Rep. Candidate Karen Anderson: Attend Forum – Slams Naughton’s/DeLeo’s 2nd Amendment Assualt

Yesterday at the State House I was able to address the Committee, along with some other citizens from the Second Franklin District, in objection to the proposed legislation “An Act Relative to the Reduction of Gun Violence”.

This legislation had very little to do with the title given it.

Jim Wallace, from GOAL, spoke bringing out some direct objectionable points and reminding the Committee of the portfolio of responses he was leaving them to review. Another speaker pointed out the direct violation of the law included concerning the sharing of information to a “study group”. A Firearms Instructional officer objected to Sections 7,15, 28 and especially 34 that would prohibit instructors from teaching safety as they now teach the Law. It was suggested to the Committee to review Bill #3501, or #3264 for better language and input.

The main objectionable theme, that the Committee did take notes on, was the continuing phrase “suitability”. Who or what standard is going to determine “suitability”?

Two of the actual committee of six who drafted the bill, consisting of three Second Amendment supporters and three Educators, were able to have their say. After they expressed their support for their drafted piece of legislation, it was asked where did they get their information from. They found the numbers concerning MA. owned guns involved in MA crimes, but did not know where or how the numbers were obtained or if the guns were stolen to be used in the crime!

Finally Committee Chairman Naughton expressed his disappointment to them. REALLY?!! Did Mr. Naughton not listen when he went before all of the other forums across the State? I listened to him at the Barre Rod and Gun Club months ago and found MANY to be in objection to his deceptive piece of legislation. Legal gun owners who sport shoot, or who actually desire to protect themselves and their families, ARE STILL in OBJECTION to such a deceptive piece of legislation that infringes or tries to remove our Second Amendment.

I WAS THERE LETTING THEM KNOW THERE IS OBJECTION FROM THE SECOND FRANKLIN DISTRICT.-Karen Anderson Karen Anderson Candidate for State Representative Second Franklin District

“Someone Kare-n for you”


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One thought on “Rep. Candidate Karen Anderson: Attend Forum – Slams Naughton’s/DeLeo’s 2nd Amendment Assualt

  1. hoale

    this is the state we live in.the commonwealth of Massachusetts is a anti gun state.the majority of politicians reflect those sentiments,second amendment be dammed.

    i like most law abiding gun owners are in the minority.can the argument to not infringe be won.sure,but that would require a big change in current sentiment.

    arm yourself refuse to be a victim.choosing where to hang your hat will go a long way towards not being a victim of violent crime.

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