Polling Data From The Bielat Campaign

This information comes to us courtesy of Rob Eno at Red Mass Group.


The polling data, if accurate tells us that Bielat has more than an insurmountable lead.

Folks there are two  actual Republicans in this Primary — Major Sean Bielat and Dr. David Steinhof. We’ve proven over and over again, the Dr. Elizabeth Childs is Faux~Republican. She is not an acceptable standard bearer for the MA-GOP. We’ve tried running fiscally moderate Moon-Bats before. It doesn’t work.
Besides Childs is polling 3.57%

So the Republicans in the 4th District have a choice between two solid conservative Republicans. So the next consideration must be — which candidate is viable?

  • Sean Bielat has proven he has the operation and ability to raise money.
  • Dr. Steinhof thus far has not.

   According to this poll:

  • Steinhof   polling at 3.4%
  • Bielat is polling s 59.96%.

Most recent FEC finance report:

  • Steinhof raised $20,486
  • Bielat raised $418,407

The choice is clear. Sean Bielat is the most viable candidate in this primary. It’s time to rally behind him.


Sean Bielat 7/25/2012 Poll

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10 thoughts on “Polling Data From The Bielat Campaign

  1. haole

    all 3 of these candidate’s have some short coming’s,as far as republican credential’s go.

    you admonish childs for her lack of effort in the 2010 cycle.

    my question ? where was bielat in the 2008 cycle?

    earl was running against barney frank and i never herd of sean bielat

    jeff beatty was running against the republican establishment & john kerry and where was bielat ?

    steinhof has been a republican for longer than both.he has also given financial support to a number of democrats.his financial support to republicans has been a big zero.

    seems like bielat is the lesser of 3 evils.

  2. John DiMascio

    Bielat is fare more than the less of 3 evils. So isn’t Steinhof. On theissues they are both excellent candidates.

    I haven’t singled our Childs, Childs has singled herself out. She has a lengthy litany of looney tune actions and views which make her unacceptable as a Republican candidate and a nightmare prospect as a Congresswoman.

    Steinhof is a first time candidate, just as Bielat was in 2010. He did make some contributions to Democrats, but that is not recent history. His recent venture into politics appears to be genuinely motivated by conservative principles.

    Bielat was thoroughly vetted in 2010. He may not have been there for Sholley in 2008. But he earned his stripes by running one heck of a race against Barney Frank.

    His conservative views, along with his viability make him the best choice to run against JOKE III.

    1. haole

      you forgot to mention that bielat has contributed the same amount of contributions to republicans as his 2 opponents.

      this lack of supporting republican candidates for office and then running as some kind of champion for the republican’s is a smoke and mirror show.

      sure, he a better contrast than the little kennedy boy with the little boy’s haircut,but he is no republican stalwart or big supporter of republican causes.

  3. John DiMascio

    @haole… Financial contributions are a small piece of the puzzle.
    Sure if that’s something to look at. But it’s certainly not the be-all /end-all you make it out to be.

    People contribute to the cause in many different ways. Also we must remember that many candidates are now running as result of the crisis brought about by the current Marxist Tyranny. Citizens who may not have been politically active, have been awoken and been moved to take action by running for office.

    Truth be told; there are tons of people in Massachusetts who give money to candidates. That doesn’t mean we should support or encourage these “cocktail drinking, social liberal, fiscal “preservative,” elitist,Rockefeller, RINO Republicans to run.
    Truth be told, until recently, we haven’t had too many Republicans in this state worth donating to to. We’ve had a steady stream of spineless, feckless, insipid, candidates that have no convictions. And when they have convictions, they dogmatically stand in opposition to core Republican convictions, such as support for human life and traditional marriage.
    So why on earth would I give money to candidates like Charlie Baker or Richard Tisei; just to name the most recent “poster-boys” for watered down H20!

    Sorry my friend, the word Republican and conservative should be synonymous. We haven’t had all that many REAL Republicans running to contribute to. You’re making financial donations the uber-criteria that it is not.

    1. haole

      people contribute to the fight in different ways.

      name one way that any republican candidate for the 4th c.d.has contributed in any way to any republican running for office ?

      i’m not questing republican’s,just those wana-be republicans who now see a opportunity to hold elective office without helping any one but their own political aspirations.

  4. John DiMascio

    @Haole– Bielat is running for a second time. His credentials are more than sufficient. This is the second time he’s put his life on hold to take on high profile Democrat.

    And this year he is supporting and has endorsed Jeff Semon, another solid Republican running in the 5th Congressional against Ed Markey.

    His presence in the race as a candidate assists Scott Brown by simply increasing Republican turnout in the 4th Congressional district come November.

    Again, I’ll take a real and viable Republican that I know will vote as a conservative on all issues any day over the mediocre, milk-toast, candidates the MESS-GOP has consistently produced on mass for decades. That is a far more important criteria than anything else. Using your criteria that only qualified candidates are long-time party activists. While that can be helpful, it also can be just as harmful. Your criteria would exclude any common citizens who may have the right ideology and a wealth of private sector experience.

    Bielat is no wannabe Republican. He’s a Republican. Republicanism is determined by ideology. In that respect, Steinhof and Bielat are Republicans. Childs is NOT !!!

    1. haole

      if republicans are not motivated to vote then when will they be?

      since you mentioned semon,who has he helped get elected or what republican has he contributed to ?

      political contribution’s are making a political statement,i see these wanabes as just that,wannabe’s.

  5. John DiMascio

    Haole, we’re going around in circles. As far as I’m concerned I’d vote for someone who nothing to Republicans over someone who gave money to MA-GOP or the string RINOs they’ve trotted out.

    Giving money to Charlie Baker, Richard Tisei, or any of the other Fiscal Moderate, Moon-Bats shows a complete lack of judgement. Those are the wannabe Republicans. You’re right political contributions do make statements. If you give money to Republican Moon-Bat, than you’re a Republican wannabe.

    We agree on a lot of things haole…. but you’re out to lunch on this one. Policy, character, ability, and viability are far more important than how much money you gave. If there aren’t any REAL REPUBLICANS running,then you don’t contribute if you’re a REAL REPUBLICAN. Giving money to Tisei or Childs, is just as bad as giving money to Barney Frank, Ed Markey, or Joe Kennedy.

  6. haole

    after careful research,tisei and his treasurer cresta,have contributed more money to help elect republicans than everyone running for federal office this election cycle in the commonwealth and their treasurer’s.

    this includes senator brown and his treasurer !

    i am not a tisei fan,but he puts his money towards helping republicans get elected to office,local,state,and federal.same for his campaign treasure,cresta.

    total contribution’s from both men is 25,000$ plus.

    now i know why tesei will out raise every republican congressional candidate this election cycle.

  7. John DiMascio

    Whatever haole.. That doesn’t make him a Republican. He’s still a Moon-Bat who I wouldn’t lift a finger to support. Nor would I ever vote for him. His radical views and the radical legislation he’s passed far outweigh every last penny he’s ever given to anyone.

    Can’t buy your way in haole. Republicanism is a set of beliefs. He either believe them or your don’t.

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