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UPDATE: FINALLY, FINALLY, A DAY AFTER OUR POSTING, Rep. Brad Jones finally put on his big-boy pants and SIGNED ONTO THE PETITION! (AFTER HOLDING OUT AND PREVIOUSLY REFUSING TO LIFT A FINGER…as of yesterday, he has repeatedly rebuffed and refused to lift a finger…see the Lyons/Lombaro petition). Today, Jones also SIGNED A LETTER TO DEVAL PATRICK asking Deval to release Justina to the Conn. equivalent of DCF….not a great move, but a start…. SEE BELOW:

Rep. Brad Jones: Killing Justina Pelletier


House Minority Leader Brad Jones


Brad Jones, the house minority ‘leader’ and fat-cat Democrat sympathizer once again REFUSES TO LIFT A FINGER to save a state-kidnapped child whose parent’s only mistake was to seek a second opinion from the ultra-extremist (look up sex-change) Mass Children’s Hospital.

Justina-Pelletier-parents-cryingThe Pelletiers react to a judge’s decision to keep Justina locked away indefinitely in a psych ward. (Source: The Boston Globe)


Fat-Cat Brad Jones yacks it up at the recent Mass. GOP state convention, but NO Mention is made of the well-documented denial of parent rights and medical attention to Justina.

There are two Republicans in the state who can have the microphone, who can have the soapbox, who have the position to show leadership and place political pressure on the Deval Patrick administration to come up with a fair solution to protect a child, get her back to Tuffts medical, or Mass General, or anything…and that is House Minority Leader Brad Jones and Gov. Candidate Charles Baker. Crickets…(Jones’s facebook page is quite telling also: as of this writing, he still features multiple photos of himself at the recent Republican convention (where he was complicit as a leader in several nasty things we’ll be reporting on later), but he has no room to even mention Justina. In contrast, several Republican house members who have tried to get the dear leader’s attention, have filled their pages with requests for the public to get involved. Jones: won’t do a thing, won’t take his time away from the buffet table. Won’t sign a petition from his own house members, nor work with them on language he might agree to. Nope…Nothing. Just what we’ve come to expect him.

WE get judged by three things in life:

– what we say (HE SAYS NOTHING, but again refuses to sign petition to free the girl)

– what we do (HE DOES NOTHING, except refuse to do anything except feather his own lifestyle)

– what we refuse or fail to do (REFUSED to sign the Lombardo/Lyons request to file a bill to conduct a hearing on the issue….remember, Justina is being held by an organization that has lost more than 100 kids…)

Fat Cat Brad Jones has once again SAT SILENT, shown NO leadership on so many issues, including sitting in the shadows while a child is locked up in a psych ward.

Justina Pelletier's sisters: From left to right, Julia, Jennifer, and Jessica. (Source:

Justina Pelletier’s sisters: From left to right, Julia, Jennifer, and Jessica.


Teen indefinitely detained in psych ward after parents seek 2nd medical opinion


“I truly believe she is being used as a guinea pig for medical experiments.”



Posted on December 17, 2013 by in News

NOTE: Story has been updated. View updates chronologically at bottom of text.

Justina's is only allowed 2 family members per visit, once per week, for one hour. Source: (

Justina’s is only allowed 2 family members per visit, once per week, for one hour.
Source: (

BOSTON, MA — A judge has ruled that a Boston teen may continue to be held captive in a hospital and forcibly drugged… indefinitely. The tragic series of events began when a doctor discarded an earlier medical diagnosis and declared another, prompting objections from her parents and threats to discharge her from Boston Children’s Hospital to take her to get a second opinion. An epic battle of egos ensued, and the hospital decided that the parents’ insolence in challenging the doctor was tantamount to child abuse. Without a trial or having broken a specific law, the girl was stripped from her parents’ custody and the state of Massachusetts has kept her indefinitely detained in a hospital since February 2013. Based on the latest ruling, the girl may very well be locked in a psychiatric ward until she turns 18 years old.




from which we quote in part:

Why Did DCF Cancel Justina’s One-Hour-A-Week Visit With Her Family?

Posted on 03/27/2014

justina hair back

Just heard from Lou Pelletier that he and his wife got a call from DCF after 6pm canceling their one-hour-a-week visit with Justina on Friday at the last second.

“They always call after hours,” Lou noted with irony. It’s amazing how easy it is to get a state worker to stay late if it involves beating the news cycle and punishing a regular citizen.

Justina has already been hit with a ruling ordering her held captive by DCF this week. Now she’ll be isolated from her parents even more. Why is DCF torturing a sick teenage girl like this? As Lou pointed out when we spoke, he and Linda can survive–it’s Justina he’s worried about. She’s the one paying the price.



THE PETITION is posted below. It took until 3/28/2014 (16 days and ONE posting by VOTE CORE VALUES.ORG calling out FAT CAT BRAD JONES for the self-absorbed HOUSE MINORITY NON-LEADER TO SIGN ONTO THE LYONS/LOMBARDO REQUEST): (and again, Jones can’t seem to find a newspaper to talk to, nor a microphone…..only those he can’t stand such as Lyons and O’Connor and others are taking action on this and EBT abuse and other items. Brad is content to just ‘throw tennis balls against tanks’ and then whine that he can’t get anything done with the Democrat extremists he never truly opposes.)


HOUSE DOCKET, NO. 4157 FILED ON: 3/12/2014

HOUSE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . No.

Filed by Messrs. Lyons of Andover, Lombardo of Billerica and other members of the House. March 12, 2014

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts


In the Year Two Thousand Fourteen



Resolutions Acknowledging Serious Concerns regarding DCF’s handling of the Justina Pelletier Case.


WHEREAS, Lou and Linda Pelletier are the parents of Justina Pelletier and have provided a loving home for their children and in good faith and at the direction of the Chief of Metabolism at Tufts Medical Center, Mr. & Mrs. Pelletier have spent several years treating their daughter for Mitochondrial disease and;

WHEREAS, for the last twelve months Justina Pelletier has been in the care of the Department of Children and Families and her medical condition has deteriorated, and;

WHEREAS, the Department of Children and Families has a stated goal of strengthening the link between families, and government removing children from their parents should occur only in extreme cases where malicious intent, neglect, or the blatant inability to care for the child is present, and;

WHEREAS, there has been no finding of malicious intent or blatant inability of the Pelletiers to care for their daughter Justina, and;

WHEREAS, the Massachusetts House of Representatives has serious concerns about the removal of Justina Pelletier from the custody of her

family and concerns over the process that led to the breaking up of this family; THEREFORE, BE IT

RESOLVED, the members of the Massachusetts House of Representatives strongly encourage the Department of Children and Families to immediately release Justina Pelletier from their custody and reunite her with her parents AND BE IT FURTHER



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4 thoughts on “Rep. Brad Jones: Killing Justina Pelletier (

  1. Jim Gettens

    The Pelletiers’ legal team is missing the boat by not filing a Federal Court action on their behalf against Mass. DCF and Juvenile Court Judge Joseph Johnston for violations of the Pelletiers’ First, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment Rights, and seeking a Writ of Habeas Corpus.

  2. kate svagdis

    Jim, isn’t Writ bogged in procedural matters. it’s suppose to be an emergency proceeding, however, we’re talking MA

  3. hanna

    One has to wonder if Justina is being heavily drugged on experimental psychotropic drugs. If so what are these drugs doing to Justina’s weakened immune system and her heart problems?
    I have read of one 16 year old with serious immune problems and was taken to Bostons Childrens hospital and the same thing happened to her as Justina. She was kidnapped by the hospital and DCH and placed on heavy doses of psychtropic drugs and died as a direct result with kidney failure.Also isolate a 15 yr. old from everything she loved and that which grounded her and she is going to have mental and emotional problems. Justina’s case is all about abuse of power and abuse of a young girl by those in state social welfare.

  4. Please,do the only common sense thing to do,release this young girl in the custody of her parents back home in Connecticut.. Only a parent knows what’s best for their child not some damn fool bureaucrats! This is not some 3rd world country! Respectfully,GREGORY L.MITCHELL,West Caldwell,New Jersey

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