RETURN OF THE JEDI: Rich Bastian – for State Rep 2nd Worcester

Rich lost a nail-biting close race (300 votes) when the Obama wave swept through the lands and brought us Jonny ‘taxes’ Zlotnik (and a few other such clowns…) who campaigned one way, but voted just the opposite….


Here’s the announcement from former Rep. Bastian:

GARDNER-Former State Representative and current Gardner School Committee Member-Elect Rich Bastien announced today that he is running for election to the seat he once held in the Massachusetts State Legislature.


Despite Rich’s strong record of supporting pro-job growth policies and fighting for the interests of his constituents and his district, he lost his bid for reelection in 2012 in one of the closest races in Massachusetts.

“Jon Zlotnik made a lot of promises he hasn’t kept. He ran ads claiming he would never vote to raise taxes, only to vote less than 8 months later to put into law an over $800 million tax hike that hurts the working people of our district. He even voted into law the raising of our gas taxes every year for the rest of our lives. He’s out of touch with the hard working people of our

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district” Bastien stated.

————ADDED VCV NOTE: ————
Here’s some photos easily reminding us of Zlotnick’s Campaign Promises noted below:

ZLOTNICK:Liar Liar Pincochio 1

REMINDER TO ZLOTNICK: Once you wear the crown of a liar, even if you try to remove it, you are forever stained by it. People can never truly trust a liar. Don’t be one.

“Representative Zlotnik is not part of the solution, he’s part of the problem.”

Bastien, who has been working in the Gardner Public Schools while also working in retail sales part time on nights and weekends, stated that his campaign will focus on three main points; eliminating the gas tax indexing to inflation, addressing the needs of long term unemployed workers through fostering a better economic climate, and a landmark forthcoming proposal that he will unveil next year that will allow Massachusetts residents the ability to attend community colleges tuition and fee free while cutting taxpayer subsidies to private colleges and universities.

“Like a lot of people in my district, I work two jobs and work over 60 hours per week to try to make ends meet. The idea that we give taxpayer money to private universities, like Harvard, in Massachusetts while our own residents struggle to afford public schools and job training is sheer lunacy,” Bastien stated. “I look forward to unveiling in the weeks and months ahead more details about this and other ways we can all pull together to make Massachusetts a better place to live.”







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2 thoughts on “RETURN OF THE JEDI: Rich Bastian – for State Rep 2nd Worcester

  1. Newton4G

    Bastian is facing a primary against Garrett Shetrawski.

    Bastien scored well on the questionnaire, it remains to be seen if Shetrawski can match it.

  2. Lonnie

    Thank you very much for the posting.

    Most interesting line in the story:

    “The University has granted Shetrawski 15 internship credits to run for State Representative, so he will move home to his parents’ house in Winchendon to campaign during the fall semester.”

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