Random Act Of Journalism Committed By The Boston Globe

Yes On 1Believe it or not the Boston Globe has actually written and published a fair and honest article / interview with Steve Aylward (Republican State Committeeman and Chairman on the Tank the Gas Tax Committee) and the State Representative Geoff Diehl. Both have been critical to this effort. This truly citizen driven endeavor to stop “Taxation Without Representation” has brought together reform minded activists from throughout commonwealth. The signature gathering was done by a 100% volunteer army. The measure made to the ballot because of tireless work of people like Marty Lamb, Desiree Awizio, State Senate Candidate Robert Cappucci, Chris Pinto, Vote Core Values own Lonnie Brennan… and organizations like the Massachusetts Republican Assembly, the MA-GOP and many Republican State Committee members. Of course Geoff Diehl is not the only legislator who joined the battle. Shaunna O’Connell, Jim Lyons are just two other prominent names giving of their time, talent, and treasure. And of course, we’ve been bolstered by Media personalities like Holly Robichaud, Howie Carr, and Jeff Kuhner. Returning to the article itself: Aylward and Diehl do a masterful job of making the case for why we must pass Question 1 this November… But what is astonishing is the Globe printed the truth!

The article starts:

When Steven Aylward’s four daughters were public school students in Watertown, he heard rumblings about budget problems and decided to look into how the town’s school system was run for himself. He didn’t like what he found.

Aylward globe picture

“There was all sorts of waste,” said Aylward, who soon won a seat on the Watertown School Committee and eventually became its chairman. “They always struggled to find money for the special education department, but nobody wanted to look at whether we could save money somewhere else. They had this attitude like, ‘We’re the school department; we know better than you.’ ”


Geoff DiehlToday, Aylward senses the same attitude from defenders of a 2013 Massachusetts law that mandates automatic adjustments to the state gasoline tax based on the Consumer Price Index. So, as he did when he ran for school committee, Aylward decided to do something about it. Along with several hundred volunteers and Republicans in the Legislature, Aylward gathered about 100,000 signatures to put a question on the November ballot that would repeal the so-called indexing measure. Read more …..

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