Rick Green’s Quality Endorsements.

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As of January 24th Rick Green has managed to garner the endorsement of 35 State Committee members. Of course these are the most important endorsements because these are folks that vote.

In addition 30 elected officials, 10 former elected officials and a total of 48 former candidates, local committee officers, and activists have endorsed Rick. To read the entire list you can click here.

Most impressively, Seven local Republican Committees went to the extent of voting as a committee to endorse Rick Green for MA-GOP Chair!

The Arlington Republican Town Committee:
The Cambridge Republican City Committee:
The Georgetown Republican Town Committee:
The Springfield Republican City Committee:
The Watertown Republican Town Committee:
The Westport Republican Town Committee:
The Worcester Republican City Committee:

Some of these committees feel this race is so important and think so much of Rick Green that they called a special meeting for the purpose of endorsing Rick Green. In most cases the vote was unanimous!

These local committee endorsements (as well as all of Rick’s endorsements) show the broad spectrum of support the Rick is getting from Republicans that hold a variety of positions within the Republican Big Tent. Certainly Cambridge is Bill Weld Country and is known to be Moderate for it’s views on social issues. On the other end of the spectrum, the Watertown RTC is known for the Conservative positions it has taken in the past.

Recently Vote Core Values posted two divisive letter from Kirsten Hughes camp.
One letter was sent from Kirsten to all State Committee members. The other is a polarizing endorsement letter from Needham RTC Vice Chair, which Kirsten flaunts on her website. In both instances the Hughes camp is using Obama-like tactics in an attempt to disqualify Rick Green by distorting the social values he personally espouses. In addition Kirsten and her surrogates have been engaging in Obama-like class-warfare, attempting to assault Rick, by constantly implying that he is just another “Rich White Man.”

Compare this to the quality endorsement letters that Rick has received from Republicans, Republican Committees, and and elected officials.

Michael Cowett State Committee man from Middlesex, Suffolk, and Essex Districts writes the following:

Two weeks ago, I endorsed my state committee colleague Rick Green to serve as our next chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party. I did so, and I encourage others to do so, for many reasons. I’ll present what I consider the two most important below.
Party unity: Given the current state of our party within the Commonwealth, we need above all to become more united. I do not believe, however, that unity requires uniformity: we must find room for Republicans of all stripes. We must remember, as Ronald Reagan and so many others have known, that those who are with us 80% of the time are our friends and allies. Those who agree with us 60% or 70% of the time aren’t our enemies, either: winning coalitions are, by definition, broad enough to include a majority (or at least a strong plurality). This is a particular concern for me both as the youngest member of the state committee, and because I represent a district that, even for Massachusetts, is heavily Democratic: our focus must be on convincing those who do not already agree with us, especially younger voters whose political habits are just being shaped. On all ends of the spectrum, we must stop trying to write those who disagree with us out of the party.

I find myself bemused by recent implications that Rick will impose a “litmus test” on our party. I doubt I’d satisfy anyone’s litmus test: for instance, I’ve publicly stated my support for gay marriage, but I’m equally proud to say publicly that I’m pro-life. I suspect that several of our problems stem from valid feelings among activists of many stripes that they have not been treated fairly, and that their views cannot even be heard. I know that it is one of Rick’s foremost commitments to bring people from all parts of our party together, and to foster the exchange of ideas for returning our party to relevance at all levels of government. I fear that those who complain of imaginary “litmus tests” are unlikely candidates for promoting the sort of unity that will be essential to our future success.

Moreover, the list of Rick’s endorsements demonstrates that he has support from those with a wide range of views. As I write this, 25 members of the state committee (including me) and seven of our thirty-three elected state legislators have publicly endorsed Rick. I know that some consider themselves moderate, and others further to the right; some are social conservatives, and some are not; some are even libertarians. Many would disagree sharply among themselves on some issues. We all, however, agree that Rick is the best choice to become our next chairman.

Vision: I ran for state committee in large part because I thought — as I still do — that our focus had become too narrow. Devoting all or almost all of our

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efforts to statewide elections for major offices has not only robbed us of continuity and stability, it has also failed: we have neither a Republican governor nor enough Republican members in either house of the General Court to demand a roll-call vote (though we’re quite close in the House!), much less sustain a veto.

