Republican Grassroots protecting the taxpayer against Extremist Democrats

After our ballot initiative to stop automatic tax hikes made the ballot last December, I worked to set up voter registration / gas tax information drives statewide at malls and gas stations for last weekend and this weekend. It took 6 weeks of work for all the arrangements, contracts, permissions, approvals and coordination with volunteers. We received a wonderful response across the board, and people were applauding our efforts, thanking us for doing this, and eager to spread the word and vote for the ballot initiative.
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Every like minded person we register to vote also helps our entire Republican candidate team on the ballot this November.
Some representative pics are appended. I want to thank the team of volunteers who was out there with me. This weekend was milder, but last weekend was frigid, and their help and dedication is very much appreciated.
Thank you to tea partiers Craig Hurlbut and Dick Mangus, Westborough RTC members Cary Mulrain and Dick Passler, and Ashland RTC chair Terry Hendrix for being out there with me at the Westboro 7-ELEVEN location. Thanks also to Westborough RTC vice-chair Nancy Quimby for helping coordinate with the RTC members.
Thank you to Sandwich RTC Agatha Bodwell, Pembroke RTC Susie Scholl, Plymouth RTC members Deb Flanagan and Suzanne Leary, and Marshfield RTC Mary Pavilonis for setting up and covering the table at the Independence Mall in Kingston.
Thank you to tea partiers Ralph Belmore, Claire Bonnafe, Matt O’Brien, Vince Picarello, and Sudbury RTC Ursula Lyons, and Westboro RTC Rick Ricardi, and volunteer Neal Nguyen for covering the Maple Street Gulf gas station location in Marlborough and the Scrub-A-Dub car wash across the street.
Thank you to Coalition for Marriage & Family member Rob Aufiero, volunteers Beverly LaFleur, Immie Marx, Bill Banks, Jim Govatsos, Fay Dell’Arciprete and her niece for setting up and covering the table at the South Shore Plaza in Braintree. Special thanks to Rob Aufiero for being an eastern Mass runner for me on supply deliveries.
Thank you to tea partiers Jason LeRay, Bobbi Newman, and Dan Bolton for pulling double duty covering two gas station locations in Athol, Uptown Citgo and Conway Petro.
Thank you to Frank Ardinger and his team for setting up and covering the table at the Mall at Whitney Field in Leominster. Special thanks to Frank for being a route 2 runner for me on supply deliveries.
Thank you to Winchester RTC Vicki Krikorian, Tim Frahm, and Rob Aufiero for covering the Main street Mobil gas station in Stoneham. Thanks also to Winchester RTC Judy Myhra for helping coordinate.
Thanks and Regards, Desiree


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