Republican Governatorial Candidate Mark Fisher – Return of the Jedi

Republican candidate Mark Fisher will have his day in court, as a scheduling order was issued on Suffolk Superior Court Civil Action NO. 14-1072A:
May 2nd is the deadline for THE MASSACHUSETTS REPUBLICAN STATE COMMITTEE et al. (Kirsten Hughes, Chair of the Massachusetts Republican Party, and Robert Cunningham, Executive Director fo the Massachusetts Republican Party), to answer the court on certain inquires.  Mark Fisher will have until May 9th to respond to such answers.  May will be consumed by up to 7 depositions up to 2 hours each, and the Final Trial Conference will take place at 2:00 P.M. on June 12, 2014.

Tally sheets will remain confidential. All activities in the Phase 1 proceedings “shall be limited to the time period form the time of the roll call to the time when the defendant’s final count was announced.

(Basically, this focuses on a review of the tally sheets and “inquire of persons participating in post-roll call events alleged in the complaint.”   This appears to eliminate pre-roll call vote tampering allegations, for example, when one delegate states that he was marked as voting, was not present to vote, but a state committee person out loud said how the missing person would be marked for voting, and this comment was responded to by a very well known political activist, in front of many.  But, it appears, this false voting, even with witnesses available to testify, may not be included in this phase of the trail…then again, if the focus of activities can get to the basics of RULES AND MATH, that will be amazing and hopefully fair. Court appears to be well informed and most knowledgeable and concerned to do this right, however it turns out.  Right is right.




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5 thoughts on “Republican Governatorial Candidate Mark Fisher – Return of the Jedi

  1. haole

    granting the trail was pre-determined.
    the initial denial of the injunction was a fair ruling.

    as for mark fisher & his campaign for governor.if he gets relief from the court and gets on the ballot,i will work even harder for Charlie baker.

    if he looses his case I hope he stays active in republican politics and supports republicans this election cycle.

  2. haole

    can a candidate get on the ballot by court order without getting the required 15% at the convention,and getting the required 10,000 certified signatures of voters ?

    if the deadline for statewide candidates to get the certified signatures is may 6th,would the deadline be extended for a all candidates if the court rules in favor of one candidate ?

    if mark fisher is paying for signatures and falls short of that requirement would the court grant relief of that requirement?

  3. Fisher will get more then enough signatures. The Ma Gop look like
    the most incompetent idiots ever. Time for all new people in the mail Gop. From the top down
    Fisher will beat Baker and can beat Martha.

  4. Joshua Norman

    I know I said it before, but it bears repeating. I can’t believe that the MA-GOP resorted to shenanigans to keep Mark Fisher off the ballot. I’m especially shocked that the MA-GOP is actually willing to defend its conduct in court.

    A well-known conservative from the State Committee said it best last year when he said “You know Joshua, arrogance and ignorance are a deadly combination and in this party, our party staff and many of our operatives have it in spades”.

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