I believe that Rick is most committed to working from the “ground up” and thereby leading us back to relevance at every level of government. I know how well he knows Massachusetts politics at a town-by-town, district-by-district level, and I know he understands how imperative such an approach is. Indeed, it is just this approach that enabled Scott Brown to be the first Republican elected to the US Senate from Massachusetts in 37 years: we are all familiar with the story of how, beginning as a town official, he worked his way up to serve in both houses of the legislature and then in Congress. I am confident that electing Rick to serve as chairman will enable numerous others to follow similar, if not identical paths, and thereby increase the number of Republicans elected throughout our Commonwealth.

As I said in my opening paragraph, there are myriad other reasons to support Rick: the executive ability suggested by his career in business, the commitment he has demonstrated to Massachusetts there, and his record of support for candidates at all levels all come to mind. Again, however, I consider party unity and vision to be the most important factors, and I strongly believe that Rick is the best choice on both counts.

You can read other letters by clicking on the links below:

State Representative Ryan Fattman

State Committeeman Bill Ryan

Watertown Republican Town Committee.

Westport Republican Town Committee.


The MA-GOP needs real leadership willing to chart a new course. We can ill afford to continue the policies which have led to 10% representation in State Senate, 19% Representation in the House, and 11% registration. Rick Green can provide and will provide that leadership. He truly understands what it means to build something from the bottom. His experience at working with the grassroots through the Mass Fiscal Alliance is impeccable. The MA-GOP can not continue to recycle the same establishment names that promised change but have never delivered. Rick understands that we need to support the top of the ticket, but not at the expense of building the party. Therefore I urge State Committee members to vote for real change.

Vote for Rick Green for the “People’s Chair!”

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10 thoughts on “Rick Green’s Quality Endorsements.

  1. MCA has endorsed Rick as well. I am the co-founder and head up strategy and development. Roy Jerman is chair.

  2. John DiMascio

    Thanks for your comment Kevin. By “MCA” you mean The Massachusetts Conservative Assembly.

    In addition, the Massachusetts Republican Assembly Executive Board has endorsed Rick. And we expect some Tea Parties to weight in soon as well.

    This all proves what broad-based support Rick has.

  3. haole

    the “quality endorsements”of the 5 republican town committees is a mile wide and a inch deep.
    arlington rtc congrats, this rtc contributed 100 $ in the 2012 cycle.joe monju will send a thank you card.
    cambridge,springfield,watertown,westport,rtc’s contributed 0 $ in the 2012 cycle.

    state committee men who are residents of these town committees,just so happen to have endorsed rick green.
    lets take a look at there contributions to there rtc’s

    cowett 25 $ to cambridge rtc.2 reports 2010,& 2012 big little spender.
    sullivan 0 $ to westport rtc.1 report 2012
    arlington rtc, plil lohnes 1,500 $,only contribution.1 report 2012.he is not on the state committee,but deserves mention.
    alyward cambridge 20 $ big spender,wow I’m impressed !
    springfield who cares.this city is the armpit of the west.
    watertown 1 report 2012.

    out of the 5 rtc’s that are “quality endorsements”
    3 rtc’s have reports for 2012 only,joke.
    2 rtc’s have reports for 2010,& 2012,and contributed squat to help republicans get elected in 2012.

    if you would like to see a quality rtc,check out the duxbury rtc.
    when these committees can raise 3,639 $ in 1 year,then your endorsement might have some weight.until then elect some republicans at the local level before you lecture everyone else.

    1. haole

      this is a update to the above post.
      georgetown must be a brand new rtc.they haven’t raise anything or donated to anyone.
      worcester rtc has a record of supporting republicans.from the 2008 to the 2012 election cycle the 3rd largest city in the state has contributed a total 1,900 $.

      an average of 950 $ per election cycle.this rtc and arlington rtc are the only rtc’s that have endorsed green for chairman.that have any record of donating to republicans.

      7 rtc’s “quality endorsement’s”,2 rtc’s contributing a total of 2,000 $ in 3 election cycle.wow i’m over whelmed !

      1. You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

        Georgetown has a long history of individuals supporting candidates directly.
        I know. First-hand.

        As for the ‘committee’s’ donations, we give a token amount as a ‘committee’
        (for example, in 2010: Finneran $500, Lyons $400, etc.), but if you ever want to join a standout here, you’ll see how GEORGETOWN FOLKS come out and support our candidates!!!! Or a flyer drop, or a forum, or a phone-event, etc.

        We helped in no small way elect JIM LYONS, and
        we helped in no small way elected LENNY MIRRA.

        JIM won a war of attrition against a long-term DEMOCRAT vice-chair of the House Ways and Means Committee…Jim is an outstanding candidate.

        With the redistricting, we turned to support LENNY, who, by the way, was the ONLY NEW FRESHMAN REPUBLICAN ELECTED in 2012.

