Pinnochio-Hauntus Warren Backpeddling….

The darling of the ‘progressives’…Ms. Pinnochio-Haunt-Us Elizabeth Warren has had a lot of ‘splaining’ to do, most recently due to her distortions regarding her supposed ‘minority’ hiring status.

At perhaps 1/32nd Indian, she listed herself as Native American at Harvard.

When are we going to drop the race card? The race baiting? The using of racial profiles and racial tricks? When are we going to embrace the “melting-pot” of America? And realize that with few exceptions, we’re all mutts? There are few thoroughbreds…

I wonder how many REAL Native Americans, how many REAL minorities have been pushed aside for jobs, scholarships, positions or advancement by Warren-like pretenders and Pinnochios?

Meanwhile, she’s ignoring her other lineage: the direct-line relative who fought in the Indian Wars AGAINST the Indians!


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2 thoughts on “Pinnochio-Hauntus Warren Backpeddling….

  1. Sam Adams

    This guy’s fabulous!!
    What a great video!

  2. Sam Adams

    “Pinnochio Hauntus”!
    Lonnie, you’re precious!

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