Rapoza Report: “…The final proof of Baker’s lack of character, as well as the total lack of integrity of the leaders in the MassGOP…”

The Rapoza Report

Post Convention, March 25, 2014

“Shining the light of truth on the offerings of liberal pabulum” – Linda Rapoza

Warning to liberals & RINOs: This column is not for the faint of heart!

I never tire of watching Mel Gibson’s movie, “Braveheart”. And every time I do, I’m reminded of the fact that history repeats itself over and over in every generation because the one thing the human spirit never stops striving for is freedom. And because there will always be forces who will strive to deny freedom to others in order to rule over them, the battle for freedom will continue long past

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the time when anyone reading this is gone.

Maybe because I’ve watched the movie so many times, those little comparisons to present circumstances keep popping out at me. One group oppresses another group, and that other group is divided into two categories: the appeasers to the first group that’s looking to oppress, and the patriots who are willing to lay down their reputations and in some cases even their lives to the “cause”. The war becomes more than a battle between two ideological and/or political positions. It becomes a battle within one’s own soul.

For story-telling purposes, let’s use William Wallace’s struggle for freedom as a comparison to what’s going on in present-day America. Though we can find stark similarities between Washington Republicans and conservative Tea Party Republicans, let’s just look at the result of our narrow present state of affairs in the MassGOP – post Convention.

The English (let’s call them the Democrats) not only seek to rule over the Scotts (let’s call them the Republicans), but actually seek to wipe them out. Within the clans are two factions of Scotts… the “nobles” (the establishment Republicans) and Wallace’s warriors (the Tea Party/constitutionalist Republicans). The nobles see no advantage in fighting against the English, because the English have promised them, in exchange for their surrender, a little influence, a little power, and a little position. And because the nobles see Wallace’s warriors as a wrench in the works of those promises, his group has now become their primary enemy.

In one of the battles, William Wallace discovers that Robert the Bruce, (whom he was convinced had joined him in the cause for freedom) has instead betrayed him. He is so stunned by this revelation that it literally takes his breath away, and he falls backwards. You see in his eyes the look of total defeat in a man rendered heartbroken that a friend could have actually done this to him.

I am a little stunned myself when I find that some of our friends, even some of our members in MARA, (who by virtue of their membership have proclaimed to be warriors for the cause), passed in blanks at the Convention when it came to the governor’s ballot.

It takes my breath away, and it breaks my heart, because if our closest allies feel ease in rationalizing this kind of betrayal of the principles and values they spent so much time convincing everyone they were willing to fight for, then we’ve indeed been betrayed, and we didn’t even know it was coming.

If those we believed to be on our side have more confidence in the promises of a little influence, a little power, and a little position, than they do in stepping up to the plate and putting themselves in the line of fire for the cause, then the only thing they’ve accomplished is to weaken that cause while taking the rest of us down with them.

I believe Mark Fisher, one of the finest, most courageous candidates for governor we’ve had in a long time, was a test. Yes, call me crazy (and I know some of you will), I really believe he was placed in our path by God to see what we would do if given the chance to trust by actually standing for what we say we believe.

If you read the Bible, you’ll find snippets of reference all over the place: Proverbs 28:26; Romans 12:2; Ephesians 4:17-18; 2 Corinthians 10:4; James 4:8; John 15: 7-8 …. find your own favorites. In the end, whose word do you trust? Man’s or God’s? Suffice to say, many of our friends fell into the trap of trusting “he who is in the world”.

The truth of the matter is that the force behind the Baker campaign did not even trust the viability of their own candidate to withstand the clarification of the issues in a primary which would have revealed his many weaknesses by separating him from his left-leaning positions. A primary would have driven those who have walked away from the party in disgust to come home again and participate in an election that could now very well end up as the final nail in our own coffins. Like Democrats

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who must cheat in order to win, Baker’s battalion had to cheat (and change the rules) in order to win. In the end, they “won” nothing.

The final proof of Baker’s lack of character, as well as the total lack of integrity of the leaders in the MassGOP, was in not proclaiming that for a measly one third of one percent (a victory handed to him by our own “friends”), that the party should be allowed to enter into a primary, and then let the best man win. But then, you would have had to believe in fairy tales.

Mark’s responses to the issues throughout his campaign

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were simple and straightforward because they’re based on the freedom of the individual that comes with lower taxes, less spending, and smaller government of, by, and for the people, (not the “nobles”).

Now, there’s no need for Baker to clarify his positions. He only needs to spend the rest of his campaign mocking the base of his party while pandering to the left because the dinosaurs in the MassGOP who put their faith in this man still believe that if you embrace Democrats and their kooky ideas, they’ll vote for you. They never do, of course, because when you believe such nonsense, you’re the fool, and they know it. And once you’ve trapped yourself in that muck, they leave you mired in it, and they run to the “real deal” – which in this case is Martha Coakley.

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5 thoughts on “Rapoza Report: “…The final proof of Baker’s lack of character, as well as the total lack of integrity of the leaders in the MassGOP…”

  1. Tif

    Hear ~ hear. Best thing I have read all year.

  2. Tim Sullivan

    I want to thank all of the MARA Members yet again, who worked for MARA’s principles and stated reason for being with their support of Mr. Fisher who so beautifully and fearlessly espoused MARA’s principles in his own way, during his speach at the MA GOP Convention as he did throughout his campaign. As for those who know better but still chose to settle for the lesser of two evils, they still settled for evil – for whatever reason. But I cannot be the ultimate judge of that. As for those who do not know any better, I have failed in getting the message to them. Maybe it all was just another test.

  3. Jim Gettens

    It ain’t over. According to the 26 March 2014 Worcester Telegram & Gazette, Mark Fisher plans to sue MassGOP “within a week.” Yeah!

    Do Chanel Prunier and Ron “Chocolate Pants” Kaufman have any comments yet…???

  4. Joshua Norman

    I would like to extend special recognition to Tim Sullivan because his district had the highest vote share for Mark Fisher.

    I was disappointed in the low vote total & vote share for my Senate district, but at least my town gave Fisher a higher vote share than all but five of the Senate districts. It would have been higher if people I counted on to vote for Fisher didn’t go south on me and vote for Baker.

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