        SO, how did LENNY in little old Georgetown get elected?
        Research that one and you’ll have a powerful argument.
        Yes, the candidate had big money to self-fund his primary race (a VERY interesting story), but he also was a GREAT candidate who got LOTS of support.

        You can keep your focus on what little you can see beyond your nose for $$. We’ll keep supporting and electing Republicans, because for US, the ONLY SCORECARD that COUNTS IS ELECTING REPUBLICANS.

        1. John DiMascio

          Lonnie, no need to discuss this sort of thing with Haole any further. He’s been exposed for the fraud that he is with regards to this subject. We know what he gives. He talks like he’s the biggest donor on the planet. He gives 1/6 the amount that the people he criticizes and lies about.

          To boot it all look at what he does for living. He’s a union guy drinking at the public trough — 24 hours on– 72 hours if they do things in “Hughes-ton” same way they do in other towns. Wonder if his preferred candidate for Chair votes on his contract??? Hmmm…… As Howie would put it… Hackerama baby !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. John DiMascio


    As usual Haole you speak like the establishment sycophants you support.

    Aylward spent thousands of his own money to run, not accepting contributions, redistributing what he got to other candidates. He ran to help bring out the Republican vote for the guy who is now trying take over the party. For the record anyone can look up Aylward’s contributions this year to other candidates. It’s about $1,500.00 Look it up and try using an abacus to add Haole

    I’m not even going to bother checking the others seeing as how far off you are on Aylward.

    Of course he and the members of all these town and city committee work for candidates. No they don’t give to the MA-GOP. Why should they? So it can get all funneled to one person at the top of ticket. Sorry, we won’t start giving to party, till the party stops this failed policy.

    But over and over again, you come back with the same story. You’re an establishment hack Haole. If Scott Brown told you the sun rises in the West, you’d scream it from the mountain tops.

    Our committees work. They bust their humps for candidates. Anyone can write check, if they have the money. When you start putting in 20 to 40 hours a week, like some of these folks do, then you can talk. Far as I can tell, all you know how to do is misrepresent the facts and stick your nose up the establishment’s behind. These other communities you mention can raise money. I’ll give them credit for that. Now tell me how many of these people were phone banking last fall? How many of them went in to Dudley Station to hold signs for Scott Brown? How many of them went knocking on doors?

    But since $$$ is all you ever talk about. You forget I know your name. So I looked that whose initials are P.B. And there are several different listings under different addresses. One such person with your name gave several contributions to Democrats including Terese Murray. Then there was gentlemen listed from the south shore let’s just call it “Hughes -ton” that gave a maybe a total of $250 in 2012 and $100 to Kerry Healey in 2006. Maybe there was one more contribution to a Republican somewhere along the line. I think it was $65 to the MA-GOP to got to the convention in 2010. That’s the only Republican donor, so unless you’re stuffing cash in to envelopes, that’s you my establishment loving friend.

    Aylward gave 6 times as much money as you. Plus he basically funded his own campaign, stuck his name on the ballot to help Mr. Brown and other Republican Candidates.

    So now we know you’re full bovine scatology on the subject of money. As usual the ones that bitch the most about other people’s donations, are pretty miserly themselves.

    I’m the first to admit, I don’t give a lot because I don’t have it to give. When I had it I gave. But I measure a man’s commitment to the cause by the amount of time, talent, as well as treasure he gives. You are not worthy to lick Mike Cowett’s, Steve Aylward’s, Joe Monju’s, Sean Harrington’s or my shoes after we’ve stepped in horse manure. I’d be willing to be that the least active member of our Watertown RTC does more work in month for the cause than you do in year.

    My only regret is that I haven’t bothered to look up your contributions before. But now our readership knows that Haole is all talk.

  5. John DiMascio

    OH MY HAOLE… I’m sorry I missed this one. You gave a whole $30.00 to state senate candidate Dewey Daniels in 2010.

    Why you’re the last of the big spenders!

  6. John DiMascio

    Taunton Republican City Committee endorsed Rick Green unanimously.

  7. John DiMascio


    Now the number of City, Town, or Ward Committees that have endorsed Rick Green totals 9!


    1. The Arlington Republican Town Committee:
    2. The Cambridge Republican City Committee:
    3. The Georgetown Republican Town Committee:
    4. The Medford City Republican City Committee
    5. The Springfield Republican City Committee:
    6. The Taunton Republican City Committee:
    7. The Watertown Republican Town Committee:
    8. The Westport Republican Town Committee:
    9. The Worcester Republican City Committee:

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