Rapoza Report – APRIL 2014

The Rapoza Report

April 2014

“Shining the light of truth on the offerings of liberal pabulum” – Linda Rapoza

Warning to liberals & RINOs: This column is not for the faint of heart!


Elephants & Other Patriots,

The clock’s running out. Our constitutional rights are being trampled, our freedom of speech and association are being assaulted, and the fruits of our labor are being redistributed on an ever grander scale. Similarities between this regime and those of Cuba, the Third Reich and the old Soviet Union are unmistakable, but shut up or you too could become an enemy of the state.

The iron fist of the current administration was always in place, waiting for the right time to be released. I wrote several “Reports” back in ‘08 about a presidential candidate raised by communists, mentored by communists, endorsed by communists, educated by Marxists, and befriended and groomed by Alinsky-ites. Did someone expect Thomas Jefferson to show up at the inauguration? Republicans were tongue-tied as those who carried him to victory knew and expected they would be.

Political correctness is just a polite term for fascism. (Fascism? Oh, Linda, you’re so extreme.) I’ve just been saying this for, like… forever. The Rip Van Winkles of the Republican Party are just now awakening to the conquering mentality of a government gone wild. (Uh-oh. When did this happen? Well, it happened while you were sleeping. You were so comfortable in that pot of simmering water that you never felt

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a thing as they slowly turned up the heat.) And you know why they turned up the heat? Because they knew they could! ,,,,,CLICK TO READ MORE




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