 states and ranks them on the basis of “ personal and economic freedom. The study looks at 3 areas, “Economic Freedom,” “Regulatory Policy,” and “Paternalism”.


Once again Massachusetts gets an abysmal ranking. It is 5fth from the bottom.

This confirms why Massachusetts is hemorrhaging jobs, taxpayers, and brainpower. It’s simple we are over-taxed, over-regulated, and our personal freedoms are encumbered by laws and ordinances that seek to micromanage responsible citizenship and commonsense.

We need to stop this bleeding and reverse course. The future risk takers, the future business people, the future job providers have left and our leaving the state for greener pastures. And here’s one of the worst kept secrets: Every 10 years when we they take the census, we lose representation in Congress. Imagine that, Massachusetts, the cradle of our Democracy has an ever-shrinking voice in our Republic.

It’s time for a serious change on Beacon Hill. We must restore balance by electing people who don’t think government first, and government always as the solution

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to our everyday problems.

Yes we need a certain amount government to function as a society. But our Republic was founded on the principles of personal and economic freedom and responsibility. And I will fight to restore these founding principles in this great Commonwealth

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  1. John DiMascio

    Tomi deserves and needs our support. This is a very winnable race for an open seat.

    Please consider joining the effort by volunteering and or click here to make a contribution!

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