Rich Bastien to run against Jen Flanagan – State Senate

July 9, 2014

Touting Fresh Energy and Problem Solving, Bastien Announces bid for State Senate

FITCHBURG- Former State Representative Rich Bastien announced today that he is embarking on a sticker campaign for State Senate for the Worcester and Middlesex District. The seat is currently held by Jen Flanagan, who announced in April that she did not qualify for the ballot this September.

“I appreciate Ms. Flanagan’s 20 years of time on Beacon Hill, but I believe we need a change in this district,” stated Mr. Bastien. “I was born in Leominster, raised in Fitchburg, and outside of when I served overseas in the Navy, I’ve lived in this district my entire life. This is my hometown. I’ve traveled around the Worcester and Middlesex District these last few weeks meeting and listening to what people are going through. As someone who works for a living trying to make ends meet, I look forward to bringing a fresh perspective, energy, and ideas to this race.”

Bastien served as State Representative for the Second Worcester District from 2011-2013, and spent the last year filling in as the Technology/Engineering teacher at Gardner Middle School while working nights and weekends at Advance Auto Parts in Gardner, oftentimes over 65 hours per week between both jobs. “I always tried to teach my students how to solve problems, and Beacon Hill has a lot of them. I know the meaning of hard work, and while the state budget has skyrocketed $8 Billion in just 6 years, local aid is down over $350 million, forcing cities and towns into Proposition 2½ overrides. I feel the legislature has their priorities wrong and know I can offer common sense solutions to restore local aid funding, bring back better paying jobs, and cut taxes for working families in our district.”

With Senator Flanagan failing to qualify for the ballot, Bastien will be running a sticker campaign to win the Republican Primary on September 9th. If he receives more than 300 certified write in votes, he will appear on the ballot in this year’s November election. The district consists of the cities of Fitchburg, Gardner and Leominster and the towns of Berlin, Bolton, Clinton, precincts 1 and 2, Lancaster, Lunenburg, Sterling and Westminster in the county of Worcester; and the town of Townsend in the county of Middlesex.



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4 thoughts on “Rich Bastien to run against Jen Flanagan – State Senate

  1. mms

    Better then Cappucci, of course, but still – not a stellar candidate. Loser in 2012 – a sign.

  2. haole

    a chance for a upset hear.
    bastien lost in a democratic presidential up cycle.

    this senate seat has had republicans in the past.there is a better than state wide average of republicans living in this district.close to 18 percent which gives a republican candidate a shot.

    cappucci is a decent guy in a district that is not republican friendly.having a Italian name might help,but he would need Medford & Malden older voters to have a change of heart about republicans in order to win.

    1. mms

      If i remember correctly – it had substantially more moderate Republicans in the past. Feel the difference…

  3. Mark Harding

    He has a shaky past, let go from past employers and doesn’t like to obey the law! This person never should have been elected to a state rep let alone a state senator. His big push as a rep was to legalize FIRE WORKS that’s it! Give me a BREAK we can do better than this If he wins I will sell my house and move to another district he is not going to represent me and my family!

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