Questions For Judge Joseph F. Johnston – Justina Pelletier abuse –

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Questions For Judge Joseph F. Johnston

by ironmike

Jim Gettens is an outspoken Massachusetts

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attorney – a fierce fighter for our US Constitution and people’s rights, – and a friend of this blogger. Judge Johnston epitomizes the arrogance of left-wing overbearing government – the kind we have in Massachusetts.
Jim Gettens  Justina Pelletier
Jim’s direct letter to this corrupt judge pulls no punches. Read more of this post

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2 thoughts on “Questions For Judge Joseph F. Johnston – Justina Pelletier abuse –

  1. Peggy

    Judge Johnston, sitting in judgment, actually authority is an enormous responsibility and one should not take it lightly. Apparently you and your ilk need no facts, no logic, no human emotion and clearly no conscience, in order to ruin some ones life. How do you live with that Judge Johnston? Do you think that when you die, that’s it and you just sleep forever? Do you think we all just go to heaven because we are good people at heart and you inject yourself into that context? Sir, please respect that the government and people like you allow rapists, murderers, pedophiles to walk the streets freely and perpetrate their crimes over and over again. But a young precious girl is allowed to rot? A young sick girl who is dying is torn from her family, her known surroundings and comfort because of you? Jesus died for people like you Judge. He died knowing they would kill Him, spit on Him and finally reject Him. But He suffered and died for their sin anyway. Sadly it is people like you who miss salvation because of your god like desire and complex to be in control and rule over the lives of others with in justice and cruelty. It is people like you who think it doesn’t matter, what legacy besides control and arrogance you leave behind. But it does Judge it does. One day you will get to heaven, but you won’t stay there for all of us must stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ and the only correct defense we will have, will be our repentance and acceptance of the free gift of salvation Christ gave to us on the cross at Calvary. I ask you to repent, accept Christ as your personal Savior and reverse your pitiful, sickening, Hitler intended and satanic torment to be removed from Justina and her family. Otherwise sir I hope you, and you will, rot in the pit of hell forever, where the abyss was created only for satan. However when we turn our backs on truth, when we reject the very wisdom and direction afforded us by the Holy Spirit as to Who Christ is, we deserve every gnashing of teeth, every cry that goes unheard, except there is only an echo in the chamber of horrors for yourself. If you didn’t want to have mercy here on this earth when sitting as a Judge, why would God grant you mercy on your day in court? Think about this Judge for you have a defining moment in front of you. You have a chance to save two lives, your’s and Justina’s. Make the wrong choice and hell is where you will serve out a life sentence because of your failure to understand the Gift of salvation and eternal life for the two of you. Remember there is No Parole in hell and a life sentence there or in heave is for eternity and there are no appeals.

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