Reality Check: Mass. Corruption as GOP Strip Delegates of Their Credentials

Elephants & Other Patriots,
For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, this is par for the course when it comes to MassGOP corruption. They’ve decided that their biggest enemy is not the Democrat Party, but their base. I can’t think of a worst strategy than this for the future of the Party in Massachusetts. The publicity alone is horrendous. But apparently, they weren’t thinking of the publicity that would result from their actions because they were too

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busy trying to strategize on pushing genuine conservative Republicans with any notion of small government, less taxes and more liberty out of their “big tent”.

11%. Just remember that number. And when you look around the city of Fall River, it’s not hard to figure out why we’re at 11% and dropping.
It has not gone unnoticed that the MassGOP leadership is made up of former Democrats, supporters of Democrats, and endorsers of Democrats. It has concentrated all of its efforts in developing its own army of sock-puppets around the state.
We have several of their loyal soldiers right here in the city – Democrat infiltrators – who’s only assignment, it would seem, is to disrupt, destroy, divide and conquer – a strategy that has never worked, does not work, and will never work to benefit the growth of a strong, viable, and effective Republican Party of Massachusetts in any way.
Linda Rapoza
President, “Mildred Fay Jefferson” 4th Congressional District Chapter – MA-RA
Chair, Fall River Republican City Committee

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5 thoughts on “Reality Check: Mass. Corruption as GOP Strip Delegates of Their Credentials

  1. haole

    anyone that lives in fall river is either homeless or brainless?
    you painted some broad strokes,have any names to go with the democratic infiltrator’s in the republican leadership?

    as far as being pushed out,of the big tent,politics can be a tough business,either toughen up,or find another political party.

    1. Linda Rapoza

      A-Hole? Is that your code name?
      I have names, Smart-Alec.
      Why would I give them to you?
      I don’t see you stepping up to the plate to help change anything.
      If you believe your crummy opinions are worth anything, why don’t you “toughen up” and come out from behind the safety of your rock and stand behind them by telling us your real name, or is that you’re real name?

  2. John DiMascio

    @Haole… You really don’t get it. Now more than ever we need to be united in defeating the Obama, Warren, Kennedy, Markey, and as many Democrats we can defeat this coming November.
    We can’t afford to alienate the people who work their tale off and have been repeatedly marginalized by the party elite, the professionals, responsible for the abysmal Republican showing in 2006 and 2010 State elections.

    We keep hearing from cries of unity from the moderate and liberal wing of the MA-GOP. But when it comes to showing respect the conservative base of the party, then unity is no longer the goal.

    What we see here is the party elite desperately trying to hold on to power at any cost. They are pissing of the activists that do the work. In so doing, they are placing the chances of Scott Brown and their other favorite hand picked moderate and liberal candidates in serious jeopardy.

    I don’t always agree with Liberty Wing as they call themselves. But they work their @$$es off. We will need them in order to win in November. And that must be goal for all of us.

    1. haole

      john,you of course know that this is the people’s republic of ma.
      the best we can due is keep the democrats and their lemmings here.this will tie up resources that could be used were it really matters.
      as for keeping the few republicans that are in elective office,that will be a bigger challenge than electing more republicans to elective office.
      the only chance would be if the democrats want to take insurance !

      1. John DiMascio

        @haole…Massachusetts is not as “Blue” as people make it out to be. We elected 3 Republican Governors in a row.

        We probably won’t get a majority in the Legislature any time soon. But we get to enough of a plurality (in one house) to uphold a Republican Governor’s veto over the next 2 election if we play this smart.

        There are also some fairly Conservative Democrats Representing some districts. These could be brought along on some key votes. And some might even be persuaded to jump ship as they see how far to the Left the Mass Democrats have gone.

        As for this election, beyond defeating Obama, defeating Lie-Awatha Warren is a top priority. We need the Senate in order to repeal Obama Care and in order to get this economy moving.

        While we won’t see huge victories in November, we can pick up a small handful of local seats. And we can certainly win the Senate race. But it will take all Republicans putting their squabbles aside in order to do it.

        Sure there are some Republicans that are so far out of the mainstream of Republican thought, that is nearly impossible to support. I can think of two running for Congress that fall in to that category.

        The bottom line is that party elite needs to avoid pissing off the base any further. There will be critical State platform votes in September. If the State Committee is smart it will make sure the Romney/ RNC Platform is adopted. That still embraces the “Big Tent” while it keeps the MA-GOP on the campground. If they stall or refuse to adopt the whole platform, then that will be the final straw. The base will stay home and Brown will go up in flames.